13 ways to integrate traditional digital and social media by @lisalflowers

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13 ways to integrate traditionaL, Digital & social media

13 ways to integratetraditionaL, Digital & social media@LisaLFlowers LFlowers@FlowersMediaMatters.com 703.862.8743

1. Use traditional as the driver

2. Use traditional as the prizeContest on social mediaAnnounce and promote winner on traditionalBillboardPrint adRadio

3. The written wordAll that printed material!BrochuresPackagingInsertsBusiness Cards

4. Organize and promote offline eventswith online events

5. Print media

6. Websites

7. In-store videos


8. Menus and table tents

9. Internal displays

10. Email marketing

11. Email signatures

Source: http://jayasavannah.com/blog/insert-social-media-icons-into-email-signatures-web-pages/

12. packaging

13. Social media

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