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Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, Entertainment, Dining & Lifestyle categories. Visit http://www.facebook.com/PakistanToday for more information.


  • EditorInjila Baqir Zeeshan

    Sub EditorsFatima Zehra NaqviSahar Iqbal

    Creative HeadBabur Saghir

    Graphic DesignersAtif RafiJaveria MirzaSana Ahmed

    PhotographerMohammad Amir Baba


    All that glitters 12

    Style Spotting with Ammar Belal 32

    Fashion: Contemporary red 35

    Couple connections 42

    Societys Verdict on Mathira 44

    Opinion poll Valentines Day 46

    Love is not blind 50

    Hottest celebrity couples 54

    Star Gaze 56

    Taroscope 60

    The perfect Valentines Day 62


  • Sanam Agha explores the novel concept

    of modern love this Valentines. An explosion of vibrant colours, her collec-

    tion is very contemporary with subtle touches of the East. All this, combined with the chic cuts and vivid patterns, makes these outfits as irresistible as red!

  • Photography: M Usman ZiaHair & make-up: Nasir Khan at Tariq Amins

    Designer: Sanam AghaModels: Qurat-ul-Ain and Zeeshan Tahir

    Text: Fatima Zehra Naqvi

  • Couple connectionsSome of our celebrity friends share some interesting facts about their partners.By Sumeha Khalid and Sahar Iqbal

    Amna Sheikh What I love the most in himHes unlike anyone Ive ever met. Even

    now, the more men I come across at work and otherwise, the more I adore Mohib. Hes definitely one of a kind.

    My idea of a perfect dateA calm, breezy evening; outdoors on a

    dimly-lit patio by the sea; subtle lounge-y music; being served delicate and scrump-tious courses without a care in the world.

    Mohib in casuals, yet handsomely dressed sitting across from me. That would be perfect!

    My idea of a perfect gift A customised music selection album. What I would like to change in him...I would install a new and improved

    organisational application in him, which should be implanted in all males when theyre born!

    If my partner cheated on me I wouldSay...Aha! There, I finally found

    something typical in him!

    Ali Zafar What I love the most in herCompassion.My idea of a perfect dateA perfect date would be one

    where both want to give more rather than take. It should end by each one of us getting more than we had ever wished for.

    My idea of a perfect gift

    A gift should always be per-fect. It is always the fear of future or the remorse of the past that dilutes the happiness in it.

    What I would like to change in her...

    She is perfect the way she is.If my partner cheated on me I

    wouldBlame myself for it.

    Urooj AsifWhat I love the most in himHes patient, respects me and

    doesnt shout! My idea of a perfect dateHolding hands and walking

    together in blissful silence yet under-standing each other completely.

    My idea of a perfect gift A bouquet of flowers along with

    my favourite perfume and he should

    know which one it is! What I would like to change in himOnce he fights, he goes quiet and

    I have to make an effort to make up; I wish he did.

    If my partner cheated on me I would...

    Ask him where I went wrong and why he did it. However I will let him go because I love him so much that I would want him to be happy. I would then live my life with the hope that I find someone better as well.

    42 I February 13 - 19, 2011

  • Huma Adnan What I love the most in himEverything. My idea of a perfect dateGoing to no-mans land and exploring it. My idea of a perfect giftNothing expresses love like a great present, and theres no

    opportunity better suited than Valentines Day for giving and receiving (lots of) gifts!

    What I would like to change in himNothing! If my partner cheated on me I wouldHe will never cheat!

    Nadia Hussain What I love the most in himThat he understands and trusts me. My idea of a perfect dateIt would have to be on a helicopter. My idea of a perfect giftOh, a trip to Paris. What I would like to change in himThat he should be more willing to go out with me but

    since he has to get up so early in the morning, I have no complaints!

    If my partner cheated on me I would Leave him in an instant.

    Rizwan Baig What I love the most in herShe is very, very sweet, and she does not argue with me.My idea of a perfect dateDinner at the beach under full moon. My idea of a perfect giftI think there is no perfect present, it depends on her mood.

    It can be a rose only.What I would like to change in her...There is nothing I would like to change. She is the perfect

    wife. If my partner cheated on me I wouldShe wont cheat with me ever... I cant even imagine that.

    I 43February 13 - 19, 2011

  • I havent watched television in quite a long time now, two years to be precise. News depresses me while work and studies combined keep me too busy to bother myself to try and pretend to be cool enough to follow Bigg Boss.

    But because of the ripples that Kamran Shahids show created, I suddenly found myself back in front of the tube. And while I did, I managed to entertain my-

    self with a couple of other shows too. One of these was a late night show being hosted by VJ Mathira.

    The lady wears pretty scanty clothes; massive cleavage showing! Facial expressions and her voice, all tempt the poor viewers to say all that they do. After watching her show on TV, I decided to YouTube her. Peoples comments sometimes give you quite an insight, biased or unbiased. Everything that I came across was shocking. A Pakistani TV channel airing a show where vul-garity is the only thing on the agenda would leave many eyes popped out and mouths hanging open.

    Since the show is live, a lot of people call in. As shameful as it is, the callers make explicit remarks, obscene too. The lady, on the other hand, remains unaffected by any comments the callers make about her, whatsoever. She is calm and coolly answers them and if need be, abuses them politely and tells them that they should take out their frus-tration on their wives.

    The channel seems to have taken modernity to a whole new level, I must add, for airing blatant vulgarity on live television.

    The reason I started writing this was not to bash Mathira. But only to point at the hypocrisy of our society, the maulvis and the media too, for its selective engagement. Veena Malik, as she most eloquently pointed out, that she had been selectively singled out and

    given the harsh treatment that she was given. She was also of the opinion that what she had done was no different from what was going on in the rest of the entertainment indus-try of Pakistan. True that. I shouldnt be criticising Mathira here too. But the point is, if what Veena Malik had done had so piqued the religious sentiments of the society, why hasnt Mathira been able to do so? Hasnt she tried enough? The mufti so arrogantly pointed to Veena that her pictures online are something she wont be able to see in front of her male relatives. (P.S. There are some photoshoped pictures.) If he can Google, I bet he can YouTube as well.

    If what Veena Malik had done had so piqued the religious sentiments of the society, why hasnt Mathira been able to do so?

    Facial expressions and her voice, all tempt the poor viewers to say all that they do

    SocietysBy Bushra Shehzad


    44 I February 13 - 19, 2011

  • Compiled by Bushra Shehzad

    Lend us your ears

    I think over the last one decade, people have become more open and welcoming towards change, especially

    modernism and this acceptance of Valentines Day points towards the same fact. The young generation in particular is of the view that there is no harm in celebrating this day.

    Amna Naeem LUMS

    I think generally there is

    a growing trend in the

    celebration of Valentines

    Day in Pakistan, at least

    in the urban areas. Whe

    n we were kids, I dont

    remember many people

    wearing red on 14th of

    February or watching T

    V shows or magazine is-

    sues dedicated to the th

    is day. However, in the

    wake of the growing di

    vide among liberals and

    conservatives, I am unce

    rtain about the scope of

    celebrations on this day.

    Sophia Mansoori, NUST B

    usiness School

    It has become much more acceptable in the past 10 years, especially with greater access to western television, internet, etc. However, the recent wave of conservatism will definitely affect it too, espe-cially regionally. For instance, while big cities like Lahore and Karachi will continue celebrating it extravagantly, other areas like Peshawar are likely to have some fear associated with publicly express-ing love. Anam Zakaria, Citizens Archive of Pakistan

    I think the celebrations havent really evolved. They are still the same as they were when they began back whenever they did... I dont see any changes in the way Valentines Day is celebrated here... couples go out for dinners... people wear black and red... buy clichedgifts for each other like teddys, choco-lates, cards et al... so yes, no I dont see any evolution... there was a revolution when it all began but its been the same since then.Sheharyar Rizwan, Express 24/7

    From it being frowned and cursed upon, V


    Day has come a long way in Pakistan. Tee

    nagers and

    adults have now become able to freely d

    eclare their

    love for someone else and now we have eve

    nts that are

    specially organised for this day. I rememb

    er hearing

    stories about maulvis running after such c

    ouples with

    sticks and now there are events! Yes there i

    s this air of

    conservatism but the Pakistani society wil

    l eventually

    have to take up modern values to survive

    in a highly

    globalised world.