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My presentation at the Australian Science Communicators Conference, February 2014


  • 1.Learningfrom&working withotherdisciplines: Communicationwww.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle

2. www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 3. What is science communication? ! Presenting science related topics to nonexperts to :! inform and inuence! motivate people! change behaviours! empower people! increase knowledge and understanding! www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 4. The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has " taken place." " "George Bernard Shaw !www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 5. 4 Cs of communication...! 1. Customers (audience)! 2. Channel ! 3. Content! 4. Community!www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 6. 1. Customers/ audience !www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 7. Source: timidmonster.com!www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 8. Behaviour patterns! Demographic! Geo-demographics! Geographic!Segment your audience!Activities and " lifestyle!www.melkettle.com.au!Attitudinal/" psychographic!@melkettle 9. Other agencies! Surveys online, telephone," mail, face to face! Online databases! Focus groups! Journals!Research tools for segmentation!Government" agencies eg CDC! Casual observation! www.melkettle.com.au!Public libraries ! In-depth " interviews! @melkettle 10. 2. Channel !www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 11. Source: socialmediatoday.com!www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 12. www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 13. We know that people are out in social media channels seeking information " and researching. " We need to use social media to inuence behavior. ! Source: Harvard Business Review www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 14. Liking, following, linking, tagging, stumbling: social media is changing the nature of [science]-related interactions! Report: The heart of the matter www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 15. Source: worldofdtcmarketing.com !www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 16. 3. Content!www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 17. Writing great content ! know your audience! share your knowledge ! provide valuable information ! use your authentic voice and be consistent! show relevance! use stories, pictures, real examples! NO JARGON! www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 18. Top tips ! 1. Use bite-sized pieces of content! 2. Prioritise by user need! 3. Evaluate or separate calls to action! 4. Connect sharing to individual pieces of content! 5. Vary images for visual distinction! 6. Make navigation features clear (for online)! www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 19. ! ! ! ! ! Source: Melissa Marshall, TEDGlobal 2012 University, Talk Nerdy to Me !www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 20. 4. Community!www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 21. Creating community ! Your message needs to be community-worthy! Identify the call to action! Appoint champions ! Encourage conversation! Provide the tools for engagement! Regular community engagement! Promote, promote, promote ! www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 22. 6 steps of measurement! 1. Know your goals! 2. Dene your audience! 3. Dene benchmarks! 4. Dene metrics what is success to you?! 5. Select data collection tools and media! 6. Measure be data informed not data driven! www.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle 23. @melkettle mel@melkettle.com.auwww.melkettle.com.au!@melkettle