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Creating sustainable process excellence across sectors: Increasing profitability, optimising productivity and reducing attrition through effective quality managementOrganisations across Asia are continually exploring methods to drive productivity, eliminate waste and accelerate the operational performance of their organisation, in order to benchmark themselves across industries in the market placeThe 14th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 2013 will provide real time project examples of how of you can apply Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence tools to your industry; in order to maximise revenue, streamline your operational process and align these process with your overall business strategy. Through a series of live interviews, round table discussions and dedicated networking, this event will provide key takeaways and explore, the pitfalls and best-practices, across sectors including; Manufacturing, IT, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Services, Medical Services, Financial, Government and Hospitality.


<ul><li> 1. 25+ Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement expert speakers | 7 tailored streams dedicated to Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement 11+ practical case studies from across Asia-Pacific | 10+ APAC markets represented | 6+ hours of tailored networkingMeet our unprecedented line up ofLean Six Sigma and Process Improvement leaders:Chairman:Anirvan Sen,Shared Services Thought Leader, Global Experience,Holistic Process Improvement Leader, GE19 and 20 March 2013 Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore Rohit Khanna, Atul Ghai,Chief Operations Officer, GEGlobal Head of Lean Six Sigma,Nokia Siemens NetworksCreating sustainable Process Excellence across sectors:Increasing profitability, optimising productivity and Pradeep Bhanotha, Ivy Leungreducing attrition through effective quality management Chief Operating Officer,Global Development TechnologyOperational Excellence Leader,Master Black Belt &amp; KnowledgeServices, Barclays Bank Manager, GlaxoSmithKlineWhy is Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement D N Prasad, Philip Sullivan,Important to your organaisation NOW?Head of People Technology andOperations &amp; People Brand Senior Consultant -Process Leadership, ShellAPAC, Google LtdSTRATEGY, LEADERSHIP AND CHANGEEnsure your business process delivers at all levels of the organisationthrough the latest in strategy, planning and change management SSON Lean Six Sigma and Process PLUS!techniques in order to gain stakeholder buy-in Improvement Asia 2013 links deployment of projects to business strategiesVALUE CREATION Book our exclusive workshop:Creating value through process improvements by getting it right theRohit Khanna, Chief Operations Officer, GEfirst time leveraging the latest technology-enhancing tools to drive Implementing Change Managementbusiness growth,customer loyalty and overall process excellence Ashutosh Pandey, Quality, Strategy &amp; Operations ManagementSUSTAINABILITY Professional, Nokia Siemens NetworksEnsure your process improvements are monitored sufficiently and sustainedAtul Ghai,whilst identifying pain areas for continuous improvement Global Head of Lean Six Sigma, Nokia Siemens NetworksIn Association with Media Partners &amp; SponsorsBOOK NOW!Email: enquiry@iqpc.com.sgSAVEInternational Telephone: +65 6722 9388 Website: www.sixsigmaasia.com</li></ul><p> 2. 14th AnnualLean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 201319 and 20 March 2013Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel SingaporeChairman: Anirvan Sen, Sibashis Chakraburtty,Shared Services Thought Leader, Global Experience, Meet Your Lean Six Sigma Head of Business Excellence, ANZ : Stefano Nizza,Holistic Process Improvement Leader, GEHead of Operational Excellence, ANZ15 + years Process Improvement and 8 + years Process Improvement and and Process ImprovementLean Six Sigma ProfessionalLean Six Sigma ProfessionalChristine Hawkins, Atul Ghai, Speakers!Asia Pacific Market Intelligence andStrategic Improvement Projects, Hewlett Packard10 + years Process Improvement and Global Head of Lean Six Sigma, Nokia Siemens Networks 15 + years Process Improvement ProfessionalLean Six Sigma Professional Percival Virrey, World Wide Lean Transformation Leader &amp; Six SigmaVineet Dwivedi, SSON-Lean Six Sigma and Process Head of Business Solutions &amp; Six SigmaMaster Black Belt, Honeywell International Master Black Belt, LED Semiconductor Co., Ltd 16 + years Process Improvement andImprovement Asia 2013 is a fantastic13 + years Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma ProfessionalLean Six Sigma ProfessionalD N Prasad, opportunity to engage with peers andHead of People Technology and Operations &amp;Roy Rimington, People Brand APAC, Google Ltd listen to different approaches toSenior Consultant at Civil Service College 10 + years Process Improvement and15 + years Process Improvement and common issues Lean Six Sigma Professional Lean Six Sigma Professional Jian Chieh Chew,Rohit Khanna,Director, Operation Excellence APAC, eBay Anirvan Sen, Shared Services Thought Leader, Chief Operations Officer, GE 18 + years Process Improvement and13 + years Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma Professional Global Experience, Holistic Process ImprovementLean Six Sigma Professional Leader, GEFahrurazi Baharum,Agnes Oon Bautista,Six Sigma Master Black Belt, PETRONASRegional Senior Advisor, First Choice &amp;16 + years Process Improvement andPerformance Improvement DHL Global ForwardingLean Six Sigma ProfessionallManagement(Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd 5 + years Process Improvement and Philip Sullivan,Lean Six Sigma Professional Senior Consultant - Process Leadership, Shell 21 + years Process Improvement ProfessionalSukhavasi Venka Vamsi,Who you will meet at our 14th Annual Lean Vice President Strategy and Business Development,Citi Private BankSix Sigma and Process Improvement 10 + years Process Improvement Professional Probal Banerjee, Program Head, AmazonSummit Asia 2013: Ashutosh Pandey, 10 + years Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma ProfessionalQuality, Strategy &amp; Operations Management Lead,Heads, VPs, GMs, Dtr s, CIOs, COOsNokia Siemens Networks10 + years Process Improvement and Saju George,Operations, Operational Excellence, Services, Lean Six Sigma Professional Director of HR Operations (Asia), Microsoft - 7+ years Process Improvement ProfessionalBusiness excellence, Process improvement, LeanMathias von Bescherer,and/or Six Sigma, Master Black Belt, Black Belt,Director Operations, Microsoft Sean Shao Changqiang,5 + years Process ImprovementRegional Lean Six Sigma Manager,Green Belt, Change Management,Professional and Lean Six Sigma Professional Fuji Xerox Global Services 10 + years Process Improvement andQuality, Productivity Ivy Leung, Lean Six Sigma ProfessionalOperational Excellence Leader, Master Black Belt &amp;Knowledge Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Dr. Khwaja Moinuddin,BE INSPIRED21 + years Process Improvement andLean Six Sigma ProfessionalGeneral Manager - Process Excellence, Maersk Line 12 + years Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma ProfessionalPradeep Bhanotha,Chief Operating Officer, Global DevelopmentBY CORPORATE LEADERS PASSIONATE Technology Services, Barclays Bank Amanda Low, APJ SBS Service Management &amp; Support Services, MerckABOUT PROCESS IMPROVEMENT AND 15 + years Process Improvement Professional 12 + years Process Improvement ProfessionalBUSINESS TRANSFORMATION:Jayaprakash Rao,Head of Operational Excellence, ABB Pte Ltd5 + years Process Improvement Professional 3. 14th AnnualLean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 2013 19 and 20 March 2013 Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel SingaporeDear Colleague,Lean Six Sigma Embrace the future of and Process Improvement:I am delighted to be working with you again on our 14th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 2013. This years summit will focus on enhancing your Lean Six Sigmaand Process Improvement learning and development, offer the opportunity to revolutionise your strategiesPreparebusiness process through live case studies and thought leadership from our esteemed expert speakerand uncover the future of customer centric focussed Lean Six Sigma and Improvement strategies. for growth today!So the question is how can you take your current optimise your current operational process to ensurevalue creation and sustainability? SSON Lean Six Sigma and ProcessIf you cant answer that just yet, here are just some of this years unmissable learning opportunities that Improvement Asia 2013 is a greatwill help take your process management to the next level: platform to network and utilise newconcepts and disciplines emerging24 thought leadership sessions across industries; created specifically to inspire you with strategies across Asia todayand approaches that will work for your organisation in the Lean Six Sigma and ProcessImprovement journey15 In depth case studies from F500 companies across Asia: Google, GE, Microsoft, Amazon, Pradeep Bhanotha, Chief Operating Officer,Barclays, Fuji Xerox + many more Global Development Technology Services,4Industry streams: Manufacturing, Services, IT and Financial Services + multiple sessions Barclays Bankavailable for other industries1 exclusive Live Interview session: have your growing concerns answered by a Lean Six Sigma Industry professionalSSON-Lean Six Sigma and Process1 highly interactive and practical workshop; designed to give you the practical tools andImprovement Asia 2013 is greatknowledge to implement successful change management needed to accelerate your platform that effectively engages tobusiness processall levels of the organisationsI look forward to meeting you at the summit in Singapore, 19-20 March 2013!both employees as well as leadership teamsKindest Regards,Michelle Lindgren-HornettMathias von Bescherer, DirectorProgram Director - 14th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 2013 Operations, Microsoft 4. 14th AnnualLean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 2013 19 and 20 March 2013 Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel SingaporeCONFERENCE AGENDA : Day 1 8.00 Exhibition Hall opensCase StudyFacilitator: Christine Hawkins, Asia Pacific Market Intelligence and 8.30 Registration and Refreshments10.20 Quantifying investments in Lean and Process Improvement Strategic Improvement Projects, Hewlett Packard systems on your organisations P&amp;L account - uncovering 9.00 Opening speech: Conference ProducerPanellists: the key worry factor 9.05 Chairmans opening speech: Percival Virrey, World Wide Lean Transformation Leader &amp; This case study will present a real-time project example Six Sigma Master Black Belt, LED Semiconductor Co., LtdAnirvan Sen, Shared Services Thought Leader, Globalof how you can quantify the benefits of applying Lean Six Ivy Leung, Operational Excellence Leader, Master BlackExperience, Holistic Process Improvement Leader, GESigma and Process Improvement systems to your organi- Belt &amp; Knowledge Manager, GlaxoSmithKline sationSTRATEGY, LEADERSHIP AND CHANGECase Study Measuring the ROI of your process improvement toKeynote session: create stakeholder buy-in by creating a baseline figure 12.00 Applying Leadership skills for Lean Six Sigma innovation: Identifying how to benchmark your current Redefining the role of leaders in driving transformation and 9.15 Uncovering the Business Process Evolution performance against measured outcomes in order to across Asia todaychange measure results accuratelyThis session will uncover why organisations are on their BPM This session will present real-time project examples and Constructing a method of calculating savings andjourney and the value that has been created in order touncover how leadership is a key factor that affects how creating a formula that quantifies your improvementunderstand, analyse, automate, provide insight and dem-Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement can be bestonstrate the key linkages between continuous process utilised and how these skills can be measured against the Dr. Khwaja Moinuddin, General Manager -improvements and successes across industries.success of the whole process. Process Excellence, Maersk LineJayaprakash Rao, Head of Operational Excellence, Identifying the leadership mind-set and ability to build a 11.00 Speed Networking Coffee Break Maximise your network- collaborative working environmentABB Pte. Ltd.ing time efficiently! Meet Lean Six Sigma and Process Redefining the role of management, transforming them Double PresentationImprovement speakers and professionals in this session from enforcers to enablers and mentors amongst and get settled into comfortable and open discussions workers 9.40 Manufacturing vs. Services: Tailoring Lean Six Sigma and throughout the conference.Evaluating how Lean Six Sigma projects can add and Process Improvement to your business environment Are you an SME? strengthen the leadership pipeline.This double presentation session; manufacturing andJoin Six Sigma Professionals and Experts for an intimatePhilip Sullivan, Senior Consultant Process Leadership, Shellservices, will discuss how to review environmental changes One-on-One session today Discuss with them the painwithin your organisation in order to deploy the most appli-areas within your operations process and tackle it by ap-12.40 Networking and Lunchcable tools necessary to achieve operational excellenceplying Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement tools to a particular segment within your operationsUnderstanding your business environment and culture The capability for change and process excellence is in and knowing when to deploy Lean Six Sigma or Process your hands Improvement toolsApplying Lean principles for effective strategy planning within your operations to lead the market and sustain Spotlight Session Roundtable Discussion business growth in Asia11.30 Those who optimise others should optimise theirselvesResponding to internal and external environmental changes in order to reduce cost and applying Lean Six Identifying the qualities of a lean leader! What are the Sigma or Process Improvement practices for effective common mistakes in Leadership initiatives? change management In this session delegates will discuss amongst their peersSean Shao Changqiang, Regional Lean Six Sigmathe three top qualities identified in a lean leader and theManager, Fuji Xerox Global Servicestop three skills possessed for leading process improve-Amanda Low, APJ SBS Service Management &amp; Support ment. The chairman will ask the foreman for each table toServices, Merckread out their proposals in order to open up the floor for open Q&amp;A discussion 5. 14th AnnualLean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit Asia 201319 and 20 March 2013Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore CONFERENCE AGENDA : Day 1 Stream A Stream B Stream C BENCHMARKING LEAN SIX SIGMADEVELOPING TEAM LEAN SIX SIGMA RE-INNOVATING LEAN SIX SIGMA Understanding the market value of process improvement un-Up-scaling employees mind set and skills set in operation- Increasing value, minimizing variation, and sustaining covering the long term benefits from the start and aligning them alising the whole Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement improvement within your operations understanding new and with your corporate strategy cycle in order to validate and quantify project progress different Lean transformation strategies Case Study Case Study Case Study Chairperson: Jayaprakash Rao, Head of Operational Excellence,Chairperson: Rohit Khanna, Chief Operations Officer, GEChairperson: Shibashiss Chakraburtty, Head of Business ABB Pte. Ltd.This session will present real-time project examples and Excellence, ANZ This session will present real-time project examples and demon-demonstrate how your organisation can utilise Lean Six This session will present real-time project examples and strate the benefits of benchmarking your organisation againstSigma processes effectively to limit waste demonstrate how you can continue to quantify LSS in order to competitors, understanding common pitfalls and identifying the Maintaining a sustainable and valuable BPM...</p>