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    15 Ways to Stay Motivated and Focused When ColdCallingbyJim Domanskiwww.teleconceptsconsulting.com

    Most sales reps would rather endure a root canal than make a cold call. Cold calling isoften be grueling so many reps procrastinate. And as they delay, the thought of dialingbecomes more and more onerous. But it doesnt have to be that way if you follow these15 simple tips:

    1. The 1 hour sprint Treat the cold calling not as a marathon which is tedious andgrueling but rather as a sprint. Devote a good solid hour to calling then stop. Anhour is manageable and achievable and not nearly as discouraging as the thoughtof four hours of cold calls.

    2. Set a goal. Having a 1-hour sprint is great but tie it with an objective. Forexample, you might have a goal of a minimum of 30 or 40 attempts. This willhelp ensure that you stay on the dialing track and not idle away the time withother activities (see #7 for more info).

    3. Schedule your cold calling. Sit down right now with your calendar or plannerand schedule that 1-hour sprint EVERY day for the next three week. Consider itan unbreakable appointment. This will create discipline and reduceprocrastination.

    4. Fish where the fish are. Are there better times than others to reach your targetmarket? You bet there is and thats when you should be calling. Executives, forinstance, are easier to reach early in the morning, say, from 7:00 onwards. Wakeup early and start dialing. Youll increase your success almost immediately.

    5. Do it first. If your target market doesnt have a particular time thats moreeffective than another, then schedule your cold calling for first thing in themorning. Do it first. Get it finished so that it doesnt linger over you like thesword of Damocles.

    6. Create a Master List. Dont fiddle with your data base flipping back and forthfrom screen to screen. Get a list of 30 prospects. Put their names on a pad ofpaper with their phone numbers. Begin at the top and start dialing. Go down thelist. If there is no answer, dont leave a message, go on to the next name andnumber. If you get through the list with no answer, start at the top of the list andbegin again. This creates speed, rhythm and focus on productivity.

    7. Be prepared. Duh! Be prepared and organized. Have your opening statementprepared ahead of time. Dont shilly shally and shoot from the hip. Know what

  • you want to say. Practice it if you have to. Have any job aids you might need infront of you. Have a pen that works. Clean your desk of clutter and distraction. Doall this before you start your 1-hour sprint.

    8. Call and only call. Dont use your 1- hour sprint to make copious notes, stuffenvelops, send a fax or compose an e-mail after a call. Youll use up preciousminutes. Stick to your hour of dialing and stick to the goal you set (see #2). Afteryouve done your dialing you can go back and update information.

    9. Reward yourself. Youve heard this one before: if you do your solid hour ofdialing, give yourself a reward. Maybe it is a triple grande latte at Starbucks.Whatever. Something.

    10. Create a competition. Misery loves company. If you have associates, get them tocold call with you at the same time. Have contest for dials, connects,presentations, leads or sales. Buy a small trophy and award it to each other on adaily basis. Have fun with it.

    11. Make a commitment to someone else. Publicly state to a co-worker, boss,friend, significant other or whoever that you WILL do 1 hour of cold calling at agiven time. Ask them to ask you how you did. Telling them you didnt do it willmake you feel embarrassed and sheepish which means youll want to avoid it atall costs. (Thus, youre more likely to pick up the phone and get it done).

    12. Track results. Keep track of your dials, connects, presentations, leads, sales andrevenues. Make a chart on a sheet of paper. Use little sticks to record yourresults. This is easy and take .67 seconds per stick so it save time. Over time youcan create a predictive model. If you have a boss, its also a great way to providefeedback on lists or offers.

    13. Avoid the Dementors. In the Harry Potter books Dementors are creatures thatliterally suck the life spirit from people. Whiners and complainers are likeDementors. Avoid them at all cost. Theyll drag you down and eventually yourdrive and spirit will be depleted.

    14. Hang out with winners. If theres someone who is good at cold calling, or at thevery least, is disciplined about cold calling. Sit near him or her. Feed off theirenergy. Compete with them (see #10). Their drive and spirit is infectious.

    15. Dont be a wimp. You know whats real easy? Quitting. Its real easy to quit.Dont be wimp and stick to the plan and follow the tips here. Give these ideas achance. Your revenue and your job may depend on it. So dont quit. Be persistent.

    Cold calling doesnt have to be as miserable as we sometime make it. Follow these tipsand youll create momentum and the process will not be so taxing. Itll be easy, faster andmore effective. Just do it.