1920s – roaring twenties

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1920s – Roaring Twenties. Unit 8.3. Prohibition. Passed with the 18 th Amendment, but backup with punishment with the Volstead Act What were the reasons behind this “ Noble Experiment ?” Did these reasons work? What are some reasons the politically involving immigrants? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


1920s Roaring Twenties

1920s Roaring TwentiesUnit 8.3ProhibitionPassed with the 18th Amendment, but backup with punishment with the Volstead ActWhat were the reasons behind this Noble Experiment?Did these reasons work?What are some reasons the politically involving immigrants?What was the major negative effect?

Some 20s slang to knowWetsDrysBootleggersRum-runnersSpeakeasiesBathtub GinHooch

Women in the New EraWomen could now vote with the 19th AmendmentSheppard Towner Act (1921) aim at women voters (prenatal/child healthcare)National Womans Party led by Alice Paul pushed for the E.R.A. Equal Rights Amendment (early feminist movement)

FlappersLiberated Women, but how?Prohibition effectsMargaret Sanger and __________Aimee McPherson female preacherAmelia Earhart

Pink Collar jobsNew jobs in feminine fieldsFashion, education, nursing, social workMost educated married women still stayed at homeWhat were Boston Marriages?

Any changes in one generation?

The Automobile ImpactFrom Model T to Model A Impact on other industries such as steel, glass, oilSuburbs expandingChanging of the landscape with roads, gas stations

AirplanesHow did airplanes link our old pioneer spirit with a modern invention?Charles Lindberg Spirit of St. LouisRugged IndividualismAmelia Earhart

EntertainmentRadios by end of decade almost every family had oneMovies from silent films to talkiesThe Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson 1st talkieMusic / DancingJazz music Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Louis ArmstrongJitterbug / Charleston dancesYouth Culture develops

SportsBaseballBabe Ruth

BoxingJack Dempsey

Horse RacingSwimmingGertrude EderleGolfBobby Jones

Harlem RenaissanceRebirth of Black Culture through writing, arts, and musicLangston HughesJames Weldon JohnsonZora Neal Hurston

Black ScareMarcus Garvey and his United Negro Improvement Association organized ideas of black nationalism and a back-to-Africa movementSo what is the black scare?Dubois and Randolph disagreed with movement, but endorse black pride ideas.Would be a base for other groups in the 1960s.The Klan opposed such ideas.

Lost GenerationThe Lost Generation writers wrote against the materialism and conformity of the 1920s.F. Scott Fitzgerald Great GatsbySinclair Lewis Main Street, BabbitWas Hemingway one with Farewell to Arms since it was against military conflicts?

Other Writers and ArtsThe Fugitives southern writers who wrote of strong rural traditions (against modernism)Bruce Barton The Man Nobody Knows Jesus was a businessman. Parables are ads, has 12 salesmenFrank Lloyd Wright architect stressing functionalismGeorgia OKeeffe critical of new technology and urban life as paintings were natural

The Scopes Monkey TrialJohn Scopes charged with breaking the law against teaching evolution in Tenn.Defended by Clarence Darrow (of ACLU).State lead attorney William Jennings BryanFined $100 at end, butTrial was representative of battle of Urban vs. Rural (1920 1st census where urban outnumbered rural).Was representative of Fundamentalism vs. Modernism

RevivalismAs the battle of Modernism vs. Fundamentalism took place, there some religious happenings.Billy SundayAimee McPherson

Linkshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmmqna6t1E 20s slanghttp://marymiley.wordpress.com/ - 1920s interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jez-dtD1CXc jitterbughttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRveIIe4uAs&feature=related Charlestonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C77kx4FZyMQ&feature=relmfu - 20s and 50s comparison review

Reflection QuestionsIn what ways were there conflicts between the modern world and older traditions?How did women change during the 1920s?How is consumerism and materialism shown during the 1920s?How are popular heroes (in entertainment) shown in different aspects of the 1920s?What was the impact of the automobile and airplane?