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  • 1920s Study Guide

    Greater mobility


    Growth of Transportation


    Growth of American SUBURBS

    Communication Improvements


    Graham Bell

    Radio Guglielmo Marconi

    Broadcast David Sarnoff


    Electrification Improvements

    Labor saving products washing machine, vacuum cleaner

    Electric lighting

    Entertainment radio

    Assembly Line Henry Ford

    The 1920s: the Jazz Age, The Roaring Twenties, The Harlem Renaissance

    speakeasies: illegal bars and clubs which sold alcohol

    bootleggers: people who made or sold illegal alcohol

    Cultural Icons

    Georgia OKeefe artist Urban and Southwest scenes F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about Jazz Age John Steinbeck - wrote about the migrant workers during the Great Depression Aaron Copland and George Gershwin Composed uniquely American music

    Harlem Renaissance

    Jacob Lawrence Painted pictures of the Great Migration North Langston Hughes poet Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong Jazz composers Bessie Smith blues singer

    Great Migration North

    Jobs for African Americans were scarce in the South (there were employment opportunities in the North)

    African Americans faced discrimination in the South


    Temperance Movement: Groups opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol. 18th Amendment Bans the manufacture, sale and transport of alcoholic beverages. (Repealed by the 21st Amendment) Results Speakeasies, bootleggers and organized crime