1999 called, they want their website back

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We recently hosted a free webinar with Bill Baylis on the topic of sucky and outdated websites. Bill and I both agreed that many websites seem to be stuck in 1999. Many businesses and business owners still havent figured out how important a website is to their future success. Although social media is important, a website is still the central hub of a businesss online presence. See the recap of the presentation at http://www.triblio.com/blog/5-reasons-website-sucks/


  • 1. 1999 Called,They Want TheirWebsite BackPresented by:Jeff Zelaya, Sales Manager, Triblio&Bill Baylis, CEO, Marketing Success Machine

2. Agenda Meet The Presenters 5 Signs You Have a 1999 Website Solutions Important Questions To Ask Final Thoughts#99calledhttp://www.Triblio.com 3. Meet Bill#99called CEO of Marketing Success Machine Lifelong Entrepreneur SMB & Mid-Market Expertise Father of Twinshttp://www.Triblio.com 4. Meet Jeff#99called Most Recommended Sales Exec Under 30 Head of Sales @ Triblio Tech Entrepreneur 50+ Speaking Engagements in the Past 3 Yearshttp://www.Triblio.com 5. #1: Its ALL about me#99called 6. Bad Example#99called 7. Solution#99called Focus on your audience Whats in for them? Keep it simple Make your audience feel special Build trusthttp://www.Triblio.com 8. Good Example#99called 9. #2: No Clear CTA#99called 10. Bad Example#99called 11. Solution#99called Add clarity on what action to take Limit choices Dont be overly aggressive Use optimized landing pages Offer relevant incentives Implement progressive profilinghttp://www.Triblio.com 12. Good Example#99called 13. #3: Boring#99calledhttp://www.Triblio.com 14. Good Example#99called 15. Solution#99called Give your website personality & a voice Use real images/media (no stock photos) Lead with nugget sized information Tell me whats trending or popular right now Make it easy to find what Im looking for Add Social Mediahttp://www.Triblio.com 16. Good Example#99called 17. #4: Not Capturing Info#99called 18. Bad Example#99called 19. Solution#99called Set up Google Analytics Make it easy for visitors to share Monitor bounce and referral trends Test pop ups in relevant places Real Time Personalizationhttp://www.Triblio.com 20. Good Example#99called 21. #5: Inconsistent#99calledhttp://www.Triblio.com 22. Bad Example#99called 23. Good Example#99called 24. Solution#99called Whats your brand messaging? Pick a color scheme Uniformed navigation Publish & share content frequentlyhttp://www.Triblio.com 25. Content Hubs#99called 26. Content Hubs#99called 27. Content Hubs#99called 28. Try Triblio for Free#99called 29. #99calledWant a Website Review?Email Bill at Bill@MarketingSuccessMachine.comTo get a free website audithttp://www.Triblio.com 30. #99called3 Important Questions To Ask1. When was the last time I updated my website?2. Is my website engaging visitors?3. Is my website generating leads and sales?http://www.Triblio.com 31. #99calledThank You!Bill BaylisBillBaylisJr@gmail.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/billbaylisJeff Zelayajeff@triblio.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffzelayahttp://www.Triblio.com