1st machinery auctions ltd, po box 5297 ... cincinatti 20m centreless grinder with coolant equipment...

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    Warner Swasey W/C 0AC Redring Shaver

    Churchill GS8 Gear Shaver Pfauter RA200 Gear

    Hobbing Machine Churchill SAU6 Red Ring GS

    Churchill GS12 Gear Shaver Churchill SAU12S Gear Shaver

    Pfauter GP200 Gear Hobbing Machine

    Warner Swasey W/S 1AC Drummond 3A Maxicut Gear Shaper

    Maxicut No2 Gear Shaper Fellows No6 Gear Shaper

    Matrix MT Rosa Grinder

    Okuma Cylindrical Grinder Lapointe HP20 Horizontal Broaching

    Machine Kapp AS203 Hob Sharpening Machine

    Milner Lathe David Brown MT30 Gear Machine

    Ikegai Turn 25 Lathe Edgwick Key Mill Milford Grinder

    Donau Milling Machine Churchill 50 ton Press

    Ace Linisher Hydrovane Compressor (2011)

    Hydrovane Compair Dryer (2011) Donaldson Ultrafilter

    Air Reciever Turbex 700 Parts Washer

    Vacublast Nova 76 Shotblast Cabinet

    Rosler R780 Euro Mass Finishing Bowl Pfauter P253 Gear Hobbing Machine

    Hardinge VL3 EMA Vertical Lathe

    Sykes H160 Gear Hobber Machine Matrix Churchill HC4/15 CNC Lathe

    Pfauter P250 Gear Hobbing Machine Drummond 12 ton Press

    Freddy Super Minor Barber Colman No3 Gear Hobber

    Burrows De-Burring Machine Pfauter RA200

    Burrows-Smith De-Burring Machine Somua Mill

    AJH Bandfacer 915*100 Band Karcher BR40/10 Floor Cleaner

    Karcher B40 DOSE Floor Cleaner

    Dugard Eagle 850 (2010) Dugard Eagle 660 (2010)

    Yang ML300 (2000) Romi G20 CNC Lathe (2000) Mitutoyo Crysta Plus CMM

    (2007) Mitutoyo Crysta Plus CMM

    (2004) Jones & Shipman 1300

    Universal Cylindrical Grinder JONES & SHIPMAN 1400

    Surface Grinder Cincinatti 20M Centreless

    Grinder with Coolant Equipment Cincinatti tool & cutter grinder.

    Matsuura RA-3GII Vertical Machining Centre (1999) Colchester Mascot 1600

    CNC lathe STRANDS S5 CNC lathe with

    Fanuc 0t Control DOALL Vertical Bandsaw with

    Blade Welder 16inch Throat Agemaspark Spark eroder,

    H400-P20 MEGA BS250HAS Automatic

    Bandsaw. Bridgeport Series 1 Interact.

    TNC151 Control. Bridgeport BRJ Turret Mill

    2011 Baleigh Linishing Machine

    Crown surface table with stand Dalmec parts handler 150kg

    Capacity Base Clarke strong arm 50ton

    Garage press MUCH much more...

    Magido Top Loading Spray Automatic Parts Washer Live Tooling

    Systems 3R Ruler ViceAngle Plate

    Used Moore precision 300mm rotary table Used DAndrea TA170 Extra sensitive

    milling head in box with equipment Used Iemca VIP 70 / 15 short magazine

    barfeed Year 1998 Beaver TC20 Lathe


    Used LNS Tipping skipsPair of Eclipse 950 Magnetic Chuck Blocks Harrison M300 Lathe

    Spot Welder Kempii Welder Barfeed (2003)

    Salter No 128 test tensioning device (40 CWT) Height Gauge

    1st Machinery Auctions in association with Richard Birch & Co are delighted to offer the gear manufacturing machinery previously used by Varatio Holdings Limited. Please see each lot for details.

    Viewing Dates: Appointment only. No loading facilities on site.

    A leading Aviation parts manufacturer has excess machinery available due to relocation *No Loading Facilities on Site. Location: Essex - Viewing by Appointment only. Please see each lot for details.

    1st Machinery Auctions are offering various CNC Machinery on behalf of an Ex Formula 1 Racing

    Component Manufacturer based in Oxford. Location: Oxford. Viewing Dates: Appointment only.

    Please note that there are no loading facilities on site.

    1st Machinery Auctions are offering various Machines from Various UK Sites. Please see each lot for details.

    Viewing by Appointment only.

    Online Auction Date: Wednesday 24th May 2017 - 3pm GMT. Please note machinery will need to be removed from site by 7th June. Call us for more details: 02476 992205 or email: info@1stmachineryauctions.com

    Online Auction Date: Ends Thursday 8th June 2017 - 3pm BST Call us for more details: 02476 992205 or email: info@1stmachineryauctions.com

    Online Auction Date: Thursday 25th May 2017 - 3pm BST Call us for more details: 02476 992205 or email: info@1stmachineryauctions.com

    Online Auction Date: Thursday 1st June 2017 - 3pm GMT. Call us for more details: 02476 992205

    or email: info@1stmachineryauctions.com

    Pfauter PE150 (2004) Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine

    Hardinge Talent 8/52 CNC Lathe (2003)

    Automatic Bandsaw LX460 AE (2011)

    Nakamura WT150 CNC Turning Centre Lathe

    Pfauter PE150

    Pfauter RA200 Gear Hobbing Machine

    Takisawa TT2100G Twin Spindle CNC Lathe (2015)

    Ikegai Turn 26

    Nakamura TW20

    Nakamura TW10 CNC Lathe

    Mazak QT-10 (1996)

    Warner Swasey W/S 1AC

    MAZAK Variaxis 630 5X II with Matrix Control (2012)

    Hurco VMX 60 T (2011)

    HAAS TL-1 CNC Toolroom Lathe (2005)

    Mazak QT20

    Hurco VM1 (2006)

    Hurco VMX 42 S (2007)

    Used HAAS VF-2 Vertical Machining Centre (1995)

    Hardinge Cobra Lathe


    Samsung PL35 (2012)

    Poreba TRP110 N Lathe (1999)

    Mikron HEM500U (2013)

    Dugard MH500X (2011)

    DMG 50 EVO (2002)

    Mikron UCP 600 with Erowa Loader

    Mikron UCP 800 (2003)

    Dugard Eagle 200HT (2011)

    Mikron UCP 600 with heidenhain tnc530 (2008)

    Dugard Eagle 1000Y (2010)

    Doosan S550 (2003)



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