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http://www.cnet.com/how-to/suprise-things-your-amazon-kindle-can-do/Date- 1 st May, 2016Title: 10 Tips that will make your Kindle more interestingDescription: Kindle has some extra features which makes it more interesting apart from just reading and downloading books.Kindle being the most popular device used by readers for reading at utmost comfort. Offers a lot more, thatyou might not be aware of. Kindle can do lot more than just downloading books form Amazon. You can send documents, share books and also you can play hidden games.Now you might be wondering how to use these feature. Let me guide you.How to take screenshots:You can take the screenshots by pressing the two opposite corners of the screen at the same time. It doesnt matter whether you have Kindle Voyage or Paper white.To take a screenshot on Kindle touch all you need to hold down the Home Button and tap the screen.Whereas, on the original Kindle use down alt+shift+G to take a screen shot. If you want to access your screenshots, just connect your Kindle to a computer via USB and export the png files. If you face any difficulty then you can refer Kindle help.2. Get library books:Now you can download e-books for free from the most libraries using Kindle. Simply, got to the website of your local library and head towards eBooks section. Choose your books and then got to checkout and sign in with your Amazon account. Select the type of reader you are using and send the books to it.Now as this book gets stored, connect your device to Wi-Fi and download it from archived items or cloud option.3. Share your account:There is an old saying called sharing is caring so, Kindle let you share your books with another person through a Family library account. Primarily, this option links two Amazon accounts. To set it up go to Home screen tap the Menu > Settings > Registration > Household > Family Library>Add a New Person > Add Adult.Both parties are given a choice whether to share all of your purchased books or just the individual books with each other. In order to do this your family member need to enter an Amazon account Id with password. Once it is done, second person will be asked to enable sharing. Then, you will be prompted to enable sharing.It is important to choose wisely with whom you want to share your content, as once by choosing enable sharing, both parties can use credit cards associated with the two accounts for purchases on the Amazon site.4. Share content with kidsYou dont have to make separate account of your kids for their devices. You can share with them that for free.To set up a child profile on your Kindle go to theHome screen> Menu > Settings > Registration > Household > Family Library > Add a New Person > Add Child. From there, enter your parental controls password now enter your child's name, birthday and gender then tapnext. Select the titles you want to be included in your child's library, and then tapnextanddone.5. Lend a book:This is an amazing features which is introduces Kindle like you can lend a book for 14 days without sharing your accounts. Just go to Amazon.com/mycd. Select the title of the book you want to share and then click on theellipses action button>Loan this title. Then, choose the one you want to share your book with. Note, that only books that are eligible for sharing will have an action button on it.6. Send documentsNow you can send document from any of the device using Kindle Personal Documents Service. This service works with Fire tablets, Kindle e readers and supported Kindle reading apps registered to your Amazon account. Just email the documents to your Send-to-Kindle email address..7. Convert those documents for KindleMake sure the content that you are sharing is in Kindle format else it will difficult to read.When you're sending documents to your Kindle using your Send-to-Kindle address by using this you can instantly convert them into Kindle format (.azw).In your email subject line write "convert" and the document will be converted when it gets to your Send-to-Kindle address. If you need any help Amazon Kindle Support can help you with all the issues related to Kindle support

8. Read articlesYou can also read articles by downloading Instant paper or Pocket to your phone, laptop or tablet. When you save the article it gets pushed to all of the synced devices and you can read it later, even when you are offline.After downloading the app, just go intoSettingson the app and choose Kindle as your delivery option. In case of any query refer Kindle help. 9. Play games

Kindles like fire let you download games. If you are not able to download games on Kindle fire you can take the support of Kindle fire support .If you have old kindle with a physical keyboard, you can still get your game on it. There a free games hiding in your older Kindle.Minesweeper will pop up after holding downAlt+Shift+M at the home screen. After you get Minesweeper to pop up, hold theG keyand Go Moku will pop up.i10. Story reading:Kindle reads you story as well. If you busy doing some other work Kindle can read you a story.Open the book or the document press theMenubutton and selectStart Text-to-Speech option. Kindle starts reading in a robotic voice.

So, explore these options on your Kindle and spent some more time with your Kindle.