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1. 2.) Pacific rim Analysis 2. Th This low shot immediately sets the action, cyber genre. It hints at some sort of physical element being involved, and shows dominance through he low angle. 3. The red lights constantly in the background represent how the future may be involved and how it is highly dependant on machine. The names appear with a strong digital-like font and have been altered to look like computer screens. 4. This is the first shot we get of something weapon based and this extreme close up reveals the size of the machine and the filters on all the slides are dark with added shine. The gun is pointed at the viewer putting them on edge. 5. This is the first time we see a natural or less mechanic structure, we can see conflict and the metal arm is shining making it look superior. 6. This extreme closeup of something much smaller, a knife, is a juxtaposition to the other shots which are on a larger scale. The shine of the metal and violence of the stab indicate conflict. 7. Fast paced rock music is playing non- diagetically in the background and the shots are fast and dramatic. The dominance of the machines is shown through the low angle medium closeup. 8. This music acts as adrenalin and the action/thriller connotations are implied through this extreme close up of an alien with its mouth open, implying anger fighting. 9. Another juxtaposition occurs when this two shot from a low angle is shown compared to all the close ups that have been shown previously. The helicopters imply a wide scale battle and wide scale destruction. 10. An image of the machines identity is shown and we can see it is superior and powerful through he shot and the bright lights coming from its eyes. The hints of red,blue and white throughout the whole sequence imply an American background, or setting. 11. Towards the end we can see some sort of logo or organisation branded on a badge. The eagle suggests power and pride, and the dramatic low angle close up implies great size. 12. Finally we see all the machines in full scale from a low angle and with a blue/dark filter. There is light coming from behind them which suggests power or dominance and the title is shown in a metallic font and is shown in front of the robots.