20 energy-efficient ideas for your candlewood lakefront home

Download 20 Energy-Efficient Ideas for Your Candlewood Lakefront Home

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  • 20 Energy-Efficient Ideas for Your Candlewood Lakefront


  • Conserve the environment by reducing the water and energy consumption on your Candlewood Lakefront home. Check your hallway, bedrooms, basement area, laundry area, kitchen, and family room and find out how the life-changing steps enumerated below can give you more savings and extra cash in your purse.

  • Here are some time-tested, innovative, and energy-efficient techniques you can do to reduce the energy consumption in your Candlewood Lake property:

  • 1. Repair all damaged doors and window weather-stripping.2. Avoid using toxins that can damage the environment. Choose stains, paints and finishes that are absolutely friendly to the environment.3. Install motion detectors on your porch and garden.

  • 4. Place programmable thermostats that will automatically adjust the temperature in the room when no one is using it.5. Install additional insulation to reduce heat that gets in your home. It will not only prevent 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere but also increase your savings by reducing about 25% of your energy bill.6. Clean your boilers, heaters, and furnaces at least once a year.

  • 7. Change your air filters regularly.8. Install low flow shower heads.9. Turn off the water faucet while you brush your teeth.10. Allow natural daylight inside your home. Construct sunrooms or replace window treatments with energy-efficient windows.

  • 11. Replace your old lighting fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs or compact fluorescent light bulbs.12. Opt out from mailing lists. Remove your name from the mailing list if you do not even bother to open it.13. Choose to receive your utility bills in your email. This will help reduce the trees being cut down to produce junk mail.

  • 14. Send mails, records, documents, and reports via email, instead of printing them on paper.15. Choose washing machines with ENERGY STAR rating. They consume approximately one-third of the water a standard machine would use. Furthermore, the dryer cycle complete quicker.16. Substitute the current power source of your Candlewood Lake real estate property with solar panels or other renewable power source.

  • 17. Turn off the lights each time you leave the room.18. Unplug your computer, TV, stereo, and other electrical appliances if you are not using them. Plug all your electrical appliances to a power strip and switch it off when you leave your house or walk out of the room.

  • 19. Place an insulation blanket all over your water heater to prevent 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.20. Eat less meat and more vegetables.

  • These are basically simple and easy ideas that can definitely help reduce your carbon footprints and save Mother Earth. You can observe these straightforward and effortless steps when you have found your dream lakefront home in Candlewood Lake at http://www.CandlewoodLakeCTRealEstate.com/

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