20 Ways to Keep Me Out

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Post on 10-Mar-2016




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A Small art book including poetry written by myself


  • 20 Ways To Keep Me Out:

    AnotherBrickIn TheWall

    sam stirling

  • escape is not an option every stone is a jailormatter taken hostage in a taylor made container

  • call me an artist or call

    me a vandalbut try

    to better spend

    your time on more

    important scandal

  • a secret garden in plain sitedelightful in simplicity a tamed mightin pale lights

  • following the leader in the geometric dancegracefully entangled from the future to the pastthe edges are a skeleton and volume makes a heartthe ever lasting romance of the equal sided markequality in angles and respect in every cornerborn from a utility and stacked around the borderthe beautiful embrace of every vertical explorer

  • welcome once again to the gameshow made of concrete

    contestants are inhabitingthe lining of the long streets

    protected by presenters wearing painted suits and ties

    they stretch into the skyproviding surface to our lives

  • the tired personalityreflected on skinexpired functionalitythat's blemished by the wind

  • the cost of progress is blindness

  • beware of the dog regardless of its existencethe hidden things are always slightly easier at distance

  • content hidden like schroedingers cat

    posing a queriepeering over boundariesbound to the floor andsurrounding the cracks

    never giving way or

    allowed to relax

    they sit and wait in patience

    for apounding attack

    immortally conformist and soundto the lastthe motto they adhere to is that

    none shall pass

  • not enough makeup

    to make the city pretty

    restricted by convention

    thats indictive of the greyportraying signatures

    and fixing up materials in situ its too different

    for the system so they throw

    the key away