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A presentation that Dominic Taverniti and I gave at the 2013 bbcon in Washington DC.


  • 1. 10/8/13 #bbcon 1 20 Ways To Trick Out Your Donation Forms PRESENTED BY: TOM THAYER & DOMINIC TAVERNITI

2. 10/8/13 #bbcon 2 SIMPLIFY YOUR FORMS 3. 10/8/13 #bbcon 3 Resist the urge to request/require non-essential information. The hard work of getting visitors to the form is complete. Now reduce the hurdle to give. Consider presenting only required fields, reducing the need for constituents to decipher what needed and whats not. The upfront transparency and simplicity is refreshing for constituents. SIMPLIFY YOUR FORMS 4. 10/8/13 #bbcon 4 REMOVE DISTRACTIONS By Ion Interactive 5. 10/8/13 #bbcon 5 REMOVE DISTRACTIONS While simplifying forms, consider the big picture as well the wrapping page design, content and competing calls to action. A landing page has singular goal, unlike the general website. All of the doors and windows (links, buttons, distracting content) that lead away from the goal should be removed. How do you identify which distractions to remove and why? Review actual visitor behavior with Google Analytics. 6. 10/8/13 #bbcon 6 TRACK GOAL CONVERSIONS 7. 10/8/13 #bbcon 7 TRACK GOAL CONVERSIONS 8. 10/8/13 #bbcon 8 TRACK GOAL CONVERSIONS Remove the emotion that comes along with cutting content and simplifying a design through the use of web traffic data. Goal Funnel Visualization reports in Google Analytics - Track visitor behavior on a donation page and visualize where constituents abandoned the donation form. - Identify and remove links and paths that lead prospective constituents away from completing the form. 9. 10/8/13 #bbcon 9 FIELD LEVEL FORM TRACKING Use JavaScript to execute an if/ then statement on event tracking and determine whether or not users are completing each field. In this case, Steve has skipped the Nick Name field and moved straight to the Street Address field. 10. 10/8/13 #bbcon 10 FIELD LEVEL FORM TRACKING Based on event tracking data, Steve isnt the only visitor skipping the Nick Name field. Its a likely distraction and should be removed 11. 10/8/13 #bbcon 11 THINK SMALL Try intercepting the donation user experience further up stream. Add a miniature form in the side-column of the page to facilitate a conversion path 12. 10/8/13 #bbcon 12 MOBILE FIRST 13. 10/8/13 #bbcon 13 MOBILE FIRST 14. 10/8/13 #bbcon 14 MOBILE FIRST Single Column Taller Input Fields In-Field Labels Larger Hit Areas Larger Text Progressive Disclosure 15. 10/8/13 #bbcon 15 http://goo.gl/KOwJcX CHECK OUT A MOBILE DONATION FORM 16. 10/8/13 #bbcon 16 BUILD A BUSINESS CASE TO GO MOBILE 17. 10/8/13 #bbcon 17 BUILD A BUSINESS CASE TO GO MOBILE Analyze mobile adoption in Google Analytics through a year over year comparison 18. 10/8/13 #bbcon 18 BUILD A BUSINESS CASE TO GO MOBILE Compelling numbers emerge when the mobile traffic growth rate is viewed from one year to the next. Consider the following example, where 12% of total site traffic may not appear significant won its own : 19. 10/8/13 #bbcon 19 USABILITY TESTING Usability testing captures audience behaviors and helps to identify effective form designs and layouts, leading to improved donor experiences. 20. 10/8/13 #bbcon 20 A/B TESTING Version A received 26.88% more clicks on the donate button Consider the example of a 26% increase for an organization with $200K in annual online donations: 21. 10/8/13 #bbcon 21 A/B TESTING Version A got a 10.2% life in average donation amounts per page view, contributing a total of $1.02 million in donation to Haiti 22. 10/8/13 #bbcon 22 TIME SAVING TRICKS & TECHNIQUES Field and label alignment improves user eye tracking and reduces the time required to complete a form. 23. 10/8/13 #bbcon 23 ERROR MESSAGES & INSTANT VALIDATION Error messages are often abrasive and only delivered after the fact Instant validation will notify the visitor of missed fields as they go 24. 10/8/13 #bbcon 24 STORY TELLING - MICROSITE http://fuelinginnovation.iit.edu/ 25. 10/8/13 #bbcon 25 STORY TELLING - MICROSITE Campaign sites and microsites are a great opportunities to set aside competing objectives of the organization and focus on the story and a single ask. After the audience has taken the narrative journey and landed on the donation form remove all distractions and bring a singular focus to the form. 26. 10/8/13 #bbcon 26 CONTENT STRATEGY Know your brand Adhere to a content and messaging strategy that fits the organizations image and objectives. Two great examples of succinct content strategy approaches are ASPCA and Girls Scouts To Get Her There campaign, though the tone and emotional appeal between the two are polar opposite. 27. 10/8/13 #bbcon 27 DREAM A LITTLE 28. 10/8/13 #bbcon 28 GAMIFICATION Incorporate principles of gamification into a standard donation form Tie the orgs mission to the act of donating through illustrations Build the illustration in sync with field validation 29. 10/8/13 #bbcon 29 GAMIFICATION - VIRTUAL TOUR / GIVING Is there a physical representation of your use of funds? How about turning an interactive virtual tour into a donation form! Immerse the donor in a true-to-life user experience that encourages them to take action. 30. 10/8/13 #bbcon 30 CROWDFUNDING http://middstart.middlebury.edu/ Crowdfunding is an exciting way to engage donors and link them directly to the project, program, beneficiary. This approach tends to incorporate: Target funding minimums, deadline dates, as well as donor access to progress reports and a community. 31. 10/8/13 #bbcon 31 USER GENERATED CONTENT http://www.weizmann-usa.org/tomorrow-lab/fighting-cancer.aspx Harnessing enthusiasm, voice and content of your constituents Aggregating and presenting user generated content offers an authentic audience-centric view, while reducing content production demands on the organization 32. 10/8/13 #bbcon 32 YOUR TURN, WHAT TRICKS DO YOU HAVE? . . . OR QUESTIONS?