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America’s largest automotive retailer 2001 Annual Report

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  • 2001 Annual Report Americas largest automotive retailer
  • Financial HIGHLIGHTS Total Revenue Earnings Before Interest, Diluted Earnings Per Share Taxes, Depreciation from Continuing Operations and Amortization (EBITDA) Billions Millions $20.6 $1.00 $20.1 $20.0 $20 $700 $.91 $692 .90 $.87 $663 $.84 $644 600 .80 $587 $588 $.73 .70 $.66 500 .60 $438 15 400 $.48 .50 .40 $12.7 300 .30 200 .20 10 $110 .10 100 $(.07) 0 0 (.10) 2001 1998 2001 2000 1999 1998 1999 2000 1998 2000 1999 2001 Reported results. Pro forma results. These results exclude certain charges and gains and are not presented on a basis consistent with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States. Please refer to page 21 of the attached 2001 Annual Report Form 10-K for a reconciliation of these results to reported figures and to the quot;Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operationsquot; section of the Form 10-K for further details about these charges and gains. Consolidated Earnings and Balance Sheet Highlights AS OF AND FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * See legend above. 12000 figure reflects reclassification of certain items. 2Long-term debt in 1998, 1999 and 2000 includes certain operating leases. 3 Shareholders' equity in 2000 reflects the impact of the tax-free spin-off of the Company's former vehicle rental businesses (ANC Rental Corp.) to AutoNation shareholders. Business DESCRIPTION AutoNation, Inc. is Americas largest retailer of both new and used vehicles. As of March 15, 2002, we owned and operated 371 new vehicle franchises from dealership locations in 17 states, predominantly in the Sunbelt. Each of our automotive franchised dealerships offers a diverse range of automotive products and services beyond new and used vehicles that includes vehicle maintenance and repair services, vehicle parts, extended service contracts, insurance products and other aftermarket products, and each also arranges financing for vehicle purchases through third-party sources. Additionally, we operate collision repair centers in most of our key markets. The vehicles we sell are manufactured by Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW. These manufacturers represent approximately 95% of the new vehicles that we sold in 2001. In total, we offer 35 different brands of new vehicles.
  • AutoNation Annual Report 2001 A letter to SHAREHOLDERS (left to right) Craig T. Monaghan To Our Shareholders: to our brand of pure-play, specialty retailing. Chief Financial Officer 2001 was a year in which we enjoyed successes A great example: In 2001, we drove operational H. Wayne Huizenga Chairman with all of our core constituencies. improvements in the used vehicle, parts and service, and finance and insurance areas of our Mike Jackson Our customers purchased 712,000 new and used Chief Executive Officer automotive franchises. These higher-margin vehicles from us, helping our company become areas offered opportunities that we believed were Michael E. Maroone America's undisputed leader in automotive retail great enough to offset challenges in the U.S. President & for a fifth straight year. Chief Operating Officer new vehicle market last year. On Wall Street, our investors rallied behind And they were. Although collectively accounting AutoNation's solid earnings, cash flow and for about a third of our total revenue, these same-store sales in the face of economic higher-margin areas that are unique to automotive challenges. Their enthusiasm helped generate retail delivered 68% of AutoNation's gross margin more than $2 billion of shareholder value as in 2001, enabling us AutoNation's shares rose 106% and the number of to deliver more AutoNation's Stock Price Rises 106% investment analysts covering the company doubled. store-level profit (Dec. 2000-Dec. 2001) $13.00 Meanwhile, in a Fortune magazine survey released than in 2000. In $12.33 $11.65 $11.60 $11.45 $11.06 this year, industry analysts and peers voted us addition, the $10.85 MONTH-END PRICE PER SHARE $11.00 $10.76 America's Most Admired Company in the $10.29 diversity of the 35 $9.00 automotive retailing and services sector, giving vehicle brands we $ 9.00 $8.79 $8.30 AutoNation high marks for its innovative culture, $7.50 sell and of the 20 $ 7.00 quality of management, financial soundness and major markets we $6.00 most important for the caliber of its people. operate in made us $ 5.00 even more resilient. Indeed, it was these 30,000 company associates $ 3.00 whom we relied on most last year in our drive to In fact, because of be America's best run, most profitable and most these strengths, and 12/01 12/00 1/01 7/01 8/01 9/01 10/01 11/01 2/01 5/01 3/01 4/01 6/01 valued automotive retailer. the contribution of these higher-margin activities, we accomplished Together, we relentlessly pursued operational the following in 2001: improvements and scale advantages. We reinvested our cash for higher returns and strengthened our Record full-year earnings per share from balance sheet. We merchandised better and found continuing operations of $0.87, before certain faster and more competitive ways to offer the charges and gains. repair and maintenance services that only factory- Record earnings before interest, taxes, authorized stores like ours can provide. depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of And we capitalized on the strengths that remain unique $663 million, before certain charges and gains.
  • AutoNation sold 712,000 new and used vehicles in 2001, We call that vision our Driven to Be the Best focus, which A full-year gross margin of 14.4%, up 70 basis points took hold last year as we drove improvements in our from a year ago. higher-margin areas. This focus is founded on principles The repurchase of 7% of our outstanding shares for of operational excellence. When you sell 2,000 vehicles a $257 million, at an average price of $9.41 per share. day and service 25,000 vehicles a day, operational Our first senior note offering, a $450 million issue that excellence is what ensures your business will grow and strengthened the make-up of your customers will continue our capital structure and to come back to you. Our Vision introduced our company to a This foundation of operational new audience of investors. excellence supports four key Customer Focus pillars of the Driven to Be the Information & e-Technology Best vision. They are: SM Driven to Be the Best Superior Productivity Superior Experiences. Experiences Improvements Most significantly, We take the wealth of retail Scale Dominant in 2001 our company knowledge that we possess and Advantages Brands adopted a cultural mindset use it to create better Operational Excellence that positioned us for future experiences for the customer. growth in earnings and These experiences are designed shareholder returns. to be hassle-free and are shaped to drive strong repeat and referral business. As the industry's largest player, we know we have great stores and talent. But being big isn't enough to remain Scale Advantages. Because no other automotive valued in the eyes of both shareholders and customers. retailer has our scale, we have a wealth of opportunities AutoNation must also be driven in its quest for excellence. to create sustainable competitive advantages. And we have a vision to get us there.
  • AutoNation Annual Report 2001 making us Americas largest automotive retailer. Already we enjoy lower costs of capital, lower costs for sense, we've already realized this aspect of our vision by employee benefits and preferred relationships with growing AutoNation into the Web's largest retailer of certain vendors that are difficult to match. automobiles, selling $1.8 billion worth of vehicles via the Internet in 2001. Productivity Improvements. This probably is the However, while we're proud of our achievements in greatest opportunity we have at AutoNation. By 2001, we expect to enjoy greater rewards as our Driven combining the entrepreneurial talents of our store to Be the Best focus gains further traction in our stores, managers with proven best practices, we have found among our associates and throughout the higher- better and faster ways to manage our inventories, to margin areas of our business that we've outlined above. deliver vehicle services and to present and sell our finance and insurance products. These productivity We thank you for your continued interest and support gains go straight to the bottom line and create in AutoNation and look forward to reporting back shareholder value. with more successes. Dominant Brands. We strive to have between Sincerely, 10% and 20% of a market's new vehicle sales each time we consolidate our stores behind a local brand name such as John Elway, Maroone or AutoWay. By comparison, a typical competitor will have a market share in the low single digits. With that kind of advantage, we believe customers in these markets won't be able to make an intelligent buying decision without considering one of our stores. H. Wayne Huizenga Mike Jackson Mike Maroone Finally, this Driven to Be the Best vision is supported by Chairman Chief Executive Officer President & Chief Operating Officer the wise use of information and e-technology. In this
  • PARTS AND SERVICE Guarantees When Super Bowl MVP John Elway represents our Price. John Elway brand in Denver and our Desert brand Service. in Las Vegas, he often promotes our dealerships vehicle Selection. services. With 8,000 service bays, AutoNation is America's largest provider of factory-authorized vehicle maintenance and repair services. at John Elway its GUARANTEED. Driven to be NEW AND USED VEHICLE SALES With 35 different brands of vehicles to offer across 371 retail franchises, we sell more new and used vehicles than any other retailer. NFL legend Dan Marino speaks for three of our local market brands Maroone in South Florida, AutoWay in Tampa Bay and Courtesy in Orlando.
  • AutoNation Annual Report 2001 the best SM Across our markets, our franchises, e-COMMERCE in every way Our in-store Internet Sales Guides sold $1.8 billion worth of new and used vehicles to shoppers they we serve met via the Internet. Through our websites, we customers offer an online inventory of more than 100,000 vehicles, each with an everyday low price. FINANCE AND INSURANCE Customers seeking vehicle financing can count on AutoNation for help. Our stores have relationships with all the major lenders, making one-stop shopping for financing easy. We also promote an easy-to-understand quot;menuquot; sales process that details a customer's payment options.
  • AutoNation AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL FRANCHISES: 371 (as of March 15, 2002) ALABAMA (7) Miller-Sutherlin Chevrolet of Pell City Miller-Sutherlin Chrysler of Pell City Miller-Sutherlin Dodge of Pell City Miller-Sutherlin Jeep of Pell City Miller-Sutherlin Pontiac of Pell City Treadwell Ford of Mobile Treadwell Honda of Mobile ARIZONA (20) Brown & Brown Chevrolet of Mesa Brown & Brown Chevrolet of Superstition Springs Brown & Brown Nissan of Mesa Brown & Brown Nissan of Tempe Dobbs Honda of Tucson Lou Grubb Chevrolet of Peoria-Arrowhead Lou Grubb Chevrolet of Phoenix Lou Grubb Chrysler of Phoenix Lew Webb's Irvine Nissan Lou Grubb Dodge of North Phoenix Lew Webb's Irvine Toyota Lou Grubb Ford of Scottsdale Lexus of Cerritos Lou Grubb Jeep of Phoenix Magic Ford of Valencia Pitre Buick of Scottsdale Magic Lincoln-Mercury of Valencia Pitre Chrysler of Scottsdale Mercedes-Benz of South Bay Pitre GMC of Scottsdale Newport Audi of Newport Beach Pitre Hyundai of Scottsdale Newport Chevrolet of Newport Beach Pitre Isuzu of Scottsdale Newport Porsche of Newport Beach Pitre Jeep of Scottsdale Newport Rolls Royce of Newport Beach Pitre Pontiac of Scottsdale Nissan of El Monte Pitre Subaru of Scottsdale Ontario Dodge Tempe Toyota Ontario Isuzu Ontario Kia Peyton Cramer Ford of Torrance CALIFORNIA (85) Peyton Cramer Infiniti of Torrance Acura of South Bay Peyton Cramer Lincoln-Mercury of Torrance Allison BMW of Mountain View Peyton Cramer Volkswagen of Torrance Anderson Chevrolet of Cupertino Redlands Ford Anderson Chevrolet of Los Gatos Roseville BMW Anderson Chevrolet of Menlo Park Roseville Buick Anderson Chrysler of Cupertino Roseville GMC AutoWest Chrysler of Fremont Roseville Mazda AutoWest Chrysler of Roseville Roseville Oldsmobile AutoWest Dodge of Fremont Roseville Subaru John Elway Hyundai of Westminster Courtesy Chevrolet of Orlando-Airport AutoWest Dodge of Roseville Shamrock Ford of Dublin Courtesy Chrysler of Casselberry John Elway Jeep of Golden AutoWest Honda of Fremont Smythe European Mercedes-Benz of San Jose Courtesy Chrysler of Orlando John Elway Jeep of Littleton-Broadway AutoWest Honda of Roseville Smythe European Volvo of San Jose Courtesy Ford of Sanford John Elway Lamborghini of Golden AutoWest Isuzu of Fremont South Bay Volvo Courtesy GMC of Longwood John Elway Mazda of Westminster AutoWest Jeep of Roseville Stevens Creek Acura of Santa Clara Courtesy Honda of Longwood John Elway Nissan of Englewood AutoWest Mitsubishi of Fremont Torrance Nissan Courtesy Jeep of Casselberry John Elway Nissan of Westminster Beach City Chevrolet of Long Beach Toyota of Buena Park Courtesy Jeep of Orlando John Elway Pontiac of Golden Champion Chevrolet of Manhattan Beach Toyota of Cerritos Courtesy Oldsmobile of Orlando John Elway Pontiac of Lone Tree Champion Oldsmobile of Manhattan Beach Valencia BMW Courtesy Pontiac of Longwood John Elway Subaru of Englewood Chevrolet of El Monte Valencia Chevrolet Courtesy Toyota of Winter Park John Elway Subaru of Golden Corona Chevrolet Valencia Chrysler Lexus of Clearwater and Tampa Bay John Elway Toyota of Englewood Corona Oldsmobile Valencia Dodge Lexus of Palm Beach Corona Volkswagen Valencia Honda Maroone Chevrolet of Delray Costa Mesa Honda FLORIDA (73) Valencia Jeep Maroone Chevrolet of Fort Lauderdale Costa Mesa Infiniti AutoWay Chevrolet of Clearwater Maroone Chevrolet of Greenacres Volvo Cerritos Don-A-Vee Chrysler of Placentia AutoWay Chevrolet of Tampa Maroone Chevrolet of Miami Volvo Irvine Don-A-Vee Isuzu of Placentia Maroone Chevrolet of Pembroke Pines AutoWay Dodge of Clearwater Don-A-Vee Jeep of Bellflower Maroone Chevrolet of West Dade AutoWay Ford of Bradenton Don-A-Vee Jeep of Placentia Maroone Chrysler of Coconut Creek AutoWay Ford of Brooksville COLORADO (26) Don-A-Vee Suzuki of Bellflower Maroone Dodge of Delray AutoWay Ford of St. Petersburg Courtesy Ford of Littleton Don-A-Vee Suzuki of Placentia Maroone Dodge of Miami AutoWay GMC Truck of Clearwater John Elway Buick of Golden Ford of Garden Grove Maroone Dodge of Pembroke Pines AutoWay GMC Truck of Port Richey John Elway Buick of Lone Tree Hayward Dodge Maroone Ford of Delray AutoWay Honda of Clearwater John Elway Chevrolet of Denver Hayward Hyundai Maroone Ford of Fort Lauderdale AutoWay Lincoln-Mercury of Brooksville John Elway Chrysler of Golden Maroone Ford of Margate Hayward Nissan AutoWay Lincoln-Mercury of Clearwater John Elway Chrysler of Littleton-Broadway Maroone Ford of Miami Hayward Toyota AutoWay Nissan of Clearwater John Elway Dodge of Denver Maroone Honda of Hollywood House of Imports (Mercedes-Benz) of Buena Park AutoWay Pontiac of Clearwater John Elway Dodge of Englewood-Arapahoe Maroone Honda of Miami Huntington Beach Ford AutoWay Pontiac of Port Richey John Elway Ford of Boulder Maroone Jeep of Coconut Creek Infiniti of Santa Monica AutoWay Toyota of Pinellas Park John Elway Ford of Denver Maroone Kia of Hollywood Jaguar of South Bay Coastal Cadillac of Port Richey John Elway Ford of Wheat Ridge Maroone Lincoln-Mercury North Palm Joe MacPherson Chevrolet of Irvine Cook-Whitehead Ford of Panama City John Elway GMC of Golden Maroone Nissan of Delray Joe MacPherson Ford of Tustin Courtesy Acura of Longwood John Elway GMC of Lone Tree Maroone Nissan of Fort Lauderdale Joe MacPherson Infiniti of Tustin Courtesy Buick of Longwood John Elway Honda of Westminster Maroone Nissan of Miami Land Rover of Encino Courtesy Chevrolet of Orlando Land Rover of South Bay
  • AutoNation Annual Report 2001 Markets with 5 or more TEXAS (59) AutoNation Dodge of Grand Prairie AutoNation Dodge of Irving AutoNation franchises Bankston Chrysler of Frisco Bankston Ford of Frisco Bankston Jeep of Frisco Bankston Lincoln-Mercury of Dallas Bankston Nissan of Dallas Bankston Nissan of Irving Bankston Nissan of Lewisville Bledsoe Dodge of Dallas-Duncanville South Bledsoe Dodge North of Dallas BMW of Houston North Champion Buick of Corpus Christi Champion Chevrolet of Houston Champion Chevrolet Texas of Austin Champion Chrysler of Austin Champion Ford of Houston Champion GMC of Austin Champion GMC of Corpus Christi Champion Hyundai of Austin Champion Jeep of Austin Champion Pontiac of Austin MICHIGAN (2) Champion Pontiac of Corpus Christi Taylor Chrysler Champion Toyota of Austin Taylor Jeep Charlie Hillard Buick of Fort Worth Charlie Hillard Ford of Fort Worth Charlie Hillard Mazda of Fort Worth MINNESOTA (1) Charlie Thomas Acura of Houston Tousley Ford of White Bear Lake Charlie Thomas Chevrolet of Houston Charlie Thomas Chrysler of Houston Charlie Thomas Ford of Houston NORTH CAROLINA (1) Charlie Thomas Hyundai of Houston Superior Nissan of Charlotte Charlie Thomas Jeep of Houston Charlie Thomas Isuzu of Houston Charlie Thomas Mitsubishi of Houston NEVADA (15) Cleburne Ford Desert Audi of Las Vegas County Line Ford of Burleson Desert BMW of Henderson and Las Vegas Hudiburg Chevrolet of North Richland Hills Desert Buick of Henderson Jay Marks Toyota of Houston Desert Buick of Las Vegas Ken Nichols Ford of Fort Worth Desert Chrysler of Las Vegas Les Marks Chevrolet of La Porte Desert Dodge of Las Vegas Les Marks Mazda of La Porte Desert GMC of Henderson Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway Desert GMC of Las Vegas Mercedes-Benz of Houston North Desert Honda of Las Vegas Midway Chevrolet of Amarillo Maroone Nissan of Pembroke Pines Team Nissan of Lithia Springs Desert Jeep of Las Vegas Padre Ford of Corpus Christi Maroone Nissan of Perrine Team Nissan of Marietta Desert Lincoln-Mercury of Las Vegas Padre Mazda of Corpus Christi Maroone Oldsmobile of Pembroke Pines Team Pontiac of Union City Desert Nissan of Las Vegas Payton Wright Ford of Grapevine Maroone Isuzu of Pembroke Pines Team Toyota of Lithia Springs Desert Pontiac of Henderson Plains Chevrolet of Amarillo Maroone Toyota of Davie Desert Toyota of Las Vegas Port City Imports Honda of Corpus Christi Mercedes-Benz of Fort Lauderdale Desert Volkswagen of Las Vegas ILLINOIS (18) Port City Imports Hyundai of Corpus Christi Mercedes-Benz of Miami Dodge World of Des Plaines Port City Imports Volvo of Corpus Christi Mercedes-Benz of Orlando Downers Grove Dodge Quality Nissan of Amarillo Mike Shad Chrysler of Jacksonville-Cassat NEW YORK (1) Elmhurst Dodge Steakley Chevrolet of Dallas Mike Shad Chrysler of Jacksonville-Southpoint Al Maroone Ford of Williamsville Elmhurst Kia Texan Ford of Arlington Mike Shad Ford of Jacksonville-The Avenues Golf Mill Ford of Niles Texan Ford of Katy Mike Shad Ford of Orange Park Horizon Chevrolet of Naperville Texan Isuzu of Houston Mike Shad Jeep of Jacksonville-Cassat OHIO (9) Jaguar of Tinley Park Texan Lincoln-Mercury of Houston Mike Shad Jeep of Jacksonville-Southpoint Bob Townsend Ford of Cincinnati Jerry Gleason Chevrolet of Forest Park Westgate Chevrolet of Amarillo Nissan of Brandon Eastgate Ford of Dayton Jerry Gleason Dodge of Forest Park Porsche of North Orlando Ed Mullinax Ford of Amherst Joe Madden Ford of Downers Grove WASHINGTON (18) Sunrise Nissan of Jacksonville John Lance Ford of Westlake Laurel Audi of Tinley Park Appleway Audi of Spokane Sunrise Nissan of Orange Park Mullinax Ford of North Canton Laurel Audi of Westmont Appleway Chevrolet of Spokane Mullinax Ford of Wickliffe Laurel BMW of Westmont Appleway Mazda of Spokane Mullinax Jeep of Mayfield Laurel Motors (Mercedes-Benz) of Westmont Appleway Mitsubishi of Spokane GEORGIA (18) Mullinax Lincoln-Mercury of Brunswick Laurel Volvo of Tinley Park Appleway Subaru of Spokane Gene Evans Team Ford of Union City Mullinax Lincoln-Mercury of Mayfield Libertyville Toyota Appleway Toyota of Spokane Team Buick of Union City Mercedes-Benz of Naperville Appleway Volkswagen of Spokane Team Chevrolet of Alpharetta-Northpoint Woodfield Ford of Schaumburg BMW of Bellevue Team Chrysler of Lithia Springs TENNESSEE (10) Dodge of Bellevue Team Dodge of Stone Mountain Dobbs Ford of Memphis-Mt. Moriah Ford of Kirkland Team Dodge of Union City Dobbs Ford of Memphis-Wolfchase MARYLAND (8) Kirkland Buick Team Ford of Alpharetta-Northpoint Dobbs GMC of Memphis Fox Buick of Laurel Kirkland GMC Team Ford of Atlanta Dobbs Honda on Memphis-Mendenhall Fox Chevrolet of Baltimore Kirkland Pontiac Team Ford of Marietta Dobbs Honda of Memphis-Covington Pike Fox Chevrolet of Laurel Northwest Nissan of Lynwood Team GMC of Union City Dobbs Mazda of Memphis Fox Chevrolet of Timonium Prestige Ford of Bellevue Team Honda of Lithia Springs Dobbs Mitsubishi of Memphis Fox GMC of Laurel Town & Country Chrysler of Seattle Team Jeep of Lithia Springs Dobbs Nissan of Memphis Fox Isuzu of Laurel Town & Country Jeep of Seattle Team Mitsubishi of Lithia Springs Dobbs Pontiac of Memphis Fox Mitsubishi of Baltimore Town & Country Nissan of Seattle Team Mitsubishi of Roswell-Northpoint West Side Honda of Knoxville Fox Pontiac of Laurel
  • AutoNation BOARD OF DIRECTORS AutoNation Senior Management Mike Jackson Chief Executive Officer Michael E. Maroone President, Chief Operating Officer Harris W. Hudson H. Wayne Huizenga Mike Jackson Craig T. Monaghan Vice Chairman of the Board Chairman of the Board Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Thomas S. Butler Senior Vice President Corporate Development John R. Drury Senior Vice President Marketing Robert F. Dwors J. P. Bryan 1, 2 Rick L. Burdick 1 Robert J. Brown Senior Vice President Chairman & Chief Senior Managing Director Partner Corporate Real Estate Services Executive Officer Torch Energy Advisors, Inc. Akin, Gump, Strauss, B&C Associates, Inc. (an outsourcing and service Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. James D. Evans, Jr. (a management consulting provider to the oil and (a law firm) Senior Vice President and public relations firm) gas industry) New Vehicles Jonathan P. Ferrando Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary Patricia A. McKay Senior Vice President Finance Peter C. Smith William C. Crowley 1 George D. Johnson, Jr. 2 Michael G. DeGroote Senior Vice President Chairman President & Chief Executive Officer Human Resources Century Business Chief Operating Officer Extended Stay America, Inc. Services, Inc. ESL Investments, Inc. (an economy extended stay Allan D. Stejskal (a provider of professional (an investment firm) lodging chain) Senior Vice President business services and Operations products) Kevin P. Westfall Senior Vice President Finance & Insurance Board Committees 1 Audit Committee John J. Melk 1 Irene B. Rosenfeld 1, 2 Edward S. Lampert 2 Chairman & Chairman & Chief Executive Group Vice President 2 Compensation and Nominating Committee Chief Executive Officer Officer Kraft Foods, Inc.; ESL Investments, Inc. Fisher Island Holdings, LLC President-Operations, (an investment firm) (developer of residential resort Research & Development and properties ) Information Systems, Kraft Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico (a manufacturer and distributor of packaged food and food service products)
  • AutoNation Annual Report 2001 Corporate INFORMATION Headquarters Common Stock Transfer Agent and Registrar AutoNation, Inc. For inquiries regarding address changes, stock transfers, 110 S.E. 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 lost shares or other account matters, please contact: Telephone: (954) 769-7000 www.AutoNation.com Computershare Investor Services, LLC P.O. Box 1689, Chicago, IL 60690-1689 Investor Contact and Information Requests Shareholders, securities analysts, portfolio managers and Registered owners of AutoNation common stock may also call representatives of financial institutions requesting copies of (800) 689-5259, Monday through Friday (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. the Annual Report, Form 10-K, quarterly reports and other CST), to inquire about address changes, stock transfers, lost corporate literature should please call (954) 769-7339 or write shares and other account matters. AutoNation, Inc., Investor Relations, at the above address. Internet users can access information at Notice of Annual Meeting http://www.computershare.com. The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of AutoNation, Inc. will be held at 9:30 a.m., May 16, 2002, at: Independent Certified Public Accountants Arthur Andersen LLP The Parker Playhouse 100 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 707 N.E. 8th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 Telephone: (954) 764-1441 Forward-looking Statements Common Stock Information Some of the statements and information contained throughout this Since April 6, 1999, the Companys common stock has Annual Report constitute forward-looking statements within the traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under meaning of the Federal Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of the symbol AN. From June 20, 1997 through April 5, 1995. The forward-looking statements describe our expectations, 1999, the Companys common stock traded on the NYSE plans and intentions about our business, financial condition, results of under the symbol RII. operations, cash flows and prospects. Known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause our actual results, At March 25, 2002, there were approximately 321,200,000 performance, or achievements to be materially different from any shares of common stock outstanding, held by future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by approximately 3,400 shareholders of record. the forward-looking statements. We undertake no duty to update or revise our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
  • AutoNations branded markets include: Tampa Bay Houston Orlando Las Vegas Memphis Baltimore Denver South Florida Jacksonville Cleveland Atlanta 110 S.E. 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 www.AutoNation.com