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  • 1. A Collaborative Effort Presented by Harmony Crawford Business Intelligence Manager, Circulation seattletimes.com | NWclassifieds.com | NWsource.com | seattlepi.com
  • 2. Agenda A team approach Review of kick-off presentation to the management team Scenarios awaiting full implementation Learns along the way...
  • 3. Core Project TeamAlan Fisco Business OwnerHoward Mendel Project ManagerTim Williams Business Lead / AdvertisingHarmony Crawford Business Lead / CirculationNadine Selden Business Lead / Corp MktgJohn Saum IT Architect
  • 4. Design & ImplementationBob Schinske, Ray Godwin, Linda Blevins,Deborah White, Dennis Larson, Mark Bennett,Jonie Yu, Mary Maltby, Greg Anderson,Cheryl Brechtelsbauer, John Sargent, Jim Parry,Terry Bergren, Dani Smart, Marianne Pettijohn,Jeff Holdridge,Chris Enholm, Lindsey Imbier, Erik Jolly
  • 5. What we presented...MaaX Kick-offQuick Recap What is the Marketing Database? Project Status Update IntroductionsBusiness needs and demonstrations Circulation, Harmony & Tia Advertising, Tim & Tia
  • 6. What is the Marketing DB?The Marketing Database is a system that willstandardize and merge data from multiplesources.Along with the database is a tool to analyze andgenerate targeted marketing lists that will allowthe business to: Increase advertising revenue & market share Increase response rates for subscriber acquisition Improve subscriber retention rates Improve market intelligence
  • 7. Project Status Update Requirements & Vendor evaluation April thru September Selected Astech (MaaX application) November MaaX - Marketing Automation and Analytix Final green light from SOC November Formal Project kickoff 12/13 15 Data specifications & database design January Sample/Full data extracts January MORI News and Information Segmentation algorithm January Built prototype database 2/7 Training 2/7 thru 2/11 User Acceptance Testing 2/14 thru 3/4 Live Production DB March 11 Full Implementation will follow several weeks later End of March or early April
  • 8. CirculationOpportunities: Smarter direct mail campaigns Targeted messaging Targeted renewal price points
  • 9. CirculationScenario 1: Profile existing Daily/Sunday (DS) subscribers. (Which Prizm cluster(s) are most prevalent?) Find non-subscribers who are similar. Scrub against DNM, mail them an offer. Find out how many did not respond to offer, scrub against DNC, follow up with a phone call.
  • 10. Circulation in MAAXScenario 1: Prizm_NE for DS Subs
  • 11. Circulation in MAAXScenario 1: Top 3 Prizm codes for DS07_Money and Brains03_Movers and Shakers01_Upper Crust Counts for Non-subs
  • 12. Circulation in MAAXScenario 1: Campaign
  • 13. CirculationScenario 2: Find former subscribers who stopped due to non- pay/bad-pay. Offer them a promotion that provides chain discounting. Track their retention. (R-Logic)
  • 14. Circulation in MAAXScenario 2: BAD PAY FORMERS
  • 15. Circulation in MAAXScenario 2: THREE OFFER CAMPAIGN
  • 16. AdvertisingImproved Targeting for Advertisers Understanding advertisers best practices Provide targeted prospects Speed up sales presentation preparation time Meet larger customers service expectations Provide complete, professional presentations, include data by segments & maps
  • 17. AdvertisingScenario: - Help David Smith & Co. maximize their advertising reach. Profile David Smith & Co. customer list and identify top indexing Prizm clusters. Find individuals who are not currently customers but are demographically similar, within King County. Show counts by zip code. Identify those non-customers as weekday and/or Sunday subscribers. (Show the benefit of advertising in our newspaper!) Direct mail campaign to those who are NOT subscribers.
  • 18. Advertising in MAAXScenario: David Smith04_YOUNG DIGERATI07_MONEY AND BRAINS29_AMERICAN DREAMS
  • 19. Advertising in MAAXScenario: DAVID SMITH & CO. CAMPAIGN
  • 20. Real-life scenarios awaiting implementation: Circulation Direct Mail Never subscribers Targeted mailings, e.g. sports enthusiasts for spring training Advertising clients
  • 21. Learns along the way...
  • 22. Thank you!