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  • 1. Regional collaborative projects Nic Suzor, Creative Commons Australia

2. Case studies 3. RACHEL COBCROFT CC AUSTRALIA CREATED 50 CASE STUDIES 4. Goals Continued research on issues related to Creative Commons and Open Content Licensing in Australia;Building awareness of the Creative Commons project in Australia;Expanding the information available about the Creative Commons project in Australia;Providing greater advice and support for projects that are considering implementing, are in the process of implementing and/or that have implemented Creative Commons licences in Australia; andFurther development of the Creative Commons Australia licences. 5. Participant surveys Describe your organisation (establishing goals, business model, partner organisations, etc.) What are your current projects? How did you rst hear about Open Content Licences/Creative Commons? Why did you choose to use CC? / Which licence did you select and why? How is the licence applied? What has been your experience with CC so far what have been the benets and possible problems? Do you work collaboratively with other parties? Which tools do you use? Any other issues you may have come across/comments you'd like to make? 6. Lots of case studies, but we wanted more... 7. HOW ABOUT A WIKI? 8. Sure, weve always wanted one of those 9. Support from CC was crucial Jon ran with the project, organised programming interns, and got it working 10. Support from CC was crucial Mike ensured that there were staff that could actually work on the project 11. Lessons learnt? Find one ofcer who's enthusiastic about a project to champion it.Get support from Mike, so that that enthusiasm is translated into work hours. 12. A wiki was born 150+ case studies and counting 13. The book Edited by Rachel CobcroftLayout by Elliott Bledsoe and Merri Randell 14. Next Steps Break each chapter into individual PDFs and standalone bookletsProvide raw in-design les to allow others to create more books 15. More case studies We will write some moreEncourage the community to write their own 16. Adding trails to the wiki Allow users to navigate through a small number of highlighted case studies on related themes 17. Do you CC? Wed like to run a campaign that highlights the case studies to the general public and encourages them to add their own case studies. 18. Very useful Useful in both advocacy and education presentations.Audience always wants examples of who is using CC licensing and how. 19. More books Were encouraging others to produce their own books based on the case studies.General international publications, or country specic booklets, or industry specic handouts... 20. Regional collaborative projects Nic Suzor, Creative Commons Australia