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2010 Stormwater Survey North East Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium Slide 2 Who we are: 46 municipal members (12 Cities, 13 Townships, 11 Villages, 5 County) 11 business partners What we do: Work together to meet Stormwater Permit Requirements Slide 3 NR 216. 07 Permit Requirements Public Education and Outreach conduct equivalent public outreach to increase awareness of storm water impacts on waters of the state Slide 4 encourage the public to change behavior that may cause storm water pollution from sources including automobiles, pet waste, household hazardous waste and household practices NR 216. 07 Permit Requirements Public Education and Outreach Slide 5 The survey was developed to provide base-line results for a new campaign direction as well as comparison results from the 2005 survey. The survey was also developed to meet the requirements for a grant. The grant required us to conduct a follow-up survey to measure results of our 2009 phosphorous campaign. Behavior based questions included in the 2005 survey remained to find out what behaviors had changed, what people are doing and what people are still willing to do. New questions regarding where people are willing to learn about water quality were added to direct a future campaign. Slide 6 Stormwater Awareness Current Practices Target Markets for upcoming campaigns Effectiveness of 2009 Phosphorous campaign Learn about: Slide 7 400 phone surveys completed for the five county area: Brown Calumet Fond du Lac Outagamie Winnebago Fond du Lac Outagamie Calumet Winnebago Brown Surveys were conducted between April 21 st and May 6 th, 2010 Slide 8 Location (County) NEWSC Area Census Survey Percent Brown 33% 39% Calumet 6 6 Fond du Lac 1415 Outagamie 2319 Winnebago 2421 Individual respondents for the survey were representative of the county populations involved. Slide 9 RESULTS Slide 10 Stormwater Awareness Slide 11 According to the U.S. Census the Five County Area is 73% Urban and 27% Rural other breakout 38% said a lake, bay, river, pond or creek 38% believed it went to a ditch or field 17% said into their yard 7% said the road 60% 32% 7% When stormwater runoff leaves your property, where does it go? Slide 12 For stormwater that does enter a storm drain or ditch, where do you believe it ultimately ends up? Another location: 57% Creek, river or bay17% Swamp,Stream or Ravine 21% Backyard, Lot or Field 5% Road or Other Slide 13 ..stormwater that enters a storm drain or ditch, ultimately ends up in a Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility. 32% believe Slide 14 Comparison Slide 15 NEWSC MAMSWaP Year20102007 TypePhoneMail Responses400369 * MAMASWaP Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership Slide 16 Where do you believe stormwater ultimately ends up? NEWSCMAMSWaP River or lake without treatment60%56% Municipal Sewage Treatment System 32%15% Field or Infiltration Basin24%11% Holding Pond17%13% Another Location16%n/a Im not sure where the water goesn/a20% Slide 17 Water Pollution Contributors Slide 18 On a scale of 1 to 6, tell me to what extent you feel each of these items contributes to water pollution. 1 Does not Contribute 6 Major Contributor Slide 19 Pollution Items 1 Does not contribute 2345 6 Major contributor Dont know Discharges from industry4%5%10%11%20%47%3% Disposal of used motor oil and antifreeze 871089543 Improper disposal of household hazardous waste 681416 382 Lawn or urban pesticides3691625383 Agricultural fertilizers and pesticides3491525422 Lawn or urban fertilizers46102025323 Manure from farm animals96151322314 Storm water runoff from streets1015232016142 Street salt and sand59162523202 Soil from farm fields1112201917192 Storm water runoff from rooftops, parking lots & driveways 141924171592 Pet waste17 24137193 Soil from construction sites131926169125 Grass clippings and leaves20292414652 Slide 20 Scale 4-6 CombinedRankedPercentage Agricultural fertilizers and pesticides182 Lawn or urban pesticides279 Discharges from industry378 Lawn or urban fertilizers477 Disposal of used motor oil & antifreeze571 Slide 21 Scale 1-3 CombinedRankedPercentage Grass clippings and leaves173 Soil from construction sites258 Pet Waste258 Storm water runoff from rooftops, parking lots & driveways357 Storm water runoff from streets448 Soil from farm fields543 Slide 22 Slide 23 Grass Clippings and Leaves Slide 24 Comparison Slide 25 NEWSC MAMSWaP East River Watershed Year201020072009 TypePhoneMail Responses400369317 * MAMSWaP Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership Slide 26 Which are MAJOR contributors to water pollution? Slide 27 Best Management Practices Slide 28 I am going to read you a list of lawn care and home practices. Please tell me if you already do this, would be willing to do this or not willing to do this. Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 Slide 32 Slide 33 More people are doing more water friendly practices in 2010 than 2005 The amount of people willing to change behavior has decreased but there are still people willing to change The number of people not willing to change behavior has stayed fairly constant from 2005 to 2010 Slide 34 Evaluation of the NEWSC 2009 Phosphorous Education Campaign Slide 35 Television Radio Billboards Slide 36 In 2009, the Northeast Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium launched an advertising campaign for NEWWaterWisconsin.org, featuring a green haired guy who often said Hey Neighbor. Do you recall seeing any part of this campaign? 14% said Yes Slide 37 Where do you recall seeing ads for this campaign? 79% said Television 9% said Billboard 8% said Newspaper 4% said Radio Slide 38 Do you remember what the campaign message was about? 30% were able to accurately recall part of the message 16% recalled but were inaccurate 54% could not provide response Slide 39 Comparison Slide 40 NEWSC MAMSWaP Year20102007 TypePhoneMail Responses400369 * MAMASWaP Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership Slide 41 NEWSCMAMSWaP Myfairlakes.com MAMSWaP Dont Leaf Them SloganAre You Sweeping? Hey Neighbor Green Hair Guy NEWWaterWisconsin.org MyFairLakes.com In Dane, only the rain goes down the drain Dancing Umbrellas Love your Lakes, Dont Leaf Them Media Outlet Television, Radio, Billboard, Yard Stakes Television, Radio Billboard, Yard Signs, Brochures, Coasters, ect. GoalEncouraged viewers to sweep grass clippings, conduct soil tests and visit the website Encouraged viewers to visit the website Encouraged viewers to keep leaves from getting into lakes and streams Follow up Survey 7 months after campaign end 7 months after campaign end way through campaign Recall14%29%50% Slide 42 Direction of our future campaign Slide 43 How frequently do you visit each of the following places? Slide 44 The percentage of people that frequently or sometimes visit Slide 45 How likely would you be to take a moment and learn about water quality from a display set up at the places you visit? Slide 46 Slide 47 Direction of our future campaign Slide 48 Stormwater carrying pollutants enters our local waterways untreated. We value our water resources. Its time to protect our water. Slide 49 Heres what YOU can do! Continue to focus on behaviors that people are willing to change 40% Utilize a rain barrel 28% Establish a rain garden 27% Stop using chemical fertilizers 24% Stop using weed killers 23% Stop using salt to melt ice Slide 50 Survey Funded by: Northeast Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium Survey Prepared by: Survey Center St. Norbert College Slide 51 Slide 52 Mailing Address: PO Box 1861 Appleton, WI 54912-1861 Phone: (920) 722-2151 Fax: (920) 722-2154 E-mail: newsc@newsc.org www.NEWSC.org Fostering Partnerships Sharing Information Administrative Efficiency Pooling Financial Resources The Full Survey is available on the NEWSC website


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