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2011 Volvo XC60 color brochure provided by Paul Moak Volvo located in Jackson, MS. Find the 2011 Volvo XC60 for sale in Mississippi; call about our current sales and incentives at (866) 980-9557. http://www.paulmoakvolvo.com/


  • 1. Paul Moak Volvo 740 Larson Street at I-55 and High Street Jackson, MS 39202 (866) 980-9557 http://www.paulmoakvolvo.com/

2. We proudly introduce the new Volvo XC60. Where people come together, theres energy. Energy to cross borders and challenge conventions. Energy to explore the beauty of contrasts. Energy to relax among friends. Make it happen in the new Volvo XC60 the Swedish energizer, created with love and passion by Volvo.Volvo. for life 3. Designed to bring your worlds together. Modern living calls for an appropriate outfit. All-road capable, sports-coupe sensational and technologi- cally advanced, the new Volvo XC60 comes with new perspectives on urban traveling. Cutting-edge safety and Scandinavian design help you make the best of the roads from here to whats beyond. 4. From sidewalksto pathways in theblink of an eye.The Volvo XC60 is equally at home in all locations.Sportiness joins with ruggedness, style turnsfunctional and luxury gets attitude. The best oftwo worlds come together to create a crossoverof its own. Maybe just like you and your friends?Polished Exhaust Tips N/A on 3.2 models. 02 5. City Safety.Probably the mostimportant innovationfor urban dwellerssince take-away latte.It can happen to anyone driving in slow city traffic. A milli-second lapse in concentration. The car in front slams on itsbrakes. Driving an ordinary car, youre most likely to run intothe vehicle in front of you. Driving a Volvo XC60 equippedwith City Safety could help prevent you from striking thecar ahead. The laser-based technology continuouslymonitors the area in front of your XC60 and can brakeautomatically to help you avoid or mitigate a collision.City Safety comes standard on the new XC60 and isactivated when you start the car. Good news for you,your passengers and not least anyone in the car infront of you. 04 6. Forward SensingModuleProcesses incomingsignals from thefront radar anddigital camera todetermine the carsposition on the roadand distance toother vehiclesahead.Front radarRegisters distanceand speed of avehicle in front atspeeds over 20 mph. 06 7. Laser Sensor The City Safety laser sensor spots slower moving or stopped vehicles in front at speeds below 20 mph.Digital camera This camera helps the on-board intelligence to discern moving from stationary vehicles and register lane markings. So loaded with technology, its almost human. A closer look inside your Volvo XC60 will reveal some impressive on-board intelligence (in addition to yours, of course). Employing powerful micro- Blind spot sensorsprocessors together with laser, radar and digital camera technology, this These sensors help detect vehicle really can support if support is needed. City Safety helps you avoid vehicles entering the blind spot. low-speed collisions in urban traffic. At speeds over 20 mph, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)* can automatically maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Collision Warning with Auto Brake (CWAB)* for highway driving can warn you if youre too close to the vehicle in front of you and can if a collision cant be avoided activate the brakes to help reduce the effects of a crash. On long trips, when its easy to get distracted, Driver Alert Control (DAC)* can remind you if you unexpectedly lose concentration. And by continuously monitoring your cars position on the road, Lane Departure Warning (LDW)* will alert if you weave out of your lane without signaling. But most of the time youll never notice these supportive technologies. The most intelligence demanding part of driving will always be your absolute privilege. * Included in the optional Technology Package 8. Unleash your desireto drive.A sporty coupe fused with a capable all-roader, theVolvo XC60 will charge any trip with enthusiasmand poise. No matter if you choose the boulevard,the highway, the back roads or any road in-between,this Volvo crossover is ready to go. 08 9. All-wheel drive, high ground clearance and Hill Descent Control. All you need for a swing through town. In the Volvo XC60 you dont have to choose between exhilaration and stability. We linked the highly efficient engine to an intelligent all-wheel drive system* that continuously ensures power goes to the wheels with the best traction. Volvos stability enhancing systems interact with advanced chassis technology to help maximize driving confidence on all roads. And with the press of a button, Hill Descent Control* can help you down the steepest grades. * AWD and Hill Descent Control is standard on T6, optional on 3.2. 10. 10 11. Be connected. The new Volvo XC60 will elevate you in many ways. Behind the wheel theres no doubt whos in command. Everything, from the multi-adjustable power drivers seat to the slightly angled center console, is designed to empower you as the driver. Controls and instruments connect intuitively, and when needed theres on-board intelligence to support you. 12. A piece of heaven available in your Volvo XC60.Imagine watching the clouds go by even if youre riding in the rear. The exclusive Laminated Panoramic Roof* offers new perspectives ontravelling. Part of it can be opened to let the air in. And when youve had enough sun, just activate the power curtain. The glass is dark tintedand laminated for your comfort and security. Of course, we have considered Volvo safety for you and your passengers. For safety reasons,the design of the panoramic roof is optimized and the two-piece glass is laminated.* Optional on T6 and 3.2. 12 13. How personal do you want to become with your car? Do you prefer it to simply mind its own business and leave you alone? Or do you want it to guide you and even remind you to consider taking a break from driving? The Volvo XC60 can take on any personality you want. Just set your preferences using the intuitive on-board menu system. Then enjoy the ride. All navigation* and audio functions are conveniently operated from the steering wheel or the center console. Nothing complicated, just liberating simplicity. * Optional 14. Happiness shared ishappiness doubledSwedish proverb Effortlessly, this spacious five-seater will accommodatefriends and gear. Everyone travels in comfortableseats, surrounded by thoughtful amenities and hautecouture safety. 14 15. Have you heardabout the newhot spot?Because you love music, we created some ofthe car worlds most formidable audio systems each designed to harmonize with the acousticsof the interior. Like the Dynaudio Premium Soundsystem*. With up to 910 W of uncluttered musicvia a digital class D amplifier, twelve high-endspeakers by the Danish sound specialistsDynaudio, this is the ultimate in true-to-lifesound. Dolby Pro Logic II surround soundensures an equally authentic sensory sensationin all seats. And of course, connecting youriPod is not a problem. So who will you put onthe guest list? Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are registeredtrademarks of Dolby Laboratories.iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. * Included in the optional Multimedia Package 16 16. 18 17. Security is only a heartbeat away. We know, leaving a vehicle such as the Volvo XC60 isnt always easy. But be assured theres enough theft protection technology to help deter most uninvited visits with sturdy door locks and a lockable floor compartment. And most important the Volvo XC60 can help enhance your personal security on the way to and from your vehicle. For instance, Volvos Personal Car Communicator* (PCC) is a handy device that can tell if youve locked the vehicle. It even features a heartbeat sensor that can warn you if theres an intruder inside your XC60. * Optional 18. For decades, weve created cars that encourage people to enjoy life and help protect it in the event of anaccident. Many of the most important car safety innovations are the hallmark of Volvo, and hundreds ofthousands of people all over the world can say theyre still alive thanks to Volvo ingenuity. This is not by coincidence. Our founders stated that safety is, and shall always be, at the heart of what we do.As a result, Volvo is recognized the world over for our passion and dedication to provide the safest cars onthe road. The protective character of Volvo also encompasses the world we share. Already in 1972, Volvo was thefirst car manufacturer to acknowledge and actively respond to the environmental impact of cars. In fact,we invented the three-way catalytic converter, and are constantly innovating to reduce the environmentalimpact of the cars we make and how we make them. Of course, choosing a Volvo will always be something you do for both yourself and the people around you because our cars will always consider the well-being of everyone. Even if those people happen to beoutside your car or are part of future generations.Find more innovations at volvocars.us 20 19. Cars are driven by people. Therefore, the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo is and must remain safety.Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, founders of Volvo In 2008, Volvo Cars introduced the new XC60 with City Safety the worlds first standard-fitted collision avoidance and mitigation technology active at speeds up to 19 mph. Helping to lower the risk of low-speed collisions and whiplash injury, City Safety is a major step towards safer urban driving. At the moment, City Safety is only available in the Volvo XC60. In 1976, Volvo Cars was the first car manufacturer to introduce the three-way catalytic converter with an oxygen sensor for exhaust emission control. Today virtually all gasoline powered cars are equipped with this ingenious component just as indispensable for the environment as the three-point seat belt is for safety. In 1959, Nils Bohlin, a Volvo safety engineer, invented the three-point safety belt. So important is this invention, it is considered to be one of the most life-saving technical innovations in the history of mankind. 20. Cars are driven by people.