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Westlake Academy After School Activities brochure for Sept -Dec 2013


  • Westlake Academy After School Activities Fall 2013 1

    Westlake Academy After-School Activities Program

    Fall 2013

    Kylie Hargrave, Class of 2014

  • Westlake Academy After School Activities Fall 2013 2


    Program begins: Monday, September 16, 2013 (except for Social Savvy)

    Program ends: Friday, December 6, 2013


    Friday September 20th (Early release)

    Friday October 4th (Conferences early release)

    Monday October 7th (Teachers Professional Day)

    Monday October 14th (Columbus Day)

    Friday November 1st (Professional Development Day)

    November 25th-29th (Thanksgiving break)

    Online registration will be available as from September 11, 2013

    All registrations must be completed online. Payment must be received in the

    PYP office by September 16th in order to begin the program.

    Register online at: www.westlakeacademy.org under Headlines.

    If you wish to un-enroll your child for a class please contact the After School Activities Coordinator immediately.

    Once final rosters are made for activities, you will be responsible for payment. Classes will not be prorated for beginning late or missing classes. No refunds will be given once activities begin.

  • G9 & G10 MATH TUTORING: ALGEBRA II AND GEOMETRY - FREE Instructor: Jessica Kemmerer Grades: G9 & G10 Dates: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 3.15-3.45pm.

    BEGINNING YOGA - FREE Instructor: Joanna Reynolds

    Grades: All ages All levels Date: Mondays 3.20-4.30pm YOGA is the bridge between your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. With YOGA, you will not only develop strength and flexibility in your body, but you will also deepen your focus and concentration, and become more stress free in your everyday life. You will need to bring your own Yoga mat. All levels are welcome. Namaste!

    SCOTTISH DANCING - $15 Instructor: Ms Maru Grades: KG G6 Date: Mondays 3.15-4.15pm Scottish Dancing is connected with ancient Scottish folk customs and is well known for its sociable and fun spirit as well as for its lively music. Scottish Dancing fosters concentration, coordination, rhythm, elegant movements and good posture. Students work on teamwork, tolerance and spatial awareness skills. The present form of dancing evolved through the centuries, but the original basic steps and the spirit have been preserved. This activity has a Minimum/Maximum Enrollment of 6/16.

    DEBATE BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP $10 Instructor: Christian McCarthy Grades: G7-12 Date: Mondays 3.15-4.15pm The ability to debate and win with the power of your argument is an important life skill- but it is also something which can be taught and improved upon. This class will look at the basics but also develop the intermediate skills of debating: how to make points of challenge and win debates. More emphasis this semester is placed upon students not only engaging in debating, but also having the chance to judge and see for themselves what is a "winning" argument. Discussion of world news will form a large part of these workshops.

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    MATHEMATICS SUPPLEMENTARY COURSE - $260 Instructor: Arlington Sunray Chinese School Grades: KG-6 Date: Mondays 3.15-4.15pm The practical use of strong mathematic skills can be seen everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of its students, either as a supplement to concurrent education or as a way to get ahead of the curve. The course is designed for those who seek to develop stronger abilities in math concepts/application, analytical/critical thinking, and standardized test taking skills. This activity has a Minimum/Maximum Enrollment of 5/12.

    CHAMBER STRINGS - $10 Instructor: Lisa Redding Grades: G3-G7, with 1 year playing experience necessary. Date: Tuesdays 3.15-4.15pm

    Students in grades 3-7 to have the opportunity to enhance their performance skills in additional settings outside of school. The fee covers the cost of a folder and additional music. This activity has a Minimum Enrollment of 4.

    WESTLAKE ACADEMY CHOIR - $25 Instructor: Jaime Estrada Grade: G4 G6 Date/Time: Tuesdays 3.15-4.15pm The fee pays for a t-shirt. Groups for primary school students in grades 4-6 to have the opportunity to enhance their singing skills, learn and establish two-part singing style, and perform in different settings. This activity has a Minimum/Maximum Enrollment of 10/30.

    JUNIOR NATURALIST CLUB - $10 Instructors: Erin Austin & Lisa Valentine (and G11 student Lauren Petersen) Grades: G3 & G4 Date: Tuesdays 3.15-4.15pm There must be a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students enrolled. This club will encourage student interest in nature, and to increase general knowledge of nature-related facts and issues. The emphasis is always on fun, and while each meeting will have its own aims, there will be a common thread of increasing childrens knowledge of nature to promote an interest in nature conservation. Ms Austin is a certified Texas Master Naturalist and experienced docent.

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    DRUMLINE - FREE Instructors: Joanna Reynolds & Cassie Thompson Grades: G6 G12 Date: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3.15-4.30pm Have you ever wanted to play the DRUMS for Westlake?! Now's your chance to show your school spirit by joining the Westlake Academy Drum Line! You will learn to read cadences, friendships will be made by working in a team, and you will also build confidence needed to perform in front of hundreds! Come join W.A.D.L.! Space is limited! You will need a practice pad and sticks. This activity has a Minimum/Maximum Enrollment of 6/12.

    LITTLE MUSICMAKER: INTRO TO PIANO & MUSIC THEORY I- $195 Instructor: Little Musicmaker Grades: KG G3 Date: Tuesdays 3.15-4.15pm Introduction to Piano/Music Theory - Lets Make Music! High energy, hands-on class designed to introduce music theory, music appreciation and piano concepts. Participants will learn to read music and play beginning pieces on a piano keyboard. In addition, they will be introduced to music from various composers ranging from Classical to Ragtime! Upon successful completion of the class, students are prepared to begin private lessons in a variety of instruments. This activity requires a minimum enrollment of 6 students. After twelve years of providing early childhood music education in classrooms, we have tried-and-true methods that make us a specialist in the field of early childhood music programs.

    BEGINNING STRINGS FOR PYP STUDENTS - FREE Instructor: Lisa Redding Grades: G2-G6 Date: Wednesdays 3.15-4.00pm

    This class is designed for all beginning PYP violin, viola and cello students. The goal is to develop playing skills to enhance performance and build confidence! This activity has a Minimum Enrollment of 4.

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    AMERICAN EAGLES SOCCER CLUB - $125 Instructor: Brian Byrd Grades: KG-G6 Date: Wednesdays 3.15-4.15pm The American Eagles Soccer club after school program is designed to help teach students everything from the basic skills of soccer such as technique and tactics as well as balance, coordination and agility. Players of all levels may attend the course and Coach Brian will adjust the curriculum for each student. The course's main objective is to help each student learn the great game of soccer as well as to love the game at the grassroots level. Due to the large number of students last semester Coach Brian will be bringing in a second coach this semester. This will allow for two groups to be formed. The groups will be divided be age and ability. This activity has a Minimum/Maximum Enrollment of 7/18. LA ACADEMIA (SPANISH) $200 (ONCE A WEEK) $370 (TWICE A WEEK) Instructor: Offered by La Academia Spanish Immersion teachers Grades: KG-G6 and G7-12 Date: Wednesdays and/or Thursdays 3.15-4.15pm Native Spanish speaking teachers prepare students to live and work in a global society. Students will learn conversational skills through fun, meaningful and interactive activities and games. This activity has a Minimum Enrollment of 5.

    CHINESE (MANDARIN) - $210 Instructor: Language and Literature Offered by Arlington Sunray Chinese School Grades: KG-G6 and G7-12 Date: Wednesdays 3.15-4.15pm The Chinese language is one that possesses both a rich cultural history and modern practicality as organizations and firms are expanding their global presence. Consequently, there is an increasing demand to master other languages such as Mandarin Chinese. The Arlington Sunray Mandarin Chinese course is designed for those who seek to develop stronger abilities in reading, writing, or speaking the Chinese language. Classes are taught after school by the faculty members of the Arlington Sunray Chinese School, which has been had a proven track record of academic excellence and effectiveness for over 30 years in the DFW area. This activity has a Minimu