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  • 2013 Media Kit

    Your Exclusive Guide to Reaching Decision-Makers

    in Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    January 2013 Vol 29, No 1

    The monthly publication for OR decision makers

    Joint project targets prevention for colorectal surgical infections

    Safer surgery: Ten elements to help improve patient care and revenue

    S even hospitals working with the Joint Commission and the American College of Sur-geons (ACS) on a 2-year project to reduce colorectal surgical site infections (SSIs) have saved more than $3.7 million by avoiding an estimated 135 SSIs, the commission announced in November 2012. The commission is pilot testing the approach used in the project with the aim of rolling out tar-geted solutions for all accredited hospitals in 2013.

    Joint Commis-sion President Mark Chassin, MD, FACP, said colorectal sur-gery was cho-sen as a focus because it ’s a common major surgery with a significant rate of complications, particularly SSIs. Also, complica- tion rates vary widely, suggesting

    F or hospitals, quality and rev-enue are increasingly inter-twined. Performance on qual-ity measures like appropriate an-tibiotic administration, surgical site infection rates, and patient experience is being woven into reimburse-ment by Medi-care and pri-vate payers. Your hospi-tal likely will have some pay-

    ment at risk for not meeting and improving on quality measures. But it can also benefit from supe- rior performance.Better-performing health sys-

    tems can negotiate more favor-

    able rates from insurers and at- tract physicians, who also benefit from doing well on quality met- rics. That in turns attracts more patients, bringing more surgical volume and market share. It’s a shift for hospitals that are

    used to fee-for-service payment in which they perform a service, submit a claim, and expect to be paid.

    In this issue, OR Manager be- gins a series on page 8 titled Ten Elements of Safer Surgery, focus- ing on how your department can improve care for patients and in turn improve your business. The series is based in part on Safer- Surgery, an initiative of Advocate Health Care, a 10-hospital system in the Chicago area. ❖

    Patient safety

    Performance improvement

    Continued on page 6

    Inside OR Manager OR BUSINESS MANAGEMENTNew workshop planned for OR business managers .....5

    PATIENT SAFETYSolid OR governance is the foundation for safety ........8 PATIENT SAFETYHospitals share data to prevent colorectal SSIs .......... 11

    OR BUSINESS MANAGEMENTStandardizing to control costs of spinal implants ..................14 HUMAN RESOURCESSuccession: Identifying and mentoring OR leaders ..........16

    GI ENDOSCOPYScope storage: Don’t get hung up on a number ...........19 OR BUSINESS MANAGEMENTA checkup for your OR’s value analysis process ..........21

    Quality reporting for ASCs is off to a good start ......................... 24 Helping to avoid postdischarge nausea and vomiting ......................28

    O R

    P er

    fo rm

    an ce

    ‘05 ‘06

    ‘07 ‘08


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    November 2012 Vol 28, No 11

    The monthly publication for OR decision makers

    Inside OR Manager SURGICAL SUPPLY CHAINKanban: The secrets of a strong supply system ...........7

    SURGICAL SUPPLY CHAINKanban: A fresh approach to case cart assembly ...............8

    SURGICAL SUPPLY CHAINOR supply cabinets: Just enough of the right stuff ......10

    SURGICAL SUPPLY CHAINKanban, ‘pick paths’ aid OR supply management ......12

    SALARY/CAREER SURVEYTeaching hospitals are adding business managers ...14

    OR PERFORMANCEOR debriefings put the safety checklist ‘on steriods’ ............................20

    STERILIZATION & INFECTION CONTROLSpore test for liquid chemical sterilant

    processing system .................24

    ECRI INSTITUTE SUPPLEMENT Surgical video displays and booms ..............................15

    A surgeon blasts dangerous care, calls for ‘transparency revolution’

    Lean's kanban may be answer to efficient OR supply management

    D oes your OR have a Hodad, a Raptor, or a Shrek? These are handles for danger-ous surgeons that Mar-tin Makary, MD, MPH, describes in his scathing new book, Unaccount-able. Dr Makary, a surgeon and pa-tient safety leader at Johns Hop-kins, advocates a “transparency revolution” to make data public and motivate physicians and hos-pitals to clean up their acts.He also tells about “health care

    heroes” and promising programs that are mak-ing a difference. The book starts with dramatic stories of bad practice that Dr Ma-kary has seen himself or learned about from col-leagues.

    Hodad—Hands of Death and Destruction—is a congenial sur-geon with a warm bedside man-ner who’s a disaster in the OR. The Raptor is the opposite, hell on

    Surgical supplies not only ac-count for a big chunk of the OR’s budget, but they’re also critical for safe and efficient care. The burning question—will supplies be there when they’re needed in the right quantity with-out excess inventory? There’s no money to waste in expired and hoarded inventory. And there’s certainly no time for nurses to leave the OR during a case to hunt for items that should be at hand.

    For some, the answer has come in Lean's kanban system. Advocates say kanban is a sim-ple yet effective method for man-aging supplies using standard

    work and visual cues. The con-cept may be simple, but execution is critical. This issue has advice from ORs that have laid a foundation for kanban and sustained the effort.

    Surgical supply chain

    Patient safety

    Continued on page 5

    ASCs seek dialog on drug shortages, single-use vials .................. 26

    Special focus: Lean supply management

    ■ Page 7: Kanban: The secrets of a strong surgical supply system■ Page 8: Kanban: A fresh approach to case cart assembly■ Page 10: OR supply cabinets: Just enough of the right stuff ■ Page 12: Kanban, ‘pick paths’ aid OR supply management

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    OR Manager provides education and information on management of the surgical suite for OR directors, OR managers, administrative director, OR business managers, and other decision-makers. Published monthly in print and online, OR Manager provides loyal readers with critical information, analysis, and best practices for management of the surgical suite, including patient safety, OR efficiency, sterilization, infection control, standards and regulations, and much more.

    Now in its 29th year, OR Manager is the only publication of its kind devoted to news and information on the management of the surgical suite. In addition to the monthly print editions, subscribers receive early access to the OR Manager publication on the OR Manager website, access to OR Reports, a monthly electronic newsletter with abstracts of the scientific literature pertaining to the OR environment, and weekly e-mail bulletins with the latest news specific to the surgical suite. Subscribers also have free access to articles in the archives.


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