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2. THE FOUNDATION Founded in 1983 A full serviceGeneral Contractor Servicing the EastCoast from Maineto South Carolina 3. NEW STORE BUILDOUTS Experience withevery retailconstructionenvironment: Street locations Malls Strip centers & more 4. GROUND UP CAPABILITY 5. SPECIALTY PROJECTS Count on All-Ritesexpertise for your mostbasic roll-out to yourmost challenging one-off We completed a totalremodel for GameStopin just 4 nights! We even built atemporary store in thecenter of Times Squarefor a commercial! 6. SERVICE All-Rite is there when nationalretailers need help with their mostcritical issues. Let us help you with yours! 7. THE FUTURE Worried about highenergy costs? Yourenot alone. All-Rites stable ofenergy conservationproducts will help yousave moneyAnd the planet! 8. HVAC UNITS & COMPRESSORS Lower electricusage by up to30% With aSmartCoolretrofit, installedby All-Rite 9. CONVEYORS & ESCALATORS Lower your energyconsumption to meetyour systems changingneeds. All-Rite uses Power Bossto adjust your singlespeed motor to variablespeed. 10. A NEW DAY IN OUR INDUSTRY All-Rite leads the way inadapting to theconstruction industrysdramatically changinglandscape. Weve built on ourfoundation of 30+ yearsof building expertise,adding the newest energyconservation products.www.all-riteconstruction.comTrust All-Rite: Your partner in the future of construction