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  • A. Colonial Lady Gardener Rabbit VFA Nr. 2008-15, $160.00Charmingly attired in colonial garb, this Vaillancourt chalkware collectible represents ladies who gardened in the Americas past. The bunny figurine wears a fetching purple dress and carries a basket with fresh picks from a kitchen garden.

    B. Colonial Male Gardener Rabbit VFA Nr. 2008-14, $160.00This Vaillancourt chalkware collectible represents the time-honored tradition of gardening among the colonial colonists. The bunny figurine wears 18th-century attireincluding breeches and waistcoatand clearly has a passion for kitchen gardens. A B

    Rabbits created in the colonial tradition. Order now for the holidays or plan for decorating your home for spring. The harvest rabbits are the perfect addition to

    any classic design and decorating.Colonial tradition

    New For FallNew For FallC. Snowtober

    VFA Nr. 12101, $170.00

    Inspired by a photograph taken in Old Sturbridge Village during the historic 2011 October snowstorm, our 2013 Halloween Santa is depicted holding a jack olantern covered with snow. Wearing a seasonal black robe and long white hair, this Halloween Santa has small pumpkins on the rim of his hood. The perfect way to celebrate a winter wonderland during the time set aside for trick or treating!

    D. Ghouly Girl VFA Nr. 13074, $180.00

    Antique Halloween candy moulds seem to be the most difficult to find. Very few were ever made, making the hunt for an addition to the Vaillancourt line almost impossibleunless you start to look for a mold which can be adapted... This sweet little girl holding her cat seemed like a natural. So, ready for halloween, Ghouly Girl was born.

    C D

  • VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART | 9 mAIN sTReeT | sUITe 1-H sUTTON, mA 01590877-665-2244 | valfa.com

    Either a touch of contemporary glimmer or our classic Vaillancourt charm, the 2013 line is sure to please everyones Christmas tastes.

    A. Santa with Gold Pineapples, VFA Nr. 13037, $170.00B. Teddy Bear Basket Santa, VFA Nr. 13035, $170.00

    VAILLANCOURT folk art Made in America Since 1984.VAILLANCOURT folk art Made in America Since 1984.


    A B

  • With 2013 marking our 29th year of business, we are happy to present a line that we consider one of our very finest. This year, you can enjoy the classic details that we have become known for with a subtle touch of contemporary glitzstill hand made in Sutton, Massachusetts. Come visit our studios and gallery, we are

    open all year!

    A. Starlight Santa, VFA Nr. 13030, $165.00

    The 2013 Starlight Santa, Vaillancourt Folk Arts 24th in the series, pays homage to the old world look and feel. Here, Santa is crouching down with an axe as he finds the perfect Christmas tree for himself. In classic red, a white wintery scene is silhouetted around the coat and hat.


    B. Snowman with Blue Knit Hat, VFA Nr. 13041, $110.00

    The token snowman of 2013, this cute little snowman is grinning with excitement as he enjoys the winter with his blue knit hat and scarf and broom in hand.

    C. Big European Father Christmas, VFA Nr. 12060, $290.00With a familiar European look, an antique ice cream mould was used to create the shape of this piece. With traditional colors of red and green, this Father Christmas is holding a bottle brush tree and can be seen reaching into his sack of decorated fruit. On his back is a white sack with two dolls sitting in waiting for their delivery to a young child.

    Made in America Since 1984.Made in America Since 1984.


    The 24th AnnualStarlight SantaIntroduced 2013


  • Holiday CheerA. Released exclusive - Santa in Moon with Striped Hat

    VFA Nr. 12061, $130.00

    This Santa in the moon offers a whimsical look at the Christmas icon. With detailed beard and rosy cheeks, Santa appears to be sitting on top of the clouds with the top of his head being kept warm from a red and white striped hat with green trim!

    B. Santa in Moon Ornament, VFA Nr. Or13301, $40.00This Santa in the moon ornament offers the same whimsical look as its Chalkware counterpart, but with the tradition of a hand-painted glass Christmas ornament.

    C. Teddy Bear Basket Santa, VFA Nr. 13035, $170.00D. Celebration Santa, VFA Nr. 12074, $200.00

    Who isnt ready to celebrate when ones big event is approaching? Certainly Santa is enjoying the break of bringing toys to the good boys and girls and is instead bringing his best wishes along to celebrate. Originally introduced in 2012 at Collectors Weekend to celebrate Dickens 200th birthday, this birthday Santa is the best way to recognize the birthday, anniversary, or simply any big event... or is perfect simply to anyone who loves Christmas.





    1 VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART / 9 main street suite 1-H sutton, ma 01590 / 877-665-2244 / valfa.com

  • 2 VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART / 9 main street suite 1-H sutton, ma 01590 / 877-665-2244 / www.valfa.com


    E F

  • view all our ornament collection online: http://valfa.com/ornaments

    JPolishGlassOrnamentsPolishGlassOrnamentsMouth blown and hand painted, our ornaments are literal interpretations inspired from our chalkware designs and made into ornaments for your tree. The ornaments are made in a small Polish factory, not unlike our Sutton studios, and made in the traditional methods used for generations.

    G. Red Starlight Santa (Shiny), VFA Nr. Or13403, $38.00

    H. Red Starlight Santa (Matte), VFA Nr. Or13304, $40.00

    I. Santa in Moon (Shiny), VFA Nr. Or13401, $38.00

    J. Santa on Rocking Horse (Matte), VFA Nr. Or13302, $60.00

    K. Santa on Rocking Horse (Shiny), VFA Nr. Or13402, $55.00





  • 9 main street suite 1-H sutton, ma 01590 / 877-665-2244 / valfa.com / VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART 3

    E. Released exclusive - NYC Skyline Santa VFA Nr. 12080, $170.00

    Whether you fell in love with the New York City Skyline illustrated on the back of this Santa or his warm, recognizable face, its safe to assume that the mix of night time blues makes this piece stand out from all others.

    F. Released exclusive - Santa on Zeppelin VFA Nr. 13042, $270.00

    Santa takes to the skies! After designing several NYC skyline pieces, Judi took an interest in city skylines and was inspired at an unexpected place: the Intercontinental hotel in Chicago where an original, but never used, Zeppelin dock resides on the roof. This piece, depicts Santa taking an alternative mode of transportation to deliver his gifts this year. In fact, you can find the silhouette of this piece on the back of the NYC Skyline Santa!

    G. limited edition - Blue Safari Santa, VFA Nr. 13031, $270.00The 2013 limited edition Santa is the Blue Safari Santa. With a deep night blue for a coat color, the silhouette of various animals can be seen along his coat. In addition, the moon on the back of his bag shows Santa and the reindeers silhouette while a giraffe patiently waits from his bag with a Christmas wreath as a scarf.

    H. Released exclusive - NYC Santa Cabbie VFA Nr. 13044, $170.00

    While Santa with his reindeer and sleigh are perfect for crossing the country and visiting boys and girls in the country, when Santa visits New York City, he finds it more efficient to sport the traditional Yellow Taxi Cab. With his sack of toys in back, Santa is driving back from his Christmas shopping from Fifth Avenue.

    I. Santa Riding Ford Model T VFA Nr. 13034, $220.00

    Originally conceptualized in 2010 for the Henry Ford Museum, this Santa has decided to deliver gifts with a different mode of transportation: the Ford Model T.

    J. Released exclusive - NYC Santa Cabbie Ornament VFA Nr. Or13306, $44.00

    The twin of the Chalkware version, this Santa driving the yellow cab is a must have to anyone that loves Christmas, cars, or life in the city. Like all of our ornaments, this piece was mouth blown and hand painted in our glass studio in Poland.


    H I

  • Touch of glimmer

    A little BlingGold or silver leafed before being painted in a translucent oil paint will bring our chalkware to a different level of Christmas; these pieces glimmer, shimmer, and bling. The perfect way to introduce a contemporary twist to your collection.A. Green Metallic Father Christmas with Partridge Hat

    VFA Nr. 12048, $170.00

    Add some bling to your holiday decorations. This Father Christmas is decorated in shimmering green and silver to truly be a spirit of the present. With sharp blue eyes and decorated tree in hand, you can be certain that Father Christmas will be ready for the first day of Christmas as his sack is full of pears and his hat decorated with a partridge.

    B. Green Santa with Kissing Ball, VFA Nr. 12049, $160.00The traditional Colonial theme of bringing the Kissing Ball to the holidays, this Santa takes a contemporary twist with a shimmering green coat with stripes, shimmering silver polka dots, and clear glitter beads lining the coat. The fur and beard are silver foiled before painted.

    C. Gold Della Robbia, VFA Nr. 13036, $300.00The introduction of subtle shine with the classic look that Vaillancourt Folk Art is known for has unleashed a beautiful style unlike no other. This tall Father Christmas in a beautiful blue coat with wintery scenes is holding a gold wreath with pineapple, welcoming in the winter season.




    4 VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART / 9 main street suite 1-H sutton, ma 01590 / 877-665-2244 / valfa.com

  • 9 main street suite 1-H sutton, ma 01590 / 877-665-2244 / valfa.com / VAILLANCOURT FOLK ART 5

    There is no question that Christmas in the modern world is full of glitter, shimmer, glitz, and sparkle. This is why, several years, ago, w


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