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  • 1. 3D Printing Food Luis Rodrguez Alcalde @3DigitalCooks

2. Who Am I?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksLuis Rodrguez Electronic Engineer Maker SW Developer CNM-CSIC Pixel furnitureDigital CookImage: Ignasi Piol 3. Digital Cook?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksImgen: Ignasi Piol 4. Digital Cook?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksImgen: Ignasi Piol 5. Digital Cook?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksImgen: Ignasi Piol 6. Digital Cook?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 7. Digital Cook?#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksImgen: Ignasi Piol 8. Outline#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksIntroduction 3Examples Challenge State Of the Art Open Kitchen 9. Introduction#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks3d PrintingImages: Chopmaister 10. Introduction#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksFoodisPOWER 11. Intro-Duck-tion3d Printing Food#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 12. 3Examples#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksUP TO 2 HOURS PER DAY COOKING!FUN 13. 3Examples#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksHEALTH 14. 3ExamplesSource: Leonardo Da Vinci#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 15. 3ExamplesImage: datacenterknowledge.com#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 16. 3Examples#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 17. 3Examples Livestock contributes to of greenhouse emissions#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks18% gasFAO 2006ONE THIRD of all available land GLOBALLY is used for livestock production FAO 2006 99% less land required 96% less water consumed 96% fewer greenhouse gases emitted 45% less energy needed No risk of livestock diseases No animals harmedLivestock travels more than 1600 km from Farm to Fridge USDA 2010Source: Modern Meadow 18. Challenge#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks Image: Philips Food CreationImage: Atomium (Luiza Silva) Image: Startrek Image: Nico KlberImage: TNO 19. ChallengeImage: frigidaire.com#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 20. Challenge#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksFrying, boiling, roasting, pressure cooking, baking, steaming, smoking, grilling, blanching, freezing, poaching, barbecuing, braising, stewing, scalding, torching, ... 21. Challenge#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksCOOKINGIS AN EXTREMELYCOMPLICATEDSCIENCE 22. State Of The Art#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksTissue engineering traditional CookingImage: Wake Forest UniversityImage: candyfab.org 23. State Of The Art#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksImage: Fab@HomeImage: cargocollective.comImage: Jordan Miller 24. State Of The Art#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 25. State Of The Art#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 26. State Of The Art#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 27. Open Kitchen#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooks 28. Open Kitchen#PrintingFood @3DigitalCooksTHE MOST FRIENDLY SCIENCE SHARING MAKES IT BETTEREASY OPEN BY 29. Thanks Q&A Luis Rodriguez Alcalde www.3DigitalCooks.com egg@3DigitalCooks.com