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Solomo Thursday 31 Oct


  • 1.SoLoMo Thursday Hafiz Saleh & Felix Chen Community Managers Techsailor Group SoLoMoThursday.com facebook.com/SoLoMoThursday linkedin.com/in/solomothursday youtube.com/user/SoLoMoThursday twitter.com/SoLoMoThursday solomothursday.eventbrite.com 31 October 2013

2. Opening NoteALL NIGHT! Housewines @ $5 Housepour Spirits @ $6Biz Card @ FishbowlALL NIGHT! Chicken Wings at $10@SoLoMoThursday 3. DONATIONS are welcomed. Help keep going. DONATIONS are welcomed to help for: Logistics Food & Drinks Publicity and many more31 October 2013PAGE 3 4. Objectives31 October 2013PAGE 4 5. Speaker: Henrik van den Worm31 October 2013PAGE 5 6. Succeeding with Advertising & Branding on Mobile Devices31 October 2013PAGE 6 7. LEADER IN MOBILE-FIRST AD INNOVATIONS & REACH 40% OF GLOBAL MOBILE INTERNET USERS31 October 2013PAGE 7 8. CLIENTSAGENCIES31 October 2013PUBLISHERPAGE 8USERS 9. 31 October 2013PAGE 9 10. 31 October 2013PAGE 10 11. 31 October 2013PAGE 11 12. 31 October 2013PAGE 1212 13. 31 October 2013PAGE 13 14. 31 October 2013PAGE 14 15. 201131 October 2013PAGE 15 16. 31 October 2013PAGE 16 17. Mobile Advertising TimelineSimple Rich Media Ads Immersive Tablet AdsBanner Ad 200020072004Rich MediaIntroducedFirst MobileExperiences 20112010Touch & GesturesMobile InlineIntroducedVideo1ST TEXT AD SMS31 October 2013PAGE 172012 18. FORMS OF MOBILE ADVERTISING SMS31 October 2013SEARCHCONTENTPAGE 18DISPLAY 19. DISPLAY ADVERTISINGDownloadLead GenClick to CallCoupons 20. LACK OF MOBILE LANDING PAGES31 October 2013PAGE 20 21. SOME GOOD EXAMPLES31 October 2013PAGE 21 22. TARGETING THROUGH MOBILE CONTENTGEO/ZIP CODEDEMOGRAPHICAUDIENCE/ BEHAVIORALOS/DEVICE/CARRIERTECHNICAL TARGETINGCONTEXTFREQUENCYDEVICECAPPINGPRICEPOINTDAYPARTING31 October 2013PAGE 22 23. THE MANY CAPABILITIES OF MOBILE31 October 2013PAGE 23 24. CORE RICH MEDIA FUNTIONALITY GESTURE/GAMEIFICA TIONSAVE TO CALENDARDISPLAY/ANIMATIONSVoice / Music / SoundsVIDEOCLICK TO CALLLOCATIONDATA CAPTURECAMERA ACCESSAPP DOWNLOAD 25. Increasing Brand Awareness31 October 2013PAGE 25 26. DWELL TIME31 October 2013AD RECALLPAGE 26POSITIVE RESPONSE 27. IAB Case Study: Expandable banner increased ad awareness by 25% than those exposed to a static banner eMarketer Study: Mobile has better ad effectiveness metrics because they are: - Proportionately larger - More focused - Better targeting 31 October 2013PAGE 27 28. BRANDING CASE 1 ADIDAS BOOST PH31 October 2013PAGE 28 29. Branding Case Studies31 October 2013PAGE 29 30. DRIVING APP DOWNLOADS31 October 2013PAGE 30 31. CANDY CRUSH SAGA Game: Candy Crush Saga Game Studio: King.com Type of App: Casual Game What King needed : #1 rank on the App Store Support for innovative creatives Maximum downloads within target CPI Strategic consulting for a global launch 50 Creatives22 Countries2.5% Conversion Ratio1.4 MM users delivered for Candy Crush. Declared by King as the #1 partner. Ahead of Facebook PAGE 31 PAGE 31 25 July 2013 31 October 2013 32. CLASH OF CLANS Game: Clash of Clans Game Studio: SuperCell Type of App: Mid-core GameXWhat SuperCell needed: Latin AmericaAfrica Strategic consulting for understanding audience segments Expert advice on best practices for tracking solutions Maximum downloads within target CPI98K installs delivered for SuperCell @ 3.09% conversion rate PAGE 32 PAGE 32 25 October 2013 31 July 2013X 33. Innovations31 October 2013PAGE 33 34. 31 October 2013PAGE 34 35. GOOGLE WEB DESIGNER31 October 2013FACEBOOK DEEP LINKING TO APPSPAGE 35MOBILE COUPONS INSTORE REDEMPTION 36. Recommendations & Useful Resources31 October 2013PAGE 36 37. WHO TO WORK WITH?31 October 2013PAGE 37 38. TRYING MOBILE FOR YOURSELF? 1.Know your audience & know your objectives. Set goals. Campaigns can be bought on a CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA and CPE basis.2.Everyone wants to be on Facebook and Google, but be prepared to go it alone if you dont have significant ad dollars to invest. Self serve is common.3.Smaller vendors really want your business and will help you create ads, ad serve for free, give you great analytics, and most importantly an account manager.4.Go publisher direct.31 October 2013PAGE 38 39. USEFUL RESOURCES31 October 2013PAGE 39 40. RECOMMENDED PPT31 October 2013PAGE 40 41. QUESTIONS? Henrik Vandenworm [E] henrik@inmobi.com [S] henrik.vdw [IN] henrikvandenwormBrought to you by:31 October 2013PAGE 41 42. SoLoMo Thursday Gala Night November 2013 31 October 2013PAGE 42 43. Sponsorship PartnersPlatinum SponsorsVoucher SponsorsFeatured Monthly PromotersFellow Tech Companies.Large MNCs with new products to launch.Retailers / FMCGCompanies looking to promote on our channels.Contact SoLoMo_Thursday@techsailor.com for more details.31 October 2013PAGE 43 44. Lucky Draw** 15% Discount Voucher**31 October 2013PAGE 44 45. Thank You Henrik!Brought to you by:31 October 2013PAGE 45