2014 09 25 Sport and its supporters: keep in touch with the crowd

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<ol><li> 1. Keep in touch with the crowdSport and its supporters#SMWRdam | 25 september 2014 Martijn Rijk | +31 6 29 437 111 | @martijnrijk </li><li> 2. WhitepaperAnalyze buzz@ eventshttp://bit.ly/analyzebuzzatevents </li><li> 3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/highersights/6231641551/ </li><li> 4. 420.000 Sources 9 mio posts Social media sources News, blogs, comments Forums, reactions Lexis Nexis Profile information </li><li> 5. Fans are online </li><li> 6. Start monitoring some days in advancelocalize fansfeelinguse of languagemost active persons </li><li> 7. read postsadd metadata/tagsanalyzereportinformcommunicate/webcareBen de Graaf (30)Matchday </li><li> 8. Search queries?hashtags (#feyaja and #klassieker)incidents, curseslocation, traffic and facilities, inc. gps taggedimages (photo en video)posts from visitorsSpecific people like Kenneth Vermeer, Fred Rutten, </li><li> 9. war language and footballjargonmost curse before and after matchmost video/photo content before the matchtraffic dominant 2,5 hours before match </li><li> 10. Learnings!Work as a team with security, medics and clubcommunicate via hangout/whatsapp/portouse multiple tools to monitorupdating search queries is an ongoing processlistening is a startinteract on incidents and questionsuse webcare </li><li> 11. #usetheforce </li></ol>