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<p>Funny 2014 World Cup Quiz1 What is the name of the official mascot of the 2014 World Cup? a) Falzeco b) Fuleco c) Fulero d) Armadillo 2 What animal does the official mascot represent? a) An armadillo b) A kangaroo c) A bear d) A cat 3 What prize is awarded to the top goal scorer in the World Cup? a) Golden Bear b) Golden Globe c) Golden Boot d) Golden Armadillo 4 Whats the name of World Cup Anthem? a) Waka waka b) Bailecito c) Vida d) Dar um Jeito 5 Who designed the current World Cup trophy? a) Silvio Berlusconi b) Silvio Gazzaniga c) Benito Fernandez d) Dolce and Gabbana 6 Which is the only nation that has taken part in every World Cup so far? a) Tahiti b) Luxembourg c)The Vatican d) Brazil 7 Which well-known medication is promoted by Pele? a) Aspirin b) Viagra c) Prozac d) Paracetamol 8 How many times has Brazil hosted a World Cup? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 9 What is the title of the World Cup song? a) The one b) Brazil is the number one c) We are the one d) We are one10 Who sings it? a) Pel b) Ricky Martin and Shakira c) Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez d) Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez 11 How much does the 2014 World Cup cost? a) 14-16 billion US Dollars b) 10 US Dollars c) 100.000 Euros d) 30 million US Dollars 12 Whats the name of the current Brazilian president? a) Dilma Rousseff b) Cristina Fernandez de Kichnerl c) Michelle Bachellet d) Lidia Gueiler Tejada 13 Who will take the first 2014 World Cup Kick? a) Pittbull b) Dilma Rousseff c) A paraplegic teenager d) the Mascot 14 What card is used to show that a player has been sent off? a) Yellow Card b) Red Card c) Green Card d) Tarot Card 15 Which TV series has dedicated an episode (You dont have to live like a referee) to the 2014 World Cup? a) That Regular Show b) Adventure Time c) The Simpsons d) The Avengers 16 Who is the President of FIFA? a) Slip Batter b) Sip Butter c) Ship Blaster d) Joseph Blatter 17 Who scored the disputed goal for Argentina against England in 1986, which the English players claimed was handball? a) Diego Maradona b) God c) Madonna d) God and Maradona</p> <p>Key1 -b2- a3- c4- d5- b6- d 7 -b8- bYes, after 64 years, the 2014 World Cup will be the 2nd World Cup to be hosted in Brazil. Brazil has hosted the 4th World Cup in 1950, from 24th of June to 16th of July. The stadiumMaracan in Rio de Janeiro was specially built for the 1950 World Cup, and is the only stadium which will be used again for the 2014 World Cup.9- dThe official 2014 World Cup song We Are One will be performed by Cuban rapper Pitbull, Bronx Diva J.Lo and Brazilian singer Claudia Leite.10- c11- aNo expenses are being saved for this World Cup, Brazil wants to organize a never to forget, legendary World Cup. Why you ask? Because the costs so far are 14-16 billion US Dollars!12- a13- cThe first symbolic kick will not be made by any known or famous person. The first kick of the World Cup will be made by a paraplegic teenager in a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit. The teenager is paralysed from the waist down, but will feel the kick due to sensory feedback. He will stand up from his wheelchair, walk over to the midfield and take the very first kick. This marks a very important step in the evolution of technology. This event will show that one day wheelchairs will cease to exist.14- b15- cThe famous American series the Simpsons, which is the only 80s series that is still airing, will feature the 2014 World Cup. The title of the 30 minutes episode is You Dont Have to Live Like a Referee and wasaired on March 30 2014.In this episode Homer and the family will go to Brazil where Homer is recruited as a referee for the World Cup. His integrity will be put on the testby Brazilian gangsters in the soccer match-fixing business. The cartoon predicts Germany will beat Brazil with 2-0 in the Final16- d17- aAccording to Maradona himself, the correct to question 17 is d)!</p>