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Choose Red to be a part of something greater. At the University of Central Missouri, we know you’ll need both knowledge and experience to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. Here, you’ll benefit from hands-on projects with real-world applications. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to give back to your community and understand how interconnected our world is. In short, these will be some of the most exciting, eye-opening years of your life.


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    Choose RED

  • At the University of Central Missouri, we know youll need both knowledge and experience to succeed in todays fast-paced world. Here, youll benefit from hands-on projects with real-world applications. Plus, youll have the opportunity to give back to your community and understand how interconnected our world is. These will be some of the most exciting, eye-opening years of your life.

    Choose RED to be part of something greater.

    Represents items in The Learning to a

    Greater Degree Contract

  • College is a time to gain experiences that will set you apart. At UCM youll engage in real-world projects, such as launching your own business as part of the Integrative Business Experience, or designing the new outfit for UCMs mascot. Perhaps youll learn about persuasion and raise more than $4,000 to fight world hunger or intern where youll land your first full-time job.

    Four years from now, when you graduate, youll gain more than a degree; youll have the ability and confidence to achieve your goals and make an impact on the world.

    At UCM, youll benefit from: Hands-on projects. Research opportunities with faculty. One-on-one major and career guidance. Faculty with real-world experience.

    DisCover UnCoMMon opportUnities

    UCM will provide you with:

    Enhanced academic support and advising. An exciting campus with activities every day

    of the semester. An engagement portfolio to showcase all your

    successes. Expanded living, dining and learning spaces.

    Be part of this exciting opportunity by:

    Enrolling in an average of 15 hours each semester.

    Communicating with your professors. Checking in with your academic

    advisor each semester. Engaging outside the classroom

    while living on campus for two years.


    exCel in College

    We invite you to be part of UCMs learning to a greater Degree Contract, which helps assure you meet your goals at UCM and beyond.

    FinD YoUr pAth

    At UCM, we not only want you to succeed here, but we also want you to find a major that will prepare you for a fulfilling career you love.

    Take advantage of:AnOpenOptionsprogramthat

    includes career assessments, mentoring and academic advising.

    Classesdedicatedtoexploring majors and careers.

    Freetutoringinmorethan 50 subjects at the Student Success Center.

    Freeeditingandwritingadvicefor your papers at the Writing Center.

    My professors were dedicated to seeing me be academically successful. They gave me real-life insight on the topics we

    discussed in class.

    Tyler Haney, Criminal Justice major


    Bonus! Earn a $1,000 scholarship for your senior year by

    successfully completing the right 15 hours each semester.

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    student Broadens his World through summer studies in Morocco Justin Drouin has always been fascinated by the Middle East and its culture. He earned a scholarship to spend five weeks in Morocco studying Arabic and Islamic politics; its a memory he says will last a lifetime.

    It was both scary and exciting, says Drouin, an International Studies major from Blue Springs, Mo. Now, I want to go back there.

    Drouin could not speak Arabic when he arrived, but five weeks later, he says he can read and write some and knows the entire alphabet. Additionally, he learned about modern Muslim society and experienced the holiday of Ramadan.

    Its definitely one of the most memorable things I have ever done, says Drouin.

    Developing greater independence and an understanding of other cultures, Drouin experienced learning to a greater degree.

    Choose reD to stand out.

    leArn FroM the Best

    When Whitney gave tours of UCM, she highlighted that she didnt take courses from Dr. Smith, Dr. Schwepker and Assistant Professor Shattuck, she learned from Scott, Charlie and Cheryl. While we cant promise all of our professors will go by their first names, they will get to know you personally and always have your best interests at heart.

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    Student CenteredAssistant Professors Jennifer Carson and Adriatik Likcani earned the Learning to a Greater Degree Award for their high-impact learning projects, mentorship and the opportunities they afford their students.


    UCM students gain experience, Make an impactEach year, Social Work and Nursing majors at UCM gain hands-on experience while giving back at Project Community Connect.

    The event serves as a one-stop shop for individuals who are homeless or in need, and features medical and dental exams, haircuts and a variety of free wellness screenings.

    As a student greeter, Project Community Connect was a humbling experience, says Shantelle Rockman, a Social Work major. You get the opportunity to give your undivided attention to the guests. Those few minutes may be a life-changing experience for everyone.

    This year, 460 people in Johnson County received services through Project Community Connect.

    UCM students and faculty volunteers are learning to a greater degree by serving those in need in Johnson County.

  • 4Its time to wake up in your own place, pick out the perfect room dcor and meet your roommate. Living on campus will help you meet new people, get involved and boost your GPA.

    UCM is one of the few schools in Missouri to offer the suite arrangement to every student, so youll enjoy the privacy and convenience of a full bathroom connecting your room and the room next to it.

    Welcome to your home away from home.Catch a few extra minutes of sleep in the

    morning, because class is a short walk from your residence hall, Greek hall or campus apartment.

    Grab lunch with your new besties in one of our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls.

    Shoot hoops or play the latest Xbox One game with some of your floor mates.

    Get ready to ace your next quiz in one of your halls study lounges.

    Choose reD to build friendships that last a lifetime.


    Living on campus really makes UCM feel like home. It helped me be more involved and make so many friends. My best friends are the people

    who were on my floor freshman year.

    Maggie McMichael, English major

    love YoUr liFe

    Build ConnectionsUCMs nine Special Housing Interest

    Programs offer you the opportunity to live with students who share your major or a particular interest. For more information,

    visit ucmo.edu/ship.

  • stop by the Crossing to:Order a starbucks latte or enjoy delicious

    gelato from spin! pizza.

    Shop at the University Store for some gear to show off your Mule pride.

    Study or hang out with friends in one of the new group spaces.

    Play sand volleyball and cheer on the Mules football team from the plaza overlooking Audrey J. Walton Stadium.


    enJoY neW opportUnitiesMore than 13,000 students are proud to call UCM home, and life here is only getting better. UCMsnewlyopenedmixed-usefacility, The Crossing souTh aT holden, features two- and four-bedroom apartments for 325 juniors and seniors and much more!

    Especially for Night OwlsThe newly opened Fitzgerald Dining Center transforms each evening into a hopping diner, complete with a unique, diner-style menu, open until the wee hours of the morning.

    In addition to unique local shops and restaurants, Warrensburg is also home to familiar favorites such as Buffalo Wild Wings, orange leaf and rib Crib.


  • 6Choose reD to be a champion.


    get involved in student life on campus.

    Celebrate #teamUCM! Cheer on our 17 NCAA athletic teams.

    Amp up your college experience with fraternity and sorority life. Youll meet friends who share your interests and take on important philanthropic causes.

    Join one of UCMs 200+ student organizations or join an intramural team. Whether youre interested in rugby, student government or horticulture, theres an organization here for you.

    Work up a sweat in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center or scale the rock wall.

    Catch a free blockbuster movie from a leather recliner in the Union Cinema.


    Join the Winning trADitionWhen you Choose Red, you choose to be a part of a winning tradition in the classroom, on the court and in your field.

  • 7Please contact Accessibility

    Services for accommodatio

    ns 48 hours prior to the eve

    nt at 660-543-4421 or visit

    Union 222.

    For more information, cont

    act Kasey Griffin at kgriffin

    @ucmo.edu.Learn to swing dance

    while enjoying chips and salsa.

    Thursday, April 2

    Swing and Salsa dance lessons at 6 p.m


    Live band and dancing at 7 p.m.

    Union 240


    smore funenjoy a bonfire and S

    mores bar

    smore funenjoy a bonfire and S

    mores bar


    ucmo.edu/spotlightPlease contact Accessibility Services for accommodations 48 hours

    prior to the event at 660-543-4421 or visit Union 222. For more

    information, contact Jazzmon Lane at jlane@ucmo.edu.


    never get BoreD

    Life here includes the friends you make, the new interests you develop and the great events you attend each year. Dont miss the chance to get involved.Theseexperiencesbecome the stories youll reminisce about with your friends years from now.

    200 grouPsCommunity ServiCeCultural HeritagereligiouSreCreational and SportS ClubSHonor SoCietieSSoCial greek lifeSpeCial intereStaCademiC

  • More than 90 percent of UCM students receive financial aid

    $110+ mi