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  1. 1. 2015 GHTMM Conference 2015 Global Hospitality, Tourism Marketing & Management Conference June 27th -29th , 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
  2. 2. e two lodges are now azers in community-based m in Thailand, having won and international awards.
  3. 3. Best Destination in Asia Travel +Leisure magazine and Trip Advisor 2013
  4. 4. Sawadee Krub And WELCOME! The ABCs Of Bangkok
  5. 5. 2015 GHTMM Conference 2015 Global Hospitality, Tourism Marketing & Management Conference Panel Discussion June 28, 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
  6. 6. Panelists Sjoerd Gehrels Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Andrew J Wood Director of Worldwide Destinations Asia Co Ltd , Thailand Norman Allin Managing Director of Worldwide Destinations Asia Co Ltd, Thailand
  7. 7. Partnering with Academia
  8. 8. Opportunities for Students DWYSYWD (DWEE SEE WEEDEE) Student Opportunities (Do What You Say You Will Do) Exceptional Internships for Exceptional Interns Independent Study Opportunities for students
  9. 9. Opportunities for Academics Faculty Internships build bridges with the private sector Guest Speakers/Mentors Industry Experts can advise to ensure the needs of the industry are met
  10. 10. Opportunities for Academics Faculty can provide training programs
  11. 11. Human Capital Development: Employment Branding Dr. Sjoerd Gehrels, Innovation in Hospitality Stenden University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands
  12. 12. Stenden Hotel Management School, Leeuwarden, Netherlands 12.000 students 4-year BBA International Hospitality Management (2.500 students, biggest in Europe) 1-year Master International Hospitality & Service Management (Dual Degree with University of Derby, UK) Academy of International Hospitality Research Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality Employment Branding Research ongoing project Working with hospitality industry and publications
  13. 13. School of Graduate Studies International Campus in: South Africa Qatar Thailand Bali
  14. 14. Human Capital Talent for the Hospitality Industry Negative projections (WTTC, 2015) 37 of 46 countries researched will have deficit talent trends affecting Hospitality Industry Countries (among others) facing acute deficit (> 1% faster demand growth than supply growth): Thailand, Singapore Countries with large talent deficit below high school level: Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore
  15. 15. Challenges Finding the right people (talent) Retaining them (competition within industry and from other industries) Cost of recruiting Higher company operating costs Declining service levels Reduced profits in the short-term Eroded competitiveness Employment branding a potential solution
  16. 16. Employment Branding for the hospitality industry promoting a company as employer of choice to the target group that the company wants to recruit and retain attracting, recruiting and retaining ideal employees (Top Talent) HR and Marketing work together achieving the companys business plan
  17. 17. Employment Branding for the hospitality industry
  18. 18. Example of Employment Branding Different approach to recruiting (INK Hotel Accor, Amsterdam) What is your story?
  19. 19. Thailand Tourism Overview
  20. 20. ThailandsNumerology
  21. 21. Thailands Numerology Thailands top 10 source markets January to May 2015
  22. 22. GDP: TOTAL CONTRIBUTION The total contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was THB2,345.1bn (19.3% of GDP) in 2014, and is forecast to rise by 3.2% in 2015, and to rise by 6.4% pa to THB4,496.7bn (25.8% of GDP) in 2025.
  23. 23. 20 Reasons to Love Thailand
  24. 24. Why Thailand? - 20 Reasons 1. The phrase Land of Smiles is oh so true! Thai people really DO smile all the time, and its addictive You will be smiling along with everyone very quickly such a feel good factor! 2. A country offering a diverse range of interests, such as history, nature, culture, adventure, spirituality, marine sports and more besides things that will appeal to everyone 3. Compared to other destinations around the globe, Thailand is so affordable and truly extraordinary value for money 4. Friendliness, hospitality and elegant graceful service: it all starts with the people 5. With Thailand being mainly a Buddhist country Thailand is truly a peaceful and safe destination
  25. 25. Why Thailand? - 20 Reasons 6. Visitors return to Thailand year after year: one of the largest repeat visitor ratios in the world (65%) 7. The easiest gateway or hub for travel to the rest of this Asian region: South East Asia, Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China 8. A well developed tourism infrastructure offering ease of travel throughout the Kingdom by air, road, rail and sea 9. Always plenty of new destinations, new products and new ideas across the country for repeat visitors to experience 10.An all year round destination with a wonderful warm tropical climate
  26. 26. Why Thailand? - 20 Reasons 11.Excellent shopping: from local handicrafts to the worlds leading brands here you can find everything and anything 12.Stunning beaches and coastline: the clearest azure seas lapping palm fringed powdery white sand beaches paradise, as youve always imagined it 13.So many different possibilities of what activities to do cooking classes, golf, diving, well-being, meditation, massage, learning Thai lifestyle. 14.Wonderful new boutique chic hotels coming all time, as well as established favourites and classic, well known hotels 15.Wherever you book, no matter how long you make your booking for, as you stay draws to a close, it will never seem to be long enough and you will wish that you could have stayed longer
  27. 27. Why Thailand? - 20 Reasons 16. A very unique culture with fascinating traditions and ceremonies with magical festivals all year long 17. Thailand is incredibly proud that it has never been colonised by a foreign power 18. A rich history dating back hundreds of years with its ancient capitals, ruins and temples to discover 19. An extraordinary array of National Parks from forest reserves teeming with wildlife and tropical flora to beautiful Marine national parks 20. Fantastic food and cuisine as spicy as you dare, very tasty and surprisingly diverse
  28. 28. Tourism Today
  29. 29. The Changing Face of the Tourism Business
  30. 30. Adapt and Survive Its time to transform!
  31. 31. Simple, clear, concise: Where do you want to go? When do you want to go?
  32. 32. Over 4 BILLION of us will own a Smartphone by 2020 the future of travel! Gen X & Gen Y: Tech Savvy Mobile Savvy Review Savvy Content Savvy Loyalty is dead Or is it?
  33. 33. Customer Reviews are key Oops!
  34. 34. Customer Loyalty to who? The final brand? Or with the retailer?
  35. 35. The unstoppable rise of Airbnb. Since 2008 15million stays have been booked through the accommodation rental website, now the world's largest hotelier. Airbnb the online marketplace for holiday rentals that connects owners with property to let with people looking to rent now boasts 800,000 properties in 33,000 cities in 192 countries. The company was recently valued at 13 billion.
  36. 36. Giving people what they want!
  37. 37. Favorite Travel Quotes
  38. 38. Stay Gold
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