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    2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belt Catalog Aboveground • Overland • Underground

    Belts designed to meet all application needs

    North America

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    Live: Finished Size: 8.5" x 11" with .156" Spine

    # of pages: 4 and spine Colors: 4-Color Scale/Resolution: 100%, 300 dpi


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  • 12015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts

    Superior Performance, Lower Cost-Per-Ton

    Continental ContiTech Heavyweight Conveyor belts deliver heavyweight benefits – the kind that accelerate your business. With any of our heavyweight belts you get the performance it takes to achieve a lower cost-per-ton conveyed for a wide variety of end-use applications.

    In addition to superior construction, when you purchase Continental ContiTech Heavyweight Conveyor Belts, our sales associates and distributors are part of the deal. They’re there when you need them with after-the-sale support. This ensures that you get the most out of every belt and that the quality you expect lasts and lasts.

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    Proof-English: Proof-Spanish: Copy: Art: DLK Notes: 3 hole punch FPO. Pages 1, 2, 4, 40, 48, 56, 62, 67, 70, 78-79, 82-86 print 4-Color Process. Page 3 uses Getty Stock image #174932568, need to purchase. Page 5 uses Getty Stock image #487272915, already purchased? Page 8 & 44 - client che copy & supply new belt image. Starting on Page 9 - client to con- firm Carcass Gauge (mm) throughout. Page 14 - Need Rib image from pg 41 of '07 catalog. Page 24 - Client check if Elevator Data should be included. Page 45 - Neet Rip image from '07 catalog. Page 57 uses Getty stock image AA052493, need to purchase. Page 61 not sure if two images are stock? Page 62 - Client check- ing w/Anthony if keeping in Sensor Guard or not. Page 71 uses Getty Stock image #508905617, need to purchased. Page 82 uses 2 or 3 stock images, the first image – not sure if stock or not, very small; #173685259, #ab08883, not sure if purchased yet? Page 89 remove Olympus from photo. Page 90 has Minuteman screen shot make B/W. Page 98 - need to know if additional changes to this page?

    Creative Director: SP Production: AS/Fulfilment: Other:

    Bleed: .125" Trim or Flat: 24.875" x 11" Live: Finished Size: 8.5" x 11"

    # of pages: 92 Colors: 2-Color Sections with 4-Color Divider pages & some additional 4-Color pages

    Scale/Resolution: 100%/300 dpi


    2 2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts Table of Contents

    Table of Contents


    Belt Construction 4


    Applications 6


    ContiTitan XP™ 7

    Plylon Plus® 13

    Spartan® 22

    Solar-Shield® XL 750 25

    Wood Sawyer® Plus 29

    Wood Products Applications 34

    Pathfinder® Plus 36



    SHIELD™ 42

    Coal Quest XP® 44

    Glide® Plus 49

    Tough Coat PVC™ 53



    Flexsteel® 58

    Easyrider™ 63

    Preform™ 64

    Pipe Conveyor Belts


    Confine™ 69


    Cover Compounds

    Performance 72

    Applications 73

    Total Guard™ Belt Monitoring Systems

    Total Guard™ 79


    Cord Guard® XD 81

    Cord Guard® 83

    Sensor Guard® 85

    Additional Information

    Customer Satisfaction Activities 89

    Advanced Service Tools 91

    Belt Selection 92

    Minuteman® Belt Analysis 93

    Conveyor Belt Analysis 94

    Belt Roll Diameters 95

    Terms and Conditions 97

    Research 98

  • Introduction2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts

  • Plylon Plus® Stacker® 375/3/48 3/16 in. x 1/16 in.

    Belt Construction

    Number of Plies

    PIW Rating (pounds per inch

    of width)

    Top Cover Gauge

    Bottom or Pulley Cover Gauge

    Rubber Compound

    Belt Width

    Conveyor Belt Components

    Fabric Plies

    › Warp Cords - Provide tensile strength, transverse tear,

    impact resistance

    › Weft Cords - Provide fastener holding, impact

    resistance, rip and tear resistance

    Top Cover

    › Protects the carcass


    › Rubber between the plies

    › Provide adhesion

    › Provide load support

    › Provide impact resistance

    Bottom Cover

    › Protects the carcass

    Warp Cords Weft Cords

    Belt Construction

    Continental ContiTech conveyor belts are designed from the inside out to endure the everyday working abuse of tons of coal, aggregate, wood and hard rock.

    Layers of specially designed fabric plies are sandwiched between rubber skim coats for adhesion and load support. Bottom and top cover compounds are added for maximum protection of the belt carcass. These compounds are comprised of different polymers, fillers and plasticizers and come in a wide variety of cover gauges.

    For over 100 years, our breakthrough fabric designs have been tested in some of the toughest conveyor belt applications worldwide. These high-quality belt constructions give you the confidence you need for operating performance.

    Le ng

    th wi


    Di re

    ct io


    Belt Construction Nomenclature Example

    2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts Belt Construction 4

  • 2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts Aboveground

  • 6

    Abovegound Markets Applications


    Aboveground Markets

    ContiTitan XP™

    Plylon Plus®


    Solar-Shield® XL 750

    Wood Sawyer® Plus

    Pathfinder® Plus


    Coal and Prep Plants • • •

    Aggregate • • • •

    Cement • • • • •

    Bulk Handling Terminal • • • • • •

    Wood, Pulp and Paper • • • • •

    Steel and Foundry • • • • • •

    Package Handling • • •

    Hard Rock Mining • • • •

    Grain Handling • • • •

    Power Generation • • •

    Baggage Handling • • •

    Sand and Gravel • • •

    Page # 7 13 23 25 29 36 42

    Example of Aggregate, Hard Rock Mining, Sand and Gravel Process


    Primary Crusher Mainline, Transfer, Overland, Pit Belt

    Secondary Crusher Wash Plant

    Stacker, Load Out, Radial Stacker

    Continental ContiTech Conveyor Belt Recommendations

    ContiTitan XP™ Plylon Plus®

    Plylon Plus® Spartan®

    Typical Material Size 6 in. and higher 6 in. - 3 in. 3 in. Minus

    Application Description High abuse and/or higher tension

    Critical belt lines where uptime is a premium

    Moderate abuse and low tension

    Typically the wash plant or screening area

    Low abuse Typically short center-to-center systems which utilize screw take-ups

    Typical material: Limestone, granite, ores, taconite, cement, rock, etc.

    Note: For proper cover compounds and gauge, please consult pages 72-77.

    2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts Aboveground

  • Features & Benefits

    Innovative patented fabric weave The new dual layer twill fabric gives ContiTitan XP™ improved load bearing and impact resistance.

    Exceptional impact resistance ContiTitan XP™ has industry-leading impact resistance. Loading point impact damage can be a major cause of belt failure. Design engineers used an enhanced Dynamic Impact Tester to simulate loading impact force and its effects on belting.


    ContiTitan XP™ Belts

    This rugged, fabric-reinforced conveyor belt withstands high abuse applications. It is made with a revolutionary patented Fortress™ technology weave design, holds up to the most demanding applications and delivers up to three times longer life, proving ContiTitan XP™ provides a lower cost-per-ton with unsurpassed system savings.

    2015 Heavyweight Conveyor Belts ContiTitan XP™

    Markets Applications Cover Compounds

    › Aggregate › Cement › Coal › Foundry › Hard Rock › Pulp and Paper › Steel Production › Wood Products

    › Log Debarkers › Log Decks › Mainlines › Pit Belts › Primary Crushers › Secondary Crushers › Ship Unloaders › Trash and Recycling › Any High Abuse Applications

    › Defender Plus® › Stacker® › Global X® › MonsterHide™ › 6740A

    See pages 72-77 for more specific details.

    See the process diagram for Aggregate, Hard Rock Mining, Sand and Gravel markets on page 6 for alternative belt recommendations.

    Get a lower cost-per-ton conveyed


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