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<ul><li><p>Conference location: Wokefield Park, Reading, Berkshire, UK De Vere Venues Wokefield Park blends the charm of a traditional mansion house hotel in Reading with the amenities of a modern executive centre to offer a fabulous choice of accommodation and superb leisure facilities. </p><p>19th 20th May 2015 Pre-conference workshops: </p><p>18th May 2015 </p><p>Keynote speakers </p><p>The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange is proud to announce the twelfth Lean Product &amp; Process Development conference, organized in collaboration with the Lean Enterprise Academy. </p><p>Dates: 19th-20th May 2015, with pre-conference workshops on 18th May Who attends our events? People who seek to learn and apply the principles of Lean Product Development to reduce product costs, improve schedule and cost predictability, improve product innovation, improve relationships with business counterparts, reduce defects in released products, and overcome errors and setbacks more quickly Lean Thinking provides a path to the goals above. And LPPDE provides an outstanding networking and educational experience to get you there. </p><p>2015 Lean Product &amp; Process Development Conference </p><p>Daniel T. Jones Chairman, Lean </p><p>Enterprise Academy </p><p>Michael N. Kennedy CEO, Targeted </p><p>Convergence Corporation </p><p>Katherine Radeka President, Whittier Consulting Group </p><p>David Brunt CEO, Lean Enterprise </p><p>Academy </p><p>http://www.deverevenues.co.uk/en/venues/wokefield-park/</p></li><li><p>Lean Product &amp; Process Development The Leading Edge of Lean The non-profit Lean Product &amp; Process Development Exchange has become one of the worlds most impressive gatherings of lean product and process development proponents. It boasts a notable list of companies represented by presenters and participants. Many of lean and lean product developments most recognized thought leaders, authors, and practitioners create an event full of Learning, Networking, and Planning opportunities. Learning Think incubator. More learning is accomplished during 2 or 3 days at this conference than in many months of reading books, classes, and self-paced learning. Learn from more than a dozen companies actively engaged in their own lean product development journeys. What worked? And more importantly, what didnt, and why? Networking Closely tied to learning are the networking opportunities at the Exchange. Youll leave with a new set of contacts fostered through interactions with your peers. This network will prove valuable long after the Exchange has ended as you share ideas, best practices, and benchmarking once you return to your office. Ample time is given to networking and thought sharing through Open Space discussions, evening Reception, breaks, and down-time. </p><p>LPPDE, a Learning Experience </p><p>18th May Pre-conference workshop 09:00-12:00 Lean Product development </p><p>basics Norbert Majerus, Goodyear, USA, and Peter Palmr, LPPDE </p><p>Knowledge based Product development Michael Kennedy and Penny Cloft, Targeted Convergence Corporation, USA </p><p>Set-based and trade-off curves Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Cranfield University, UK </p><p>12:00-13:00 Lunch </p><p>13:00-16:00 continued continued Lean Scheduling Suzanne van Egmond, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, The Netherlands </p><p>16:00- Free networking </p><p>Full-day workshop 550 Half-day workshop 275 Two-day conference 1400 </p><p>Groups of 5 or more save 10% per person off of the standard conference rate. </p><p>Registration: www.leanuk.org/lppde </p><p>19th 20th May 2015 Pre-conference workshops: </p><p>18th May 2015 </p><p>http://www.leanuk.org/lppde</p></li><li><p>LPPDE a Learning Experience </p><p>Conference day 1, 19th May 08:00-08:30 Registration and coffee </p><p>08:30-09:00 Introduction Gran Gustafsson, LPPDE </p><p>09:00-10:00 Lean lessons for the digital age Daniel Jones, Chairman, LEA, UK </p><p>10:00-10:30 Networking break </p><p>10:30-11:30 Knowledge based product development Michael Kennedy, CEO, Targeted Convergence Corporation, USA </p><p>11:30-13:00 Lunch with Exchange theme </p><p>Track: Knowledge based product development </p><p>Track: Implementation Track: Visual management </p><p>13:00-13:50 The Principles of lean product development Norbert Majerus, Goodyear, USA </p><p>Volvo Cars cultural transformation Per Ola Fuxin, Volvo Cars, Sweden </p><p>5 years with visual management Flemming Moss, Novo Nordisk, Denmark </p><p>14:00-14:50 The Lean PD Journey: Competence centre, compact teams and SBCE. What's next? Alberto Rosso, Carel Industries, Italy </p><p>LeaRn Philippe Condette, ASSA ABLOY, France </p><p>Open Obeya - A research project Mikael Strm, Swerea IVF, Sweden </p><p>15:00-15:30 Networking break </p><p>15:30-16:20 Dont assume, know it - The power of knowledge based decisions Steve Young, Paxton, UK </p><p>Embraers Lean Journey Manoel Santos, Embraer, Brazil </p><p>Developing your own A3 - Hands on practice Jorrit de Groot and Peter Palmr, LPPDE </p><p>16:30-17:20 (Truly) understand customer needs Suzanne van Egmond, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, The Netherlands </p><p>Seeing is Believing: Creating pull for Lean PD through transparency in a large multi-national company Bella Englebach, Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&amp;D, USA </p><p>18:00- Networking buffet </p><p>19th 20th May 2015 Pre-conference workshops: </p><p>18th May 2015 </p></li><li><p>LPPDE, a Learning Experience </p><p>Conference Day 2, 20th May 08:30-09:00 Reflection </p><p> Gran Gustafsson, LPPDE </p><p>09:00-10:00 Lean Product Development David Brunt, CEO, LEA, UK </p><p>10:00-10:30 Networking break </p><p>10:30-11:30 Rapid Learning Cycles for Product Development Katherine Radeka, President, Whittier Consulting Group, USA </p><p>11:30-13:00 Lunch with Exchange theme </p><p>Mini-workshops </p><p>13:00-16:00 How to create a Knowledge Value Stream Ramakrishnan Raman, Honeywell, India </p><p>Knowledge based Product Development Ron Marsiglio, Knowledge/PD, USA </p><p>Rapid Learning Cycles in practice Katherine Radeka, Whittier Consulting Group, USA </p><p> Next step Filled with new knowledge and energy, we head back to our organizations to experiment our new findings. </p><p>Insights from Fellow LPPDE Participant Mats Ramkvist R&amp;D Manager ABB AB | PPTR/DT Sweden When asked to provide thoughts on his LPPDE-Europe Exchange experience (with hopes of encouraging his peers in North America to attend the September event) this is what one Conference participant had to say... "As I am the one responsible for challenging our organization to adapt lean innovation thinking. The biggest benefits for me was the good ideas, energy and inspiration to continue my work implementing lean product development locally and globally within our product group. The Exchange of experiences in lean product development (among conference participants) gave me more courage to take the next step. It was also really interesting to hear that many of the challenges that other companies are facing are the same as my challenges. This provides me with some ease of mind. The most powerful insight was that lean is actually all about continuous learning and it's up to me and my team to learn as much as possible every day." - Mats Ramkvist </p><p>19th 20th May 2015 Pre-conference workshops: </p><p>18th May 2015 </p></li><li><p>19th 20th May 2015 Pre-conference workshops: </p><p>18th May 2015 </p><p>REGISTRATION FORM Name </p><p>Company </p><p>Job Title </p><p>Address </p><p>Email Address </p><p>Phone Number </p><p>Special Needs (physical or dietary) </p><p>Pre-Conference Workshop Attendance 18th May 2015 - 550 Full Day / 275 Half Day Please tick relevant boxes </p><p>Lean Product Development Basics (full day) </p><p>Knowledge Based Product Development (full day) </p><p>Set-based and Trade-off Curves (half day) </p><p>Lean Scheduling (half day) </p><p>Set-based and Trade-off Curves and Lean Scheduling (full day) </p><p>LPPDE 19th &amp; 20th May 2015 - 1400.00 Two Full Days including Networking Reception </p><p>Payment Details Payment must be made by credit/debit card at the time of booking We accept the following cards Visa, MasterCard, Delta, AmEx, Electron, Purchasing, and Maestro </p><p>Card Number </p><p>Expiry Date </p><p>CVV Code </p><p>Slide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5</p></li></ul>


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