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  • Audi allroad

  • In so many ways, its really all connected. How an Audi vehicle is engineered and designed isnt simply a matter of physics or architecture, its a systematic compilation of disparate disciplines and ideas, forged into some-thing iconic, sophisticated and powerful. What you feel behind the wheel is, in so many ways, a product of the knowledge and imagination of human history. The principles of Newtonian laws, sure but also the grace of choreography, time-honored artisanal craftsmanship and the connectivity of modern life. The end result of these inspirations is your Audi a thing meaningful, intuitive and strong. We employ the sum of our skills and understanding to reflect something that goes deeper than our machines.

    Reflecting on what matters most to us.

  • The road calls. How will you answer?

    When the desire for adventure hits you,

    the 2016 Audi allroad is the perfect

    companion for any worthwhile escape.

    2016 Audi allroad Premium Plus shown in Monsoon Gray metallic with available equipment.

  • Light is a wave and an energy. Its also a feeling. And an inspiration. Light is a physical manifestation and a spiritual metaphor. For Audi designers, light represents the soul of automotive design. We use it to give lines context, add a shimmering allure, or give shapes a visual texture or depth. In the sun or on a city street, the vehicle becomes luminescent, a seductive, ever-shifting configuration of energy itself, expressed in the brilliance of each design line.

    The irrepressible actuality of light.

  • Something quite remarkable happens when you succumb to the itch for adventureyou go forth and do. The Audi allroad is a dream car for doers, armed with legendary quattro all-wheel drive, a potent 2.0-liter TFSI engine, ample cargo space and a bold exterior to match. And since we know you rise above the commonplace, we ensured that every touch of incredible sophistication is unmistakable. The vehicles muscular silhouette first captures the eye, and the character crease that lies below the window line (which we call the Tornado line), draws it across the body. This line, combined with the fender cladding and robust aluminum roof rails only add to its magnetic appeal. So, whether your adventures take you on rough terrains or across smooth pavements, the beauty of this vehicle is a product of taking its own pathand helping you do the same.

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    Picked up from 2014

    2016 Audi allroad Premium shown in Monsoon Gray metallic with available equipment.

    Power is given to the bold.Extraordinary refinement takes the road less driven.

    Test drive the 2016 allroad

  • The captivating Audi allroad ignites emotion through its compelling design and bold features. Strong design lines are visible from every angle, from the corner of the headlights to the rear of the vehicle. The striking look of the LED taillights and daytime running lights add to the exuberance of the all-road, which further illuminates everything Audi design stands for.

    Xenon plus headlights

    Producing a large light arc with a color similar to daylight, xenon plus headlights not only help with the early recognition of obsta-cles in front of the vehicle, but also add a touch of brilliance to nighttime excursions.

    LED lighting elements

    LED taillights with rear fog lights add superior lighting performance to the dynamic rear design. The LED turn indicator lights integrated into the exterior side mirror housings add a distinguishing element that you could say radiates pure Audi uniqueness.

    Seek thrills in a new light. Build your allroad

  • Raised roof rails

    With the standard raised aluminum roof rails, the possibilities for multiple activities open up. Whether your trip calls for a ski carrier, a bike rack or a luggage carrier, theres an attachment for it.

    Underbody protection

    Stainless steel underbody protection not only helps serve as a barrier between your allroad and ground debris, but also adds to its timeless, artistic beauty.

    Youve come to expect a certain level of progressive sophistication from Audi, but that doesnt mean our vehicles are any less capable of kicking up some dirt. The Audi allroad is expertly equipped with rugged features that even the most extreme adventurer will appreciate. But not every day will be spent exploring nearly forgotten roads, which is why these features are equally as electrifying in an urban landscape as they are useful in the great outdoors.

    Power is given to the bold.You expect the bestand weve come prepared.

  • Obstacles to your journey can be overcome

    easily with the increased ride height. With

    over seven inches of ground clearance,

    theres more than enough to help get you

    out there and back.

    Specialized tires

    With an increase in tire sidewall height, the Audi allroad has the perfect combination of useful ground clearance and impressive, all-terrain capability.

    2016 Audi allroad Premium Plus shown in Tornado Gray metallic with available equipment.

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  • Somewhere between pit stops and are we there yet? even the most enjoyable of road travel can become a little taxing. The Audi allroad is here to ease even the slightest of transit weariness with incredible features that add comfort and luxury to your trip. The allroad showcases a panoramic sunroof that lets you feel a little more connected to the great outdoors. And when the weather is not ideal, you can rely on the three-zone automatic climate control and available heated seating surfaces to help keep you cozy. Fair weather or foul, the allroad will help you get to your destination comfortably and energized.

    Panoramic sunroof

    The standard panoramic sunroof offers both the front and rear passengers a virtually unobstructed view overhead while flooding the cabin with natural light. And when you want to say goodbye to the sun, a power sunshade is there to make it an easy task.

    Three-zone automatic climate control

    Personal attention is paramount in the allroad. Three-zone automat-ic climate control helps the driver, front and rear passengers to dial in their ideal temperature.

    Never be a weary traveler.

  • 2016 Audi allroad Premium Plus shown with Titanium Gray leather and available equipment.

    The sumptuous interior is elevated by supple

    leather seating surfaces and inviting available

    decorative inlays. An available three-spoke mul-

    tifunction steering wheel with intuitive controls

    further transforms the cabin into a peaceful

    sanctuary as you explore uncharted territory.

    A retreat within a retreat.

    Build your allroad

  • Cargo Space

    With up to 27.6 cu ft of cargo space in the Audi allroad with the rear seatbacks in the upright position and 50.5 cu ft of cargo capacity when folded, the allroad is a capable carrier. With split folding 60/40 rear seatbacks and a ski pass-through, its proof that this vehicle is expertly equipped for any escape.

    Whether long or extended, when you go on any expedition, you will need ample room for all your gear. So, we made sure the Audi allroad is equipped with enough cargo space to hold whatever you need for your adventures. With the convenience of a power tailgate and up to 50.6 cu ft of cargo capacity, you will no longer have to ask the question, Should I bring more toys or more luggage? Do both.

    Space for all your big adventures.

  • 1 Always obey all speed and traffic laws.

    There is a primal understanding of freedom youll feel when youre in control. Sure, we know you cant actually control every variable, but in our hearts, at Audi, we strive to help provide you with a little sense of freedom on the roadand offwith an available inspired technology we call quattro. quattro all-wheel drive is a sophisticated system developed by Audi engineers to help you gain more control in almost any terrain or climate, making it an incredibly versatile vehicle equipped for both off-road excursions and city escapades. The quattro all-wheel-drive system helps distribute power to the wheels that need it the most and, through enhanced grip, helps you tackle twisting mountain roads, rugged terrain and powder-kissed streets.1 And in perfect conditions, youll feel the drive systems incredible precision when taking corners and executing everyday maneuvers. quattro all-wheel drive works for drivers, and with drivers, who want both peace of mind and power. It was engineered and honed over 35 years to help transfer the necessary amount of power to the appropriate wheels when accelerating and turning, fur-ther enhancing Audi performance. The real story, however, may be the stories you write about your incredibly versa-tile quattro-equipped Audi.

    The next-generation urban explorer.

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    ION2.0 TFSI four-cylinder engine

    This 2.0-liter turbocharged DOHC engine produces 220 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, and combines the valvelift system, TFSI direct injection and turbocharging technologies for great power and overall performance.

    Eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission

    As the perfect compromise between a dedicated manual and an automatic gearbox, the eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission in the Audi allroad offers eight optimized, carefully chosen gear ratios. Selected automatically or via its con-sole-mounted shifter or steering wheel with available shift paddles, precise shifts are delivered without sacrificing the smooth action of the Tiptronic automatic. A high final drive ratio allows optimization of lower gears, yet the transmi


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