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    2016 Rate Card Print

    RATES 1. Black-and-White rates:

    Frequency 1x 6x 12x 18x 24x 36x 48x 60x 72x 96x 108x

    King Page $5,775 $5,525 $5,375 $5,250 $5,145 $5,065 $5,045 $5,030 $4,995 $4,770 $4,745

    3/4 Page 4,935 4,590 4,400 4,365 4,300 4,290 4,250 4,235 4,225 4,185 4,160

    Island/Half Page 4,060 3,890 3,745 3,725 3,705 3,635 3,615 3,565 3,555 3,405 3,375

    1/3 Page 2,200 1,930 1,820 1,795 1,745 1,740 1,735 1,720 1,675 1,635 1,600

    1/4 Page 1,865 1,740 1,725 1,705 1,660 1,630 1,605 1,600 1,560 1,540 1,500

    1/8 Page 1,360 1,290 1,250 1,240 1,225 1,170 1,160 1,130 1,120 1,100 1,055

    Color: In addition to earned black-and-white rates.

    Charge per color per page or fraction

    Standard color $1,230

    Matched color 1,380

    Metallic color 1,770

    Four color 2,220

    Four color + PMS 3,600

    Four color + Metallic 3,990

    2. Rates: a) Earned rates are given to advertisers (parent

    company and its subsidiaries) based on the total number of pages within a 12-month period. A spread counts as two pages regardless of its size (King-size or A-size).

    b) Agency commission: Fifteen percent gross billings on space, color, cover, and preferred position charges.

    c) Cash discount: Two percent if paid within ten days of invoice date. No discount allowed after this period.

    3. Bleed: No charge

    4. Covers, Special Positions: a) Covers:

    Second cover: Earned b/w rate plus 25%. Color additional. Third cover: Earned b/w rate plus 15%. Color additional. Fourth cover: Earned b/w rate plus 50%. Color additional.

    b) Special Positions: Contact your sales representative for more details.

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    6. Recruitment/Classified Rates: Please contact your regional sales representative at 800-257-8290.

    Effective Rate Date: January 2016 for all advertisers.


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    Surgical Maneuvers: Amniotic membrane can be used to manage Mooren’s ulcer The technique consists of a two-layered cryopreserved amniotic membrane transplant, conjunctival recession and intraconjunctival corticosteroid injection. 6

    Extended depth of focus IOLs will ‘rock the market’ when they are able to reliably deliver an extra 1 D to 1.5 D of pseudoaccommodation, according to Elizabeth Yeu, MD.


    CorT an accurate, consistent measure of corneal astigmatism

    Corneal topographic astigmatism outperforms manual keratometry, simulated keratometry, corneal wavefront and paraxial curvature matching. 36


    Pursuit of ideal presbyopia-correcting IOL continues 4


    OSN New York 2015 Product Showcase 18


    Femtosecond laser- assisted cataract surgery may provide more stable refraction at 6 months Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery with IOL implantation may induce a lower variability of anterior chamber depth over time with more stable postop refraction compared with conventional cataract surgery. 29

    ESCRS 2015 European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting September 5-9

    BARCELONA — Micropulse laser trabeculo- plasty yielded a success rate of 75% aft er treat- ment in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, according to a speaker.

    “Th e benefi ts of MLT [micropulse laser tra- beculoplasty] are that [there are] no steroids, there is no scarring, there is no risk of infec- tion, it is repeatable, it is a well-tolerated of- fi ce procedure that can be performed under topical anesthesia, it has zero downtime, and it does not aff ect the success rates of future

    glaucoma surgeries,” Jacky W.Y. Lee, MBBS, MRCSEd, FRSCEd, FCOphthHK, FHKAM, said here at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting.

    Th e MLT technology (Iridex) applies a 577 nm diode laser to 360° of the trabecular mesh- work unilaterally. MLT is at work 15% of the time while the laser is at rest 85% of the time, allowing the collateral tissues to cool down and preventing collateral damage, Lee said.

    Lee and colleagues conducted a prospec-

    tive cohort study on 40 eyes with open-angle glaucoma with follow-up at 1 week, 1 month and 3 months.

    “For safety reasons, we changed medications [to achieve] a 25% reduction [in IOP] from baseline or … IOP less than 18 mm Hg,” he said.

    At 1 month, there was a mean IOP reduc- tion of 24%. At 6 months, there was a mean IOP reduction of 20% and a mean medication reduction of 21%.

    “Th e study is still ongoing, and hopefully with more long-term data, we can evaluate whether laser trabeculoplasty can be an alter- native treatment,” Lee said. Disclosure: Lee reports no relevant fi nancial disclosures.

    Cover story continues on page 10

    New-generation premium IOL technologies off er increasingly accurate refraction customized to indi- vidual patients with minimal visual side eff ects.

    Advances in optics, materials and mechanics are driving the development of multifocal, accommodat- ing, toric and extended depth of focus implants.

    “It is a changing scenario in which cataract and re- fractive lens exchange patients can expect consider- ably better results, major advantages and fewer prob- lems. It is going to be an exciting time, with a lot of innovation in technologies, a brighter future for the patients and expansion for the market,” Jorge L. Alió, MD, PhD, OSN Europe Edition Board Member, said.

    In March 2014, the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the American Academy of Ophthalmology held a joint workshop to begin the process of refi ning the premium IOL review process and developing novel premium IOL study endpoints.

    Workshop groups focused on four subtopics: pre- mium IOL safety assessments, patient-reported out- come measures, objective assessment of accommoda- tion and subjective assessment of accommodation.

    “Th ere’s clearly a need for IOLs that provide a

    IOL innovations optimize outcomes, expand treatment options

    Volume 33 • Number 19

    OCTOBER 10, 2015 Healio.com/OSN The online home of OCULAR SURGERY NEWS

    Web Watch Read John A. Hovanesian, MD, FACS’s, blog, ‘It’s

    the astigmatism, stupid!’ 30

    Meeting coverage starts on page 13

    Meeting News Coverage

    Micropulse laser trabeculoplasty yields 75% success rate in glaucoma patients

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