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Commerce Cloud & LightningFeatures and RoadmapMichael BianchiDirector, Global UI/UXmichael.bianchi@tcs.com@mbianchi27

Commerce CloudEnterprise Cloud Commerce Platform

Formerly known as DemandwareFaster Innovation Predictive Commerce Unified Experience

Introduced at Dreamforce 16

Custom Success PlatformRetain& AdvocateDiscover& EngagePurchase& Fulfill

One platformPowering all channelsweb, mobile, social, in storeBrands & GeographiesHighly ScalableMulti-site, multi-language, multi-currency45 global point-of-deliveryCDN built inSeamless upgrades, robust customizations, technology partner ecosystemInnovative platformBuild unique experiences with near-limitless flexibility

Mobile first responsive designSingle code baseBuild once, use anywhereApple Pay for mobile webOne touch payments for SafariSocial integrationPinterest and other channelsOpen APIsMobile and Social Experiences

Manage product catalog, promotions, inventory and pricingVisual drag-n-drop merchandising, A/B testing, SOE managementSingle view of customerOnline and in-storeIntegrated order captureOmni-channel order management & customer service

Business Manager Application

Predictive personalizationAI to make all aspects of the shopping experience relevantPredictive Sort in BetaPersonalized search and sort results based on individual behaviorCommerce data modelRich data set in the cloud available to Einstein with no integration requiredCommerce Cloud Powered by Einstein

Mobile-first point-of-saleTraditional and mobile sales, returns, exchanges in real-timeMobile-first store operationsInventory and cash management appsPredictive commerce with EinsteinAutomate personalized experiences in the storeCommerce Cloud StoreDeliver seamless experiences through unified commerce

More to comeWell keep everyone updated as Commerce Cloudprogresses in the market

Lightning17 features and Roadmap

What weve seenNew NavigationBranding capabilitiesQuotesEmail Authoring/AttachmentsRole Hierarchy in ReportsAll Orgs Upgraded to Enhanced/Lightning Charts in Salesforce1 Mobile AppLeading up to Dreamforce 16 - Now

Customize Records HomeWinter 17Pages per app

Spring 17Pages per profile and record type

Kanban View on objectsWinter 17Kanban for Leads, Campaigns, and Contracts

Spring 17Kanban on any object

Path on objectsSpring 17Custom Objects

Summer 17Standard Objects

Visualforce in Lightning ExperienceSpring 17Access Lightning Design System directly in Visualforce

Base Lightning ComponentsWinter 17Simple formsNavigation and utilities

Spring 17Rich formsSimple lists

Lightning Data ServiceWinter 17View and access recordsNo APEX or SOQLOffline capabilities

Spring 17Multi record supportFull CRUD for a single record

Improved Developer ExperienceSpring 17Improved debuggingSecure access to external end pointsPublic access via sites

Lightning APIPreview in Spring 17API for building UI on top of Salesforce data and metadataPowers Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile via Lightning Data serviceBuild your own mobile or web app on top of the Lightning API

Lightning Component BuilderPilot in Spring 17Template-driven creationCreate, style, update componentsComponent libraryIntegrated reference documentation

Lightning Container ComponentsPreview in Spring 17Use the JavaScript framework of your choiceAngular, React, etc..Looks and feels just like Lightning components

Lightning for GmailOpportunity InsightsSales ConsoleForecastingLightning Setup Flows and Setup HomeSocial Interactions from the Feed Account Hierarchy Dupe Detect and Merge for Accounts and Contacts Dupe Management for Person Accounts Report Subscriptions and Scheduling Dynamic Report Filters via URL ParametersLightning Global ActionsDashboard Accessibility Post Charts to Chatter and Follow Dashboards Quip Integration with Files Connect Einstein Recommended Work Streams Direct Messaging in Chatter Einstein Recommendations: People, Content, and Sentiment Smart and Faceted Search Live Feed EverywherePlus moreSpring 17

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