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Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night 2018-2019

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  • Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night2018-2019

  • Hart Middle School Stats:

    Students: 1253 Teachers: 67Classified: 23 (Including custodians, secretaries, site tech, library tech, health clerk, paraprofessionals, etc)

    Campus Supervisors: 10Counselors: 2.6School Psych: Thomas Turner, 2 daysSpeech/Lang: Susan Cambra, Jennifer Buchanan



    UC Davis B.A. in English

    CSU, Sacramento - Teacher Credential Program

    CSU, Sacramento - Master's in Educational Administration

    River City High School- English/ESL Teacher (4 years)

    Amador Valley High School (13 years) 9 years as the English Dept. Chair. All Levels of English including Remedial English.

    Foothill High School, 4 years as a VP in charge of English, Science, Special Education and Technology.

  • Welcome to the Husky Nation: VPs

    Mr. Joe Meunier, Vice PrincipalLast name: M-Z

    CTE/PLTW, Science, Special Ed, World Language, VAPA

    Mrs. Suzanne Smith, Vice PrincipalLast Name: A-L

    English, History, Math, Physical Education, EL, & AVID

  • Where to find information:

    Hart Middle School Website:https://www.hartmiddleschool.org/

    Thomas Hart Middle School PTSA @HartPTSA


  • @PrincipalAtHart

  • PTSA Information 2018-2019:

    President - Becka Schnell Executive Vice President - Tanya Stover

    VP, Membership - Sulochana Datla VP, Fundraising - Shobana Reddy

    Secretary - Lee Ann Cella Treasurer - Tim Cortez

    Auditor - Jill Coyne Historian - Raquel Lozares

  • PTSA Information 2018-2019:

    The following PTSA positions are open for next school year.... Book Fair Grants Hospitality PPIE representative and New Family Welcome.

    For questions check out the table at the back of this room or email [email protected]

  • Fun Events at Hart MS:Swing Dance

    Swing Dance:

  • Fun Events at Hart MS: Staff/Student Basketball Game

  • Fun events at Hart MS: Band Field Trips

  • Upcoming Events:

    OPEN HOUSEMay 10, 2018

    5:00-7:00pm - Food Trucks6:00-7:30pm- Visit Classrooms

    *Dr. Haglund will be having a community forum at 5:00 pm in the library.

  • Counseling Information:

    Mrs. Barb Hourigan (Full Time) Students last name A-H

    Mrs. Liz Kozlow (Part Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

    Students last name I-M

    Head Counselor Mrs. Tammy Schoonover (Full time)

    Students last name N-Z

  • Middle School Transition for Parents

    Become a school partner by Maintaining regular contact with teachers Joining PTSA (Facebook page) Volunteering (yes, we need you!) Signing up for Hart weekly E-news &


  • 6th Grade Program Overview

    Language ArtsLanguage ArtsHistoryScienceMathElective(s) Exploration Wheel

    Band/StringsChorus (A period)

    Possible skills classP.E.LUNCH Special Education may be different schedule

  • 6th Grade Block: Language Arts/HistoryCurriculum:

    California English Language Arts and History Standards

    Common Core ELA and content literacy standards

    StudySync comprehensive ELA program

  • Language Arts

    Writing: Main focus Essay Expository Narrative Argumentative Literary Analysis


  • Language Arts

    Reading: Selected readings Core Novel Number

    the Stars Independent Reading Variety of short

    non-fiction texts ***

  • Ancient History

    * 6th grade history is an introductory course of Ancient Civilizations: Early Humans Mesopotamia Egypt Israelites India China Greece Rome

  • 6th Grade Science


  • 6th Grade Science

    Prentice Hall: Focus on Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences

  • 6th Grade Science

    Hands on laboratory experiments

  • 6th Grade Science

    Projects to highlight Science and Engineering Practices

  • 6th Grade Science

    Strong emphasis on current events and advances in science

  • 6th Grade Science

    Units Scientific Method Metric System Earths Water, Atmosphere, Weather and Climate Energy and Energy Transfer Human Impact on the Environment Cells and Heredity Diversity of living things Human Body Systems Human health - Emotions, Stress, Nutrition, Fitness

    and Internet Etiquette

  • Special Education

    SDC Program Adaptive P.E. Speech and

    Language Program/Services

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program/Services

    Resource Specialist Program RS Classes in

    Language Arts and Math that parallels curriculum

    Support in General Ed RS Lab Classes

  • 6th-Grade Math

    Two courses: Math 6 and Math 6/7 5th-grade end-of-year placement test for placement

    into Math 6/7 All 5th-graders take test by end of April Will receive a letter with math placement during May A Beginning-Of-the-Year test will be given at the start of

    school in August to catch others that may qualify Optional Math Skills class

  • 6th-grade Math

    Pathway for most 6th-graders:- Math 6- Math 7- Math 8- By the end of 8th-grade, our minimum

    goal is for all students to meet the 8th-grade Common Core standards.

  • Accelerated 4 or 5-year plan

    - 4-year plan:- Math 6 or Math 6/7 in 6th-grade- Math 7/8 in 7th-grade- Algebra in 8th-grade

    - 5-year plan- Math 6/7 in 6th-grade- Math 8/Algebra in 7th-grade- Honors Geometry in 8th-grade

  • 6th-Grade Math

  • Pleasanton Unified School DistrictMathematics Pathways for Grades 5-12

    5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

    Math 5 Math 6



    n M

    ay -


    de 5


    Y A



    t D



    el 2


    Math 7 Math 8


    Geo. and Alg II:

    Course 1

    Math II Math III

    Algebra I

    Math IV

    Geometry, Algebra II (2 years of math in 3 years)UC and CSU approved

    Geometry, Algebra II & PreCalculus is3 years of math in 2 years

    Algebra II

    Alg II & PreCalc Course 2


    AP Calc AB/BC

    Alg II or Honors

    Honors PreCalcMath 6/7

    Math 7/8 Algebra I Geometry or Honors

    Math 8/ Alg

    Honors Geometry

    Honors Alg II

    4 years of math in 3 years

    5 years of math in 3 years

    PreCalc or Honors

    AP Calc BC

    AP Calc AB/BC or

    Math Analysis

    Math Electives

    (see high school program guide

    for course offerings)

    Last Revised 1/18/2017

  • 6th-Grade Math

    Go Math Textbook Consumable Online textbook available with video tutorials and lessons,

    Spanish, extra practice, and Personal Math Trainer Supplemental materials will be used

  • 6th-Grade Math

    PUSD Math Pathways https://sites.google.com/a/pleasantonusd.net/pusd-math/ Or PUSD website and search for math pathways Note: Middle school Algebra and Geometry

    grades will be posted on high school transcripts. When applying to colleges, they will see these grades. However, these grades will not be used for high school GPA.

  • Math Skills (6th, 7th, and 8th-grades) - Additional support math class for the students that

    are not meeting math standards.- Homework help, reteaching of concepts, skills

    practice, front-load/pre-teach lessons- NOT a homework club- Tentatively planning as an A-period class.

    - Will not take the place of an elective- "A" period is held every day, 7:40am - 8:36am

    except Wednesdays.

    6th-Grade Math

  • Wheel Electives

    The Exploration Wheel consists of 6 classes that are each six weeks in length. Students rotate through the

    6 classes in random order.

  • Exploration Wheel Classes

    Studio Art 6 Integrated Technology 6 Consumer and Family Studies 6 Middle School Success 6 Drama 6 World Language

  • Elective Classes- 7/8

    Studio Art; 7th and 8th grade STEAM; 7th and 8th grade Consumer and Family Studies; 7th & 8th Drama; 7th and 8th Engineering (PLTW) Robotics (PLTW) Computer Science (PLTW) Digital Art World Languages Music

  • Intermediate Band or Strings I

    Intermediate Band or Strings I (Check box on scheduling form).

    Students who take Band or Strings class attend A period outside of the regular school day from 7:40 a.m. to 8:36 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There is no A period on Wednesday.

  • A Period Chorus (Concert Choir) Introductory no experience needed Offered at 7:40 8:36 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and

    Friday No A period on Wednesday

  • 6th Grade PE

    PE daily Square dance Uniforms Locks/Lockers Units Mile run

  • PBIS


  • Student Device InitiativePleasanton Unified School District

    Community UpdateSpring 2018

  • Our Districts Vision: 21st Century Learning

    The Pleasanton Unified School District intends to optimize student learning by using innovating technologies.

    -- PUSD Strategic Plan


  • 45


  • 46

    All Roads Lead to 21st Century Learning

    Critical Thinking (Plan)


    Communicate CommunicateRefine timeline of tasks and communicate for implementation. Make adjustments as needed.

    Critical ThinkingEstablish road map (vision, goals, timeline, process, and stakeholder participation).

    CollaborateBuild on experience and learn more others, including outside of our Pleasanton community.


    CreateTrying new approaches to make something new. Moving from consuming to creating and apply knowledge.

  • 47

    Our Journey

  • Curriculum: Overview


    Digital Literacy Content Standards

    International Society for Technology in Education Standards

    California State Standards


    Provide relevant and meaningful curriculum

    English/Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Social Science, Science

    Assessment: Illuminate

    Be The Architect of Learning Experiences -Catlin Tucker



  • Curriculum: Digital CitizenshipSchool sites are incorporating responsible digital citizenship expectations into their Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS) matrices

    Respectful online behaviors towards other students and teachers Ethical copyright, citation and media reuse practices Responsible use of devices and equipment

    Sample: Hart PRIDE and AMADOR PRIDE Behavior Expectations



  • Learning and Collaborating from Other Districts with 1:1 Take-home Initiatives

    Greater Bay Area Acalanes HS District Archbishop Riordan Fairfield-Suisun SD Martinez USD San Ramon Valley USD

    California Ceres USD Corcoran USD Madeira City Schools Petaluma Schools Pleasant Valley SD Pomona USD Romoland SD San Ramon USD Tustin USD Grossmont High School Dist Woodland JUSD

    National: Bemus Point Central SD Union SD Williamsville Central SD

    We have learned from our past experiences in PUSD and from others, so can we provide our students the best learning experiences possible.

    Learning WITH Our Colleagues


  • 51

    Secondary Distribution Chart

    *At the end of 2018-19 school year, 8th graders will be returning their device.**For the 2019-20 school year, incoming 6th graders will receive a one year old device.

    Students will be issued a personal device, to use at home and at school, for multiple school years

  • For More InformationStudent Device

    HandbookDistrict Website



  • Next Steps

    - Counselor visits to elementary schools

    - New student orientation on August 3rd

    - Walk thru registration August 6th & 7th

    - 1st day of school - August 13th

    - How to Be Successful in Middle School Presentation - August 23, 2018 5:45pm

    - Back to school night - August 23, 2018 6:30

  • Next Steps

    - Visit www.hartmiddleschool.org to sign up for Hart weekly E-news

    - Visit Pleasantonusd.net to sign up for PUSD E-connect

    - Update sports packets on file including doctor physical


  • Future HuskiesAny Questions?