2018 plante moran naias reception ... including ~20 more hp, 35 more pounds -foot torque and 8 more

Download 2018 Plante Moran NAIAS Reception ... including ~20 more hp, 35 more pounds -foot torque and 8 more

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  • Confidential 1

    2018 Plante Moran NAIAS Reception January 18, 2018

  • Confidential 2

    Plante Moran Automotive Practice at a Glance


    Manufacturing & distribution clients

    Automotive related clients

    Offices in USA, Mexico, China, India, Japan

    Years of Industry Experience – founded in 1924

    Manufacturing Industry Expertise Comprehensive Services


     Strategy and Operations Consulting  Information Technology Consulting  Transaction Advisory Services  Global Services  Tax Compliance and Consulting  Investment Banking (PM Corporate Finance)  Real Estate Development (Plante Moran CRESA)  Government & Infrastructure Capital Project

    Consulting  Audit and Accounting

     Senior manufacturing professionals averaging 20+ years of industry experience

     Substantial global and international expertise  Access to specialized knowledge through the

    Plante Moran Supplier Intelligence Center™  Deep manufacturing industry involvement

     Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA)  Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)  Automotive Aftermarket Association  Precision Metalforming Association (PMA)  Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors


  • Confidential 3

    1. Light Weighting/Materials

    2019 GMC Silverado

    2019 Dodge Ram

    “Big 3” Truck Competition

    2. Performance Vehicles

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT

    3. Advanced Powertrain

    2019 Infiniti QX50

    4. Electric Vehicles

    2020 VW ID Crozz Concept

    5. Connectivity

    Mercedes Benz User Experience

    (MBUX) Infotainment System

    6. Autonomous Vehicles GM Cruise AV

    7. New Entrants

    GAC Trumpchi GS8

    2018 NAIAS Trends

    So Many Cars, So Many Changes!

  • Confidential 4

    2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    GM’s Signature Truck Gets a Light-Weight Upgrade

    Availability, MSRP, and MPG to be Released at a Later Date.

    Significant Weight Loss… 2019 Silverado models will be up to 450 lbs lighter, even though the length, interior space, and truck bed are all larger than the 2018 model

    …is the Result of Significant Investment GM reportedly spent $3B updating its factories in Fort Wayne, IN and Mexico to produce the new truck. By comparison, Ford spent about $2B on investment for the Aluminum F-150

    Taking the Fight to Ford’s F-150 Staying true to their commercials, the bed is made of roll formed, high strength steel, not aluminum

    A 3.0L inline six diesel option will be offered, competing with the F-150’s 30 mpg diesel option announced earlier this month

    Majority of weight savings comes from frame and body

    80% of the frame is high

    strength steel

    – The right material in the right place for the right use

    GM’s Mixed Materials Strategy

  • Confidential 5

    Bigger, Stronger, Lighter Overall length is 9’’ longer than the previous model, including 4’’ of additional cab space

    98% of the frame is made of high strength steel, but the overall weight of the vehicle decreased 225 lbs primarily due to an aluminum hood and tailgate

    2019 Dodge Ram 1500

    FCA Attempts to Lure New Truck Drivers with Enhanced Technology and Styling

    Availability, MSRP, and MPG to be Released at a Later Date.

    Not Quite the Tesla Screen, But Close Offers an optional 12’’ touchscreen that’s brighter than the iPhone with split-screen capabilities and customizable app layout. By comparison, options for Tesla’s Model 3 screen are 15’’ or 17’’

    Increased Fuel Efficiency with a 48-Volt Motor The 2019 Ram comes standard with new eTorque mild- hybrid tech, which puts a 48-volt motor on the accessory drive. The motor improves fuel economy by enabling start/stop and providing extra torque when needed

  • Confidential 6

    Who Will Win the Truck Battle?

    The “Big 3” All Make Strong Statements in the Fight for America’s Favorite Truck

    2019 Ford F-150 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2019 Dodge Ram 1500

    Curb Weight 4,436 lbs 2018: 4,788 lbs Est. 2019: 4,338 lbs

    2018: 4,739 lbs Est. 2019: 4,514 lbs

    Fuel Economy (mpg) Pre AL: 16 city / 22 highway Post AL: 19 city / 25 highway

    2018: 17 city / 22 highway 2019: TBD

    2018: 17 city / 25 highway 2019: TBD

    Max Towing Capacity 7,600 lbs 2018: 7,600 lbs 2019: TBD

    2018: 7,030 lbs 2019: TBD

    MSRP From $33,250 2018: From $33,595 2019: $TBD

    2018: From $31,700 2019: $TBD

    Approximate values for: Regular Cab, 4x4, Mid-Spec Models

  • Confidential 7

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT 50th Anniversary Edition of the Iconic Performance Vehicle in Steve McQueen's 1968 Film

    Welcome Back Bullitt! – But What’s Different? “Effortlessly cool” according to chief Ford Mustang designer. Devoid of stripes, spoilers and badges. Brembo brakes, unique black front grill, and cue ball shift knob

    What About Differences in Performance? Only slight differences from the 2018 Mustang GT, including ~20 more hp, 35 more pounds-foot torque and 8 more mph top speed. Expect low production volumes for a specialty customer segment

    Available Summer 2018. MSRP to be Released at a Later Date.

    2019 Mustang Bullitt GT

    2018 Camaro SS 2018 Challenger

    R/T Scat Pack

    Engine 5.0L V8 6.2L V8 6.4L V8

    Horsepower 475 455 485

    Top Speed (mph)

    163 165 175

    Pounds – Foot Torque

    420 455 475

    MSRP $TBD $42,000 $39,995

    Comparing Performance Vehicles for the Masses

  • Confidential 8

    2019 Infiniti QX50 First Production Vehicle with a Variable-Compression Turbocharged (VC-T) Engine

    Advanced ICE Powertrain to Help Meet Regulations Nissan has been working on this technology for over 20 years

    Available Spring 2018. MSRP $36,550.


    26 24.8








    2017 Infiniti QX50 2019 Infiniti QX50 2018 Competition Average

    A ve

    ra ge

    M P


    Fuel Economy (AWD) Variants

    Luxury CUV at a Great Price Starting MSRP is just over $5,000 less than the competition which includes the BMW X3, Lexus NX 300, Audi Q5, and Mercedes Benz GLC Class

    Will This Delay Electrification? Don’t bet on it. The 2019 QX50 averages 6 mpg more than the previous model; however, this is just over 1 mpg greater than the competition and not enough to outlast EVs

    How Does it Work? Adjusts the compression ratio to optimize performance and efficiency based on the driver’s demands


  • Confidential 9

    2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept

    VW’s Push to Become the Leader in Electric Vehicles

    VW: “Lets Give the Customers What They Want”! With consumer trends continuing to favor SUVs/CUVs over cars, VW is committed to bringing electric versions to the market

    Built on VW’s modular EV platform (MEB), initial dimensions show it will be roughly the same size as the 2018 Tiguan

    Available Q4 2019. MSRP $TBD.

    Easing Concerns on Range Anxiety The 83 kWh lithium-ion battery pack has an estimated range of 300 miles and recharges in 30 minutes on a fast charger

    Adding the Supporting Infrastructure VW plans to build 2,800 new EV charging stations in 17 U.S. cities by June 2019

  • Confidential 10

    Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

    The Automaker Decides to Take On Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Ditch the Traditional Gauge Cluster Traditional cluster replaced with a two screen layout that includes animations and scrolling, a welcomed difference from traditional car infotainment systems

    Interact with the screen by touch, steering wheel controls, center counsel touch pad, or your voice

    First Available on the 2019 A-Class

    Partnership to Improve on Prior Versions A.I. technology is powered by Nvidia, who has been working with Mercedes for two years

    Utilizes the Power of Artificial Intelligence Learns your preferences over time and provides helpful feedback like playing your favorite radio station or suggesting a frequent route for navigation

    “Hey Mercedes…” Voice recognition understands indirect statements. For example, if you say “Hey Mercedes, I’m cold” it will turn on the heat to your preferred temperature

    Connected to the Outside World

    Includes V2X technology to receive messages about bad roads or from emergency vehicles

  • Confidential 11

    General Motors Cruise AV GM Wants to be the Mobility Leader and Plans to Use the Bolt Platform to Get There

    4th Generation Cruise Automation AV Doesn’t Have What?! GM submitted a petition to NHTSA to allow testing of its Cruise AV in 2019 without meeting sixteen Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, including the removal of the pedals and steering wheel

    Equipment Checklist: 5 LIDARs, 16 Cameras, 21 Radars

    Can I Expect to Be Sharing the Road with the Cruise AV? GM announced plans to test in Arizona, California, Michigan, and New York. If the NHTSA petition is granted, GM can launch 2,500 vehicles per year to be tested on the roads

    The Competitive Race to Autonomy

    OEM/Tech announcements for Level 4+ autonomy

  • Confidential 12

    Guangzhou Aut