2019-2020 behavior, character education, ... our athletic programs have become highly competitive....

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  • Montezuma-Cortez High School




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    Table of Contents

    CHSAA Mission Statement 2

    Letter to Parents & Student Athlete 3

    Definitions of Activities Handbook 4

    Philosophy of Activity Programs 4

    Statement of Code of Ethics 4

    Expectations of Sportsmanship 5

    Expectations of Coaches / Sponsors 6

    Expectation of Participants 7

    Expectation of Parents 7

    Communication and Conflicts 8

    Athletic / Activity Code of Conduct 8

    Discipline Actions 9-10

    Participation Guidelines 10-11

    Attendance Procedures 11

    Ineligibility Procedures 12

    Transportation Guidelines 13

    M-CHS Lettering Policy 13

    K-12 Student Accident Insurance Information 14

    CHSAA Bylaws – Parent/Student Information 15

    CHSAA Bylaws – Parent/Student Signature Page 16

    CHSAA Anti-Hazing Form / Signature Page 17

    M-CHS Agreement / Signature Page 18

    Participation Physical Examination Form 19

    Participation Physical History Form 20

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    Our Mission • • •

    "Seeking Excellence in Academics, Activities, and Athletics"

    In pursuit of excellence, the Colorado High School Activities Association strives to create a positive and equitable environment in which all qualified student participants are challenged and inspired to meet their highest potential.

    To fulfill this mission the Colorado High School Activities Association will:

     Act as an integral component of the educational process.

     Administrate, interpret, and seek compliance with the CHSAA By-laws as needed to promote fair play within Colorado activities and athletics.

     Provide diverse and equitable opportunities for participation that encourages all qualified students to take part in the activity/athletic experience.

     Provide an environment that enhances personal development through sporting behavior, character education, teamwork, leadership, and citizenship while increasing values that partner the educational standards of the State of Colorado.

     Recognize the outstanding accomplishments of Colorado athletes, teams, coaches, and administrators through our academic and activity awards programs.

    Our Core Values • • •

     Participation is a Privilege

     Athletics and Activities Programs are Education-based

     Participation in Athletics and Activities Teach Life Skills

     Appropriate Perspective is Taught Through Participation

     Fun is Primary Reason for a Student’s Participation

     Participation Supports the Academic Mission of the school

     Participation Supports the Development of Positive Character

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    Dear Parent/Guardian and Student Athlete: It is our hope that your involvement with the athletic program in our School District is a positive and rewarding experience. We strive to ensure that you and your family have nothing less than positive experiences during your participation. We also understand that sometimes-serious misconceptions regarding the high school competitive athletic program do exist.

    In each program, a coach and/or coaches are hired by the Re-1 School district to be responsible for team selection. The head coach establishes a criterion for selection, possibly with input from the entire coaching staff. This may be highly subjective process. Team selection, practices and decisions regarding game situations are the responsibility of the coaching staff.

    If you have questions regarding the selection process, address these questions directly to the head coach. Please call the coach to make an appointment outside of school, practice or game time. If you have further questions the coach has not been able to answer, you are welcome to contact the school’s Athletic Director.

    Our athletic programs have become highly competitive. Due to large schools and limited opportunities, we are not able to place every child who wishes to participate on a team. While this is not our desire, it is the reality. The hardest thing our coaches have to do is tell young people they will not be a part of a team.

    A main goal of a competitive athletic program is to put the most talented members of the team in competition to win contests. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to seniors making a team or anyone else for that matter. Each member of a team is very valuable to the team’s overall progress. Some members may play a great deal of time in a contest while others may not see what a parent would consider “significant” playing time.

    By being a member of a team, regardless of time spent in actual competition, a person can learn many valuable life skills. Citizenship, sportsmanship, appreciating good play by an opponent, working together to meet team goals, responsibility and a commitment to team and school, loyalty, placing team above self, learning to accept instruction and criticism, respect for others, winning and losing with dignity, self-control and being responsible for one’s own actions are all skills that are fostered by participating on an interscholastic sports team

    Although our goal as a competitive athletic program at M-CHS is to hire great coaches, cultivate winning teams by utilizing the best skills of the student athletes, and to participate as competitively as we can all the time, the purpose of high school athletics is to use sports to develop young adults into caring, empathetic, and contributing members of our society at large.


    Mr. Eric Chandler, Principal Mrs. Don Deavila, Vice Principal Mr. Dave Robinson, Activities Director / Vice Principal

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    Definitions for Activities Handbook:

     AACC – Athletic/Activity Conduct Code

     CHSAA – Colorado High School Activities Association

     Out-of-season – any performances, activities, events, or competitions which take place outside the season established by the governing body of the activity.

     Suspension – exclusion only from performances, events, or competitions

     Three strikes – a student who has three violations of the AACC must meet with the Principal, the Athletic Director and a parent/guardian to consider the possibility of not participating in any extra-curricular program for the remainder of his/her M-CHS career.

    Administrative authority: The Athletic Director has discretion to evaluate mitigating circumstances and modify any disciplinary action invoked under this policy subject to the approval of the principal.


    This handbook was created to assist our participants, and parents associated with Montezuma-Cortez High School by outlining necessary philosophy, procedures, standards and requirements for all activities. This handbook will be updated annually to ensure proper protocol for all activities and athletic programs at M-CHS.

    The regulations presented herein was taken from the Colorado High School Activities’ Association, the constitution and by-laws of the Southwestern League, the Intermountain League, and from board policy of the Montezuma- Cortez School District RE-1 and Montezuma-Cortez High School.

    The goal of every program should be:

    1. To instill, in each participant, attitudes of good sportsmanship, good citizenship, fair play, self- control, self-discipline, and goal setting.

    2. To exert a positive influence on our community, fans, and our student body.

    3. To communicate the ideal that hard work and determination lead to success.

    4. To appreciate the fact that participation in extra-curricular activities represents a responsibility to both our school and community.


    In order to offer maximum effectiveness in serving and fostering the education of our students so entrusted to us and in promoting and supplementing the regular curriculum, it is the duty of all concerned with our secondary activity and athletic programs to:

    1. Cultivate awareness that participation in athletics and activities is part of the total educational process and as such, the coach/sponsor should neither seek nor expect academic privileges for the participants.

    2. Emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play as they relate to the

    lifetime impact on the participants. 3. Develop a working awareness and understanding of all rules and guidelines governing competition,

    both in letter and intent. 4. Recognize that the purpose of athletics and activities is to promote the physical, mental, moral,

    social, and emotional well being of the individual participants.

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    5. Avoid any practice or technique, which would endanger the present or future welfare or safety of any participant.

    6. Adhere to policies, which do not force or encourage students to specialize or restrict them from

    participation in a variety of activities. 7. Refuse to disparage an opponent, an official, an administrator, or any spectator in any aspect of the

    activity. 8. Strongly encourage the development of proper health habits, including the non-use of vape pens,

    chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, and other mood altering substances. 9. E


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