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  • NEWMANTECH Co., Ltd.

    2021 Ver.

  • It is a technology developed by applying the shear resistance relationship between the interface of the object and the adjacent area. When gas(ex. oxygen) is splitted into nanosize by the shear force generated at the interface of the object, dissolved gas is increased. Nano-sized bubble(gas) exists in water for a long time without degassing, and dissolved gas is maintained high for a long time.

    Nanobubble Technology

    Nano Bubble Generator

    Splitted Bubble by shear force

    Bubble size

    Mean 164.3 nm

    Mode 110.3 nm

    SD 87.9 nm

    D10 57.1 nm

    D50 154.5 nm

    D90 281.6 nm

  • The 2021 version of the N2BG consists of one pump and one bubble generator. The configuration is simpler than the previous N2BG, making installation and maintenance easier. The pump is a self-priming pump with a pressure of 4-4.5kgf/cm^2. The pressure of the pump is the energy for making shear forces, and the higher the pressure, the smaller the bubble. Gas is injected in front of the pump and in an amount that will not cause cavitation in the pump. The 2021 version of the N2BG has no blockage caused by solids. So It can be applied to water with high solids concentration such as fish farms and wastewater treatment plants. And it is possible to install the bubble generator in parallel, so the capacity can be increased to 1,000m^3/day or more.

    Newmantech Nano Bubble Generator (N2BG)

    Nano Bubble Generator

    N2BG Installation

    Small & Middle Capacity (Hydroponics & Precision Industry ...)

    Large Capacity (Aquaculture, Lake ...)

  • When the air was used for N2BG, the dissolved oxygen concentration increased 6mg/L compared to the raw water and the dissolved oxygen solubility was over 180%. If this device is used in water with a water temperature of 28 degrees, dissolved oxygen can be kept above 14mg/L by air alone. When oxygen gas is used in the N2BG, the dissolved oxygen concentration increases to over 44mg/L.The nanobubbles in the sealed bottle remained intact even after 30 days. And nanobubble existed even after the nanobubble water had frozen and melted.

    N2BG Performance

    Nano Bubble Generator

    Dissolved Oxygen Test Using Air

    Oxygen Transfer Efficiency Oxygen Operating Cost

    Dissolved Oxygen Test Using Oxygen

  • N2BG Application Field

    Nano Bubble Generator

    Oxygen Water



    River, Lake Water Quality Improvement

    Wastewater, Sewage Treatment

    Ozone Oxidation

    Wafer Cleaning

    Cooling Tower Energy Saving

  • Technical Specifications

    Operating Cost

    Nano Bubble Generator

    Lab-Scale N2BG-003 N2BG-005 N2BG-010

    Water flow rate 5~10L/min 3.0㎥/hr 5㎥/hr 10㎥/hr

    Nano bubble size Avg. 160nm

    Nano bubble ratio > 99%

    Nano bubbleduration

    Atmosphericpressure state > 18 hr

    Sealed state > 30days

    Usage gas Air, Oxygen, Ozone, etc.

    Oxygen flow rate 0.2~0.4L/min 1~2L/min 3~4L/min 4~6L/min

    Oxygen transfer efficiency 65 ~ 85%

    DissolvedOxygen Con.

    Gas : Air > 13mg/L (at 28℃)

    Gas : Oxygen > 40mg/L (at 28℃)

    Required pump pressure > 4.0 kgf/㎠

    Dimensions (Incl. Gas GEN) - W600㎜ × L1000㎜ × H1400㎜

    Supply voltage 110V~400V / 50, 60Hz

    PowerPump 0.5~1.0kW 1.0~1.5kW 1.5~2.0kW 2.0~2.5kW

    Oxygen Generator - 0.5kW 0.5kW 0.5kW


    Pump STS304 / STS316L (seawater)

    Bubble generator STS304 / STS316 (seawater)

    Housing Al STS304

    Pipe connections inlet, outlet Φ20 Φ25 ~ 32mm

    N2BG-003 N2BG-005 N2BG-010

    Water flow rate 3.0㎥/hr 5㎥/hr 10㎥/hr

    Electricity comsumption 2.0kW 2.5kW 3.0kW

    Electricity rate 11.73¢/kWh

    Operating cost per ㎥ 7.8¢/㎥ 5.9¢/㎥ 3.5¢/㎥

    ※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    ※It is an operating cost when the nanobubble generator is used as dissolved oxygen improvement device. The electricity rate is based on industry average rates in LA.

  • Total Solution to Water


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