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<ul><li>1.What are 21st Century Skills?<br />Prepared by NurulHikmah (10D0106)<br />&amp; Hazirin (10D0105)<br /></li></ul> <p>2. What are the skills needed to support the 21st century?<br />3. Another pic for 21st century skills<br />4. Core subjects and 21st Century Themes<br />Global Awareness<br />Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy<br />Civic Literacy<br />Health Literacy<br />5. Learning and Innovation Skills<br />Creativity and Innovation<br />Critical Thinking and Problem Solving<br />Communication and Collaboration<br />6. Information, Media and Technology Skills<br />Information Literacy<br />Media Literacy<br />ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Literacy <br />7. Life and Career Skills<br />Flexibility and Adaptability<br />Initiative and Self-Direction<br />Social and Cross-Cultural Skills<br />Productivity and Accountability<br />Leadership and Responsibility<br />8. 21st Century Support Systems<br />21st Century Standards<br />Assessment of 21st Century Skills<br />21st Century Curriculum and Instruction<br />21st Century Professional Development<br />21st Century learning Environments <br />9. Why do we need to implement 21st Century Skills?<br />In the US, nearly two thirds of employers found that college graduates are deficient in<br />Written communication<br />Problem solving<br />Critical thinking<br />PROFESSIONALISM<br />Work Ethics<br />10. Why so deficient? <br />Weve got an educational system that was defined over a century ago<br />What happened back then? What era was that again?<br />11. INDUSTRIAL<br />REVOULATION<br />Weve got an educational system built/designed for the <br />Industrial Revolution!<br />12. 13. Our students (and us) live in the<br />DIGITAL <br />REVOLUTION<br />14. Going back to why we should integrate 21st Century Skills<br />Some of the reasons why<br />Importance to compete in the new global economy<br />Nature of work is changing*digital revolution*<br />The requirement of the 21st century workforce are changing!<br />Importance of preparing our students to be <br />effective 21st century citizens!<br />15. 16. 17. 18. Enough on why lets move on toHOW(just SOME suggestions/ideas)<br />Develop a consensus among the govt/industry on the 21st century skills needed by students in our country.<br />Embed 21st century skills in CORE SUBJECTS.<br />19. Upgrade Assessments use a full range of assessments to measure 21st century skills<br />Collaborate with the industry <br />Develop an agreement on skill outcomes and ask members of the industry to provide career awareness and internships that offer oppurtunities to learn beyond the classroom. <br />Enough on why lets move on toHOW(just SOME suggestions/ideas)<br />20. Conclusion <br />Each and every student must be<br />A CRITICAL THINKER, <br />A PROBLEM SOLVER,<br />AN INNOVATOR<br />AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR<br />AN EFFECTIVE COLLABORATOR<br />A SELF DIRECTED LEARNER<br />INFORMATION AND MEDIA LITERATE<br />GLOIBALLY AWARE<br />CIVICALLY ENGAGED<br />FINANCIALLY AND ECONOMICALLY LITERATE <br />21. Resources:<br />http://www.thesmartbean.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/framework_flyer_updated_april_2009.pdf<br />http://www.imls.gov/pdf/21stcenturyskills.pdf<br />http://www.thesmartbean.com/magazine/21st-century-skills-magazine/what-are-21st-century-skills/<br />http://howtohelpyourchild.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-help-your-child-excel-in-21st.html<br /></p>