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1. Technology Integration withPre-service TeachersCollaborative Workshop SessionFacilitated byBonnie OrdonezAssociate Professor of Education 2. 2:1 Program 3. Program Design All new full-time students entering Seton Hill in2014-2015 will receive an iPad Mini. All full-time first-year undergraduate students atSeton Hill will also receive a 13" MacBook Air. After two years, Seton Hill will upgrade the iPad. While the University initially owns thistechnology, students keep the devices with themat all times and are not restricted in their use.Students take the laptop and both iPads withthem when they graduate. 4. Wireless Campus 5. Center for Innovative Teaching 6. Smart Classrooms 7. ELITE 5-year Grant Funded Program Faculty Training Year long commitment Two trainings per month i-Teach Gallery http://elite.setonhill.edu/sessions/Session8_take2class/Y2_Rubric.pdf 8. How does your college/universityimplement and supporttechnology? 9. LMS Canvas I-Tunes U Online, Hybrid and Blended Courses No Snow Days/ Cyber Days I-Pad AppWHAT LMS does your University use and howdoes it benefit Teacher Education? 10. Pre-Service Teachers Integration Strategies Working and Professional E-portfolios Technology-enhanced lessons Online and Cyber lessons Assessments STEM Mobile Technology Student Teaching 11. Technology Integration Maintain stand-alone Instructional TechnologyCourse NETs-T standards Web-based Instruction Design TPACK SAMRDo you offer an Instructional Technology Course?What technology integration theories does youruniversity cover? 12. Google Sites Live BindersWhat e-portfolio software do your studentsuse and how is technology integrated? 13. Technology Enhanced LessonsDo your students include technology inlesson plans? 14. Online and Cyber Web quests Edmodo Global Pen PalsHow is your university using online andcyber education? 15. STEM Education STEM DAY with Child DevelopmentCenter i-Pad Corner Programming with kids App supported Science Lessons STEAM Carnival for TeachersWhat is your university doing with STEMeducation? 16. Writing, Video, and Audio i-Books Author Blogs Google Docs Live Minutes i-Movie Vines Voice Threads ScreenflowWhat tools do you use? 17. Mobile Technology i-Pad Nature Walk i-Pad Scavenger Hunt Poll EverywhereAre you utilizing mobile technologies and how? 18. Where Am I At? 19. Student Teaching Supervision Face-time Advising and Supervision Online Seminar Adobe Connect Co-op Communication Video Lessons and images on iPad 20. How is technology integrated intoyour student teaching experience? 21. Planning for the future. 22. How is your university planningfor future technologies? 23. Conclusion and Questions


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