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Looking for tips to make your Pinterest marketing more effective? We share our best 25 tips to maximise your success on Pinterest


  • 1.25 Pinterest Tips By Lorna Sixsmith Write on Track We Teach Socialwww.writeontrack.ie

2. Pinterest Tip #1 Beautiful or Useful Pins To achieve significant repins, your pins should be strikingly beautiful and/or contain information that will be useful.www.writeontrack.ie 3. Pinterest Tip #2 Name Your Photos in Your Blog Posts This ensures that the name of the photo is carried in the descriptor of the pin saves relying on the pinner to do it (they might not) and ensures your keywords travel with the pin.Online Pinterest Courses We Teach Social www.writeontrack.ie 4. Pinterest Tip #3 Portrait/Landscape Portrait images have more visibility and space on Pinterest due to the column nature of the gallery page. Ensure many of your website images are portrait rather than landscape. Makes them more pinnable! www.writeontrack.ie 5. Pinterest Tip #4 Long, Tall & Skinny Long and narrow photographs will get more visibility on Pinterest. If creating a collage, ensure it is vertical rather than horizontal.www.writeontrack.ie 6. Pinterest Tip #5 Pin Little & Often Dont annoy followers by filling their gallery page with a long burst of similar pins. Pin little and often (by using a scheduling tool too) to ensure your pins are seen by more of your followers. Learn more about Pinterest We Teach Social Online Courseswww.writeontrack.ie 7. Pinterest Tip #6 Time Saving Tip Liking pins can be a handy way to mark pins that you would like to check out and repin later on.www.writeontrack.ie 8. Pinterest Tip #7 Curator of Quality Content Dont overuse pinterest for self-promotion. View yourself as a curator of quality content and repin / pin images and information your target followers will be interested in. Be seen as someone to follow for the quality of your pins and repins.www.writeontrack.ie 9. Pinterest Tip #8 Seasonal Boards Seasonal boards tend to be very popular so include one or two within your boards. Move your seasonal board to the top of your boards page in good time e.g. Christmas boards could be there in October or November. Remember to move a seasonal board to the very bottom of your boards page once the season has passed. Otherwise your account will look unloved, neglected and outdated.www.writeontrack.ie 10. Pinterest Tip #9 Board Covers Change your board cover periodically to give your account a new look and to give a recent pin more exposure. Ensure the most important part of the board cover image is fully visible within the space allocated.www.writeontrack.ie 11. Pinterest Tip #10 Maximise the Findability of your Boards Optimised Pinterest boards are showing up in search results on the first page of Google. Remember to allocate a category to a new board. Ensure that your board description is complete and contains a number of keywords Learn more about Pinterest We Teach Social Online Courses www.writeontrack.ie 12. Pinterest Tip #11 Shared Boards Create a shared board and invite pinners of quality content to contribute. By owning an active and quality shared board, you are demonstrating your command of knowledge in this area.www.writeontrack.ie 13. Pinterest Tip #12 How To Get More Repins Becoming a contributor and pinning to an active shared board can generate more repins compared to your own individual boards.www.writeontrack.ie 14. Pinterest Tip #13 Secret Boards Use the 3 secret boards to: 1. Pin quality content before making the board public. 2. Experiment with pins see how they look before pinning to general boards 3. Use them to plan an event / a book / classes ..... 4. Use them to collaborate on ideas with a client or business partners.www.writeontrack.ie 15. Pinterest Tip #14 Growing Followers Have a link to your Pinterest account in 1. Your email signature 2. Sidebar of your blog 3. As an app on your facebook page 4. On your business card 5. In your twitter bio (if there is room) 6. Your email newsletterswww.writeontrack.ie 16. Pinterest Tip #15 Mind your reputation Check the link of pins before repinning in case they are linking to something unsavoury Only pin and repin quality content that is related to the theme of your accountwww.writeontrack.ie 17. Pinterest Tip #16 Increasing Sales Include a call to action within the descriptor of your pin so more people click through to your website.www.writeontrack.ie 18. Pinterest Tip #17 Be Sociable Dont forget to be friendly on Pinterest. Comment on occasional pins. Respond to commentators on your pins.Learn more about Pinterest at We Teach Socialwww.writeontrack.ie 19. Pinterest Tip #18 Share Pins If you see a pin that you know a follower would like, you can send it to them. Choose between facebook and google + and they will receive the pin with a nice message. Do not overdo this though or it will be seen as spammingwww.writeontrack.ie 20. Pinterest Tip #19 Growing Relationships Check to see if others are repinning from your website by visiting http://www.pinterest.com/source/writeontrack.ie (replace my domain with your domain url) Interact with them by following them or thanking them for pinning.www.writeontrack.ie 21. Pinterest Tip #20 Adding Text Add text to a photo with a reasonably plain background to emphasise the content of your website / blog post and encourage click throughs. Picmonkey is a handy free photo manipulation tool. Very easy to use.www.writeontrack.ie 22. Pinterest Tip #21 Repin and Follow When you repin a pin, Pinterest will flash up a pop up box inviting you to follow a related board that pin is also on. By having well populated boards, you will attract more followers as your board will appear in more pop up boxes for others to follow. Learn more Pinterest Tips in our online courses.www.writeontrack.ie 23. Pinterest Tip #22 Keep Boards Relevant Remove boards that are out of date by deleting them. The same goes for boards you set up on impulse and have only one or two pins. Ensure each board is well populated and relevant to your Pinterest account.www.writeontrack.ie 24. Pinterest Pin #23 Rich Pins If you write articles or recipes, use the rich pins feature to increase the usefulness of your pins and the click throughs to your website.Learn more about Rich Pins in our Advanced Pinterest coursewww.writeontrack.ie 25. Pinterest Tip #24 Place Pins Use place pins to collaborate with other local businesses, share the locations of a franchise or share your love of travelling.www.writeontrack.ie 26. Pinterest Tip #25 Save Time Dont want to rewrite a pins description when pinning? Want to copy it straight from the article or post? Highlight the text and when you pin, the highlighted text becomes the descriptor to that pin.We Teach Social Online Courseswww.writeontrack.ie 27. We Teach Social Online Courseswww.writeontrack.ie