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25 Ways to Embed Literacy into Lessons. Six of the keywords for this topic are written in the boxes above. But which spelling is the correct one ? Write the correct spelling on your whiteboard. Aims: To provide you with some simple activities which can be introduced into any lesson. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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25 Ways to Embed Literacy into LessonsSix of the keywords for this topic are written in the boxes above. But which spelling is the correct one? Write the correct spelling on your whiteboard.calendarcalandercalendercalandarindispensibleindispenebleindispensableindespenciblemileniummilenniummilleniummillenniumperserverenceperseveranceperserviranceperseverantssupersedesupercedesuperceedsuperseedaccomodateaccommodateacomodateacommodateAims:To provide you with some simple activities which can be introduced into any lesson.To reinforce the importance of literacy in every lesson. Exercise BookBack CoverA4 SheetKeywords to fold out and see whilst writing

Vocab BuilderIn July 1828 Daniel OConnell stood for election in County Clare. Voters ignored the views of their landlords and vote en mass for OConnell. He won by 2057 votes to 982. Which words could be used to describe how OConnell would have felt after the election?EcstaticDisappointedProudRebelliousDauntedConfidentPessimisticNotableDefiantCooperativeHopefulScaredWhat words would you use to describe how the British government would have felt?You have 3 minutes to write down, spelling them correctly, any keywords to do with the topic Germany 1918-1945.Premiership (5 points)Division 1 (3 points)LebensraumAnti-SemitismGoebbelsKristallnachtLocarnoDawes PlanStresemannSwastikaAryanFuhrerReparationsNiemollerDivision 2 (2 points)Division 3 (1 point)HolocaustSASSWeimar RepublicReichstagGestapoMein KampfGermanyNazisHitlerDictatorshipJewsCommunistsHitler YouthProblems of law and order were common, because of claim-jumping and the fact that the gold ___________ the dregs of society. With no US government law officers to __________ them, people had to make their own arrangements. Each town held a mass meeting where a chairman and officers were chosen. They drew up a mining code. Claims to _________ had to be recorded with the district recorder. Disputes over claims were dealt with by a committee of _________. A sheriff would be appointed to arrest lawbreakers, and a court of all the miners would decide on ______________. The trials did not take long and the most common punishments were flogging, banishment or ________________.

Many other nationalities came to the mining towns to make their _____________. Most camps banned Mexicans, Chinese and ___________ from mining in the area. Mobs would drive Mexicans from their claims. The Chinese were left to rework old exhausted claims but even then were often harasses and ____________. The Indians were just ________________. Most miners refused to work alongside black people. Despite this, some 2000 free blacks did prospect, and when in 1850 Texas slave-owners arrived with their slaves the white miners made them ________.Alternative task give out the keywords students must do a Pictionary on the board and then the group decides where the word fits.Now highlight what the main problems were in mining towns.8

As when I read out something which blames the peasants for the troubles you stand up.

Bs when I read out something which blames the king you stand up.1953 UprisingNow watch the second video the 6th Anniversary of the Uprising.

By the end of the session you will be producing an alternative voiceover to this video.

Now your turn Produce an alternative voiceover for the video.

However, you are going to be given a side some of you will represent the SED government and others will represent victims of the aftermath of the uprising.

Think about how you can make your voiceover biased in favour of the side you have been given.E/D grades will know the events of the 1953 uprising.

B/C grades will be able to explain why it happened.

A grades will be able to explain its impact.

aanstzehmryhhmrtyabelllsyIn your team, can you solve these poetry anagrams?

Grab a dictionary for the definitions.StanzaRhymeRhythmSyllable

How many did your team get?When introducing new keywords do you:Explore their meaning (maybe using a dominoes activity)?Explore the language and origins of the word?Get students to use the word in a sentence?Get the students to spell the word phonically?Explore synonyms of the word (maybe using a spider diagram)?Therefore

Manchester United is a good football team.

Connective Cards

Do you go through homophones when they crop up?Modelling ideas:Give students a piece of writing without punctuation what should they add to improve it?Give students simple sentences can they use ambitious language to develop them?Give students writing without connectives can they add correct connectives?VOCABULARYPick 4 WOW words from the board and write four sentences using them.

outstandingly, tenderly, quietly, formidable, bleak, outspoken, stern, comical, pathetic, yearning, dwell,

Sentences to summarise what you think is important about the votes for women topic.

Reduce the sentences towordsThen give just

word to summarise the topic.