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In today's highly competitive market it’s not realistic to think that every prospect will become a customer. In other words, some lead leaks are inevitable but you can plug leaks and close more business by following these 25 marketing best practices.


  • 1. 25 MarketingTips & TricksTo Get More Customers Online@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 1

2. Todd EbertChief Marketing Officer@ReachLocal@ToddEbert#SFSmallBizExpo@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 2 3. YOUR OBJ ECT IVE :YOU WANT CUSTOMERSCUSTOMERSSTART AS CONSUMERS@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 3 4. Marketing 101RefresherProspects Discover Youas they search, surf and socialize online and then click to visitLeads Contact Youwhen they are impressed with your websiteCustomers Choose Youwhen you stand out with good, timely follow-up@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 4 5. Do You Close 100% of Your Visitors?In RealityPotential customers leak out ofyour sales funnel at each stageIdeallyALL ad views turn into site visitsALL site visits become leadsALL leads become customers@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 5 6. Dont Leak Leads Circle line pic of DLLwww.DontLeakLeads.com@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 6 7. GET MORE VISITORS@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 7 8. 1 Claim & Optimize Google+ LocalAccounts for 33% of visits to localbusiness websitesGoogle Listings + Organic Searchaccount for 58% of visits to localbusiness websites59% of consumers use Googleevery month to locate a localbusiness (31% every week)1@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 8 9. Claim & Optimize Local Listings & Review Sites50%of business ownershave found wronginformation on theirbusiness listings,which causesconsumerfrustration.22and 50+ others@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 9 10. @ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 10 11. and Dont Forget Industrys Sites, Too!Education Legal Automotive Home Services Real Estate Healthcare@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 11 12. Use Tracking Phone Numbers for Offline555.666.7777555.666.8888Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;the trouble is I dont know which half.John Wanamaker, Department Store Innovator3@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 12 13. Advertise on ALL Major Search Engines35%of Searchersdont useGoogle.34@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 13 14. 5 Always Advertise on Your Business NameYOUR BUSINESSYOUR BUSINESSCOMPETITORCOMPETITOR@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 14 15. 5 Always Advertise on Your Business NameBing researchproves 32% lifthttp://searchenginewatch.com/article/2363320/Brand-Terms-To-Bid-or-Not-to-Bid-Bing-Ads-Study@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 15 16. 653%Monitor & Optimize Search CampaignsIDENTIFY local search termsWRITE better paid search adsLINK to highly relevant landing pagesREALLOCATE BUDGET daily based on whichkeywords get clicks and callsCONSIDER enhanced campaignsExtensions for location, phone #, website, sitelinks,and offersof SMBs onlyoptimize theirsearchcampaigns 1xper quarter.4@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 16 17. 7 Check Your Social Media Pages Dailyof consumers who contact a brand on socialmedia expect a response within 1 hour.5 42%@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 17 18. 8 Regularly Post Fresh, Authentic Content Post content weekly: new offers, communityservice projects, product demos, how-tovideos, helpful reminders, etc. Leverage relevant events: news stories,holidays, seasons, community events, etc. Encourage fans to enter contests and topost questions, reviews, photos, etc.@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 18 19. Get More Customer Reviews90%of consumersreported that apositive onlinereview influencedtheir decision topurchase.69DosDontsDO follow-up viaemail within 24 hoursDONT pay for or offergifts for good reviewsDO sendfollow-up surveysDONT encourage fake reviewsabout you or a competitor@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 19 20. 10Stay in Front of People Who LeavePeople who areretargeted withdisplay ads are70%more likely toconvert.7@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 20 21. CAPTURE MORE CONTACTS@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 21 22. 11 Wow Visitors With a Beautiful Website85%of consumerswill leave awebsiteif it is poorlydesigned.8@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 22 23. 12 Provide the 3 Things People Want12350%of potential salesare lost becauseconsumers cantfind informationthey are lookingfor9@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 23 24. 13 Make Your Website Mobileof consumers looking for local products orservices search on mobile first.10 45%@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 24 25. 14 Use Custom Landing Pages for Ads@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 25 26. Check All Contact Info is Active & AccurateDelivery to the followingrecipient failed permanently:not-active@email.comWere Sorry, something wentwrong with request. Please tryagain later.15CHECK your website, email forms, and directorylistings regularly to keep them up-to-date@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 26 27. 16 Offer Additional Contact ChoicesWeb Forms Live Chat Social ChannelsFree ConsultationChat with: Visitor, NicoleMarion: Hello, thanks for contactingArmstrong Plumbing. My name isMarion, may I have your name?Visitor: MikeMarion: Hi Mike, how may I help you?Visitor: What areas do you service?Marion: Okay. We service the GreaterSacramento Area and BeyondBusinesses using live chat on their websitehave seen a 3 0 % increase in leads. 11@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 27 28. 17 Answer Your Damn Phone@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 28 29. 18 at Minimum Call Back Within an Hour50%of consumers willchoose to dobusiness with thecompany that callsthem back first.12@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 29 30. 19 Reply to Forms / Emails Within an Hour1 You reply within anA visitorcontacts youhour2You generatemore revenue$$$3Emailing a new contact within 20 minutes boostsconversion rates by 49%.14@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 30 31. 20 Collect Contact Info & Build Lead ListMay I getyour emailaddress,please?@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 31 32. 21 Use Automated EmailsHello Robert,Thank you for contacting us! Someone willrespond to you very soon about yourinquiry.We appreciate your interest and lookforward to speaking with you!Best regards,Armstrong Plumbing(555) 555-5555555-555-5555Driving DirectionsIncreaseconversions by30%when usingfollow-upemails.13@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 32 33. CONVERT MORE CUSTOMERS@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 33 34. 22 Listen to Calls & Coach Your StaffCall recording systems make this easy@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 34 35. 23 Nurture Those Not Ready to BuyBusinesses that nurture their leads see up tomore in ROI than those that dont.1545%@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 35 36. 24 Track Lead Sources & ROIWhere do your leadsreally come from?Which sources get youthe best ROI?@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 36 37. 25 Use This Info to Adjust Your TacticsDISPLAY /RETARGETING SOCIAL SEOOFFLINE WEBSITESEARCH@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 37 38. Get Ebook + Enter to Win GoPro Camera!1. Fill out postcard2. Bring to booth 114Follow Us: reachlocal.com/social@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 38 39. @ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 39 40. Resources1. BrightLocal http://blumenthals.com/blog/2011/04/14/brightlocal-survey-59-of-consumers-use-google-each-month-to-find-a-good-local-business/2. Search Engine Land http://searchengineland.com/survey-half-of-small-businesses-never-update-their-listings-online-1474593. comScore http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Press_Releases/2013/5/comScore_Releases_April_2013_US_ Search_Engine_Rankings4. Wordstream http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/10/09/free-adwords5. The Social Habit http://socialhabit.com/uncategorized/customer-service-expectations/attachment/slide1/6. Zendesk http://www.zendesk.com/resources/customer-service-and-lifetime-customer-value7. B2B Marketing Mentor http://b2b-marketing-mentor.softwareadvice.com/5-lessons-learned-in-site-retargeting-1120412/8. Online Marketing institute http://www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org/blog/2013/05/importance-website-usability/9. Online Marketing institute http://www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org/blog/2013/05/importance-website-usability/10. Telmetrichttp://www.telmetrics.com/2013/top-mobile-local-companies-xad-and-telmetrics-announce-results-from-highly-anticipated-2nd-annual-u-s-mobile-path-to-purchase-study/11. ReachLocal Internal Data12. Inside Sales http://www.insidesales.com/insider/lead-management/lead-response-management-infographic/13. ReachLocal Internal Data14. MarketingCharts http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/direct/calling-new-leads-in-under-a-minute-boosts-conversion-rates-by-391-24755/15. MarketingSherpa http://www.marketingsherpa.com/data/public/reports/special-reports/SR-A-Tactical-Approach-to- Content-Marketing.pdf@ToddEbert #SFSmallBizExpo 40