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Post on 26-Aug-2014


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Want to get press for your business but not sure where to start? Here are 25 ieas for how to start getting press for your business today!


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  • Want more press for your business but not sure where to start? Check out our following comprehensive resource list!
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  • 1)Deliver Your Pitch in Less than 30 Seconds By best selling author Rick Frishman. Before attempting to get press for your business, the very first thing you must do is to master your pitch. Can you explain your brand and why its better than the competition in less than 30 seconds? Practice and perfect your sound-bite.
  • 2)14 Free Resources for Building a Media List By Jeremy Porter. After you have the perfect pitch, begin work on your media list.
  • By Christine Kent. Finding names is one thing, but knowing how to approach a journalist with your pitch is another. This article helps you figure out how to build relationships, one e-mail at a time. 3)How to Befriend a Journalist
  • 4)Engage Journalists on Social Media By Alfred Cox. Social Media is a great way to communicate with journalists. Some think Twitter is even better than e-mail. Use a tool like FollowerWonk to search Twitter bios for journalists who may be interested in your industry.
  • 5)Help a Reporter Help A Reporter Out (also known as HARO) connects journalists with sources who can provide stories of interest. HARO sends out an email with media opportunities 3 times a day. Over 30,000 reporters and bloggers belong to this extremely popular service, which makes it an incredibly resourceful network.
  • 6)Join ProfNet ProfNet is similar to HARO, but it is not free. The benefits of joining ProfNet is the high caliber of journalists who use the service, including those who write for the Boston Globe, Forbes Magazine, and Entrepreneur Press. ProfNet also offers a free service, ProfNet Connect, that allows you to network online.
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  • 7)Earn Industry Awards By Janine Popick. Earning an award from a standard bearer in your industry will attract positive press. Leveraging that award to generate even more press for yourself is what will make you a super star. Follow Part 1 and Part 2 by Carro Ford on how to squeeze every last drop of promotion out of your winning.
  • 8)Simplify Your Pitch By Dharmesh Shah. Avoid lengthy pitches. Journalists receive a huge amount of daily email and mostly scan. Make your sentences punchy and concise.
  • 9)Write an E-Book By Agota Bialobzeskyte. E-books are an excellent way to circulate your brand through the power of social media. Because e-books can be produced cheaply, they are offered at a lower cost (or free of charge). Writing an e-book automatically elevates your status to expert, which is what you want when you promote yourself on services like HARO or ProfNet.
  • 10)Start a Blog About Your Industry Be a resource for your industry and press will come to you.
  • 11) Write a White Paper Writing a white paper elevates your brand to expert status, and has the opportunity to drive links back to you. This article provides good information on how to write a compelling, in-depth white paper.
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  • 12)Speak at a Conference Speaking in front of a network of your peers or those who youd like to influence is a great way to get your name in the press. Search for local conferences in your area that may host your companys target demographic.
  • 13)Create a Press Release By David Waring. Press releases are a necessary evil. Though often ignored, you never know who will pay attention to it, and decide to contact you because of the interesting write-up. So, write a killer press release that will be impossible to ignore.
  • 14)5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Press Release By Carrie Morgan. With over 70 million users, Pinterest is one of the most popular social tools ever created. And its free. So, use it for your benefit. The best way to get maximum results from your press releases is through Pinterest, as outlined in this article.
  • 15)Be a Radio Guest Radio talk shows and podcasts are always looking for guests. Sign up with this service to evangelize your brand to a new market.
  • 16)Guest Blog By Brian Dean. Guest blogging on industry-relevant blogs can increase awareness of your brand. This incredibly in-depth article by Brian Dean gives you all the steps you need to guest blog for publicity.
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  • 17)Use a Press Release Distribution Service By Marc Prosser. Here, he discusses how to utilize a professional service to distribute your press release.
  • 18)Distribute Your Press Release for Free This site distributes your press release free of charge.
  • 19)Release a New Product By Rob Zazueta. A great way to create buzz around your business is through releasing a new product or service and then notifying the media through a press release.
  • 20)Host a Unique Contest By Katty Simpson. Run an unusual contest to generate media attention for your business.
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  • 21)TweetUp with Locals Sometimes, the best buzz takes place offline. Meet up with local Tweeters who share similar goals.
  • 22)Host an Event or Party By Jessica Stillman. Invite the press to your event. It may be easier for you to make connections and network at an event you host. Be sure to follow up to keep the connection alive.
  • 23)Sponsor a Local Charity A fantastic way to introduce your business is through sponsoring a local charity, especially for a fundraising event.
  • 24)Write an Op-Ed in Your Local Newspaper By Trish Hall. All local newspapers offer an Op-Ed section. Use this as a chance to indicate your brand authority. Dont be shy about voicing your opinion. Although it may be polarizing, controversy often attracts more attention than diplomacy.
  • 25)Attend Local Chamber of Commerce Events Local press often attend chamber of commerce events. Be ready with your business card and your succinct pitch.
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