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  • 3-D Printing

  • Mount Prospect Community

    ● Population 54,777 ● NW Suburb ● Circ just under 1 million ● 13 schools with multiple school districts ● All districts have 3-D Printer and offer some

    CAD programming. Limited access and dependent schedules.

  • ❏ Does our community want access? ❏ Does this fit with our culture of our Library? ❏ Alternatives to no dedicated space. ❏ Work with staff already in place.

  • There is something unique about making

    physical things. These things are like little

    pieces of us and seem to embody portions

    of our souls. (Maker Movement Manifesto, Mark Hatch)

  • Programs

    Number of Programs Overall Attendance

  • Dremel Idea Builder (First Generation)

  • Tool Up!

  • Web Submission Form

    ● Submissions limited to MP patrons

    ● Patrons under 18 must have parent’s


    ● Cost is a base rate of $1 plus 10¢ per


    ● Size and time restriction

    ● Printed by staff

    ● We will not edit designs to ensure

    proper printing

    ● We will not print illegal, inappropriate,

    potentially dangerous items or those

    items that violate copyright laws.

  • 3-D Design Resources

    http://youtube.com/v/nkoEgPe-2Mw http://youtube.com/v/nkoEgPe-2Mw

  • Pre-plan a design

  • Create your own design!

  • Know the strengths of different CAD programs.

  • Free .stl files are great, but...

    Note: Some free designs may not print properly. It is recommended that you inspect them in a CAD software before submitting.

  • Some things just won’t print!

  • Embrace the fails!

  • Cross Promote

  • Future is bright!

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