3 Easy Ways To Get More Downloads Of Your Mobile App

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Got a mobile app or developing one? Want to get more downloads but short of ideas? In this presentation, discover 3 easy ways to get more downloads of your app you can use right way. Read more on the blog post: http://bit.ly/RUXB8Z


  • 1. 3 Easy Ways To Get MoreDownloads Of Your MobileAppJason Cameron @jsncameronMobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron

2. Short of Ideas? If youve got an app of currently developing one,youre focus is probably on downloads This is good! But if youre short of ideas or want an extra boost,heres 3 ways you can use right now...Mobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron 3. 1. QR Codes These have been seen at bus stops, inbillboard/magazine ads and even onCVs! A great way to spark curiosity andinteraction Not everyone will use them but somepeople will People are scanning on a mobile deviceso brilliant fit. Put them on EVERYTHING! Mobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron 4. 2. App Promotion Page Theres almost no better way to getdownloads than an app promotion page Its excellent because you can captureweb traffic coming from mobile devicesThis works by displaying a page thatpromotes your app when someonevisits your site using a mobile device A great example is with the QR Pal app:visit www.QRPal.com on an iPhone orAndroid phone now.Mobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron 5. 3. Share Feature Word of mouth is easily the mostpowerful form of marketing This is a great way to accommodate iton mobile If someone likes your app thisll makelife real easy for them to send it to afriend with a couple of taps Theres several ways you can set thisup, good ones are via SMS, Email,Facebook and Twitter.Mobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron 6. Get in touchJason Cameron 020 3289 8494jason@youneedamobileapp.com www.youneedamobileapp.com twitter: @jsncameron Mobile Marketing Consultant | Jason Cameron