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One of the best ways to get more traffic to your website when first starting out is by using free advertising.


  • 1. 3 Easy Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website Using The Power Of Free Advertising Channels
    By Fernando Morales

2. Website traffic is of paramount importance when it comes to generating any kind of income from your online endeavors.
While there are some very effective yet costly methods available for attracting targeted traffic, this article will talk about other ways to get more traffic to your website.
3. One of the best ways to get more traffic to your website when first starting out is by using free advertising.
Here are three free advertising methods you can use to really get the traffic pumping giving you an opportunity to build leverage for paid methods in the future.
4. Once such method of free advertising is through the use of blog commenting. By locating related blogs in your niche you can leave meaningful comments that offer value and create curiosity from other readers to want to find out more about you.
5. This is a very effective method for getting free targeted traffic as the readers of that blog are serious about the topic for discussion.
It's good to link back to your blog and not a sales letter when attracting this type of traffic as they are more inclined to read your material and possibly find the links to your sales page or affiliate products.
6. Another very simple free advertising method you can use is Yahoo answers.
By searching for questions pertaining to your topic you can provide answers which will help you to establish your credibility in the market place and attract visitors to your profile where the link to your blog or website will be.
7. An incredibly simple way to get more traffic to your website is to create a blog and post consistently and frequently to it.
It's important to do a little bit of keyword research using Google's free keyword tool to find out what phrases are getting a decent amount of searches, so that you can use them in your posts.
8. As you continue to update your blog with new and fresh content the search engines will begin to index your pages according to the keywords you've chosen and send you highly targeted visitors.
Of course these are not the only free advertising methods for getting traffic to your website, but they are simple enough to do and if done regularly and repeatedly will start to generate a nice flow of traffic to your site on a daily basis.
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