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3 Easy Ways to Make More Money Online presentation PDF. How to make more as both an affiliate and online product vendor.


  • 1.3 Ways to Make More Money Online A presentation by Coty SchwabeBe sure to visit one of my blogs:http://cotyschwabe.com http://gurucrusher.com

2. 3 Ways to Make More Money Online 3. Hey guys, Coty Schwabe here. 4. In this webinar, Im simply going to share with you 3 ways that Ive found to make more money 5. As both an affiliate and a productvendor. 6. These 3 things could easily double ortriple your income. 7. House cleaning: Simply hang onto your questions till the end please. Just writethem down in notepad or physically. 8. Thing Number 1 9. Awesome Customer Service 10. This should be pretty obvious, but there are tons of people who just dontget this 11. But why is it so important? 12. Well, aside from a good product, great customer service can have a dramatic effect on your business. 13. Heres why it should be required: 14. [A] Continuous Sales 15. If you provide great CS, and havemultiple products 16. How much more would that company want to buy products from you in the future? 17. [B] More money per sale. (Upsells and cross sales) 18. Instead of a one off sale, you can get them to buy stuff at a time. 19. This can easily double your income ormore. 20. Whats the difference between an upsell and a cross sell? 21. An upsell is adding value to an already existing offer. 22. Here are some Examples:Automating something Improving something Making something betterIncreasing value 23. Real world example:When McDonalds asks if you want cheese on your burger or super sizingyour meal. 24. A cross sell is selling a related, but completely separate product to a buyer. 25. A huge example of this is Amazon. 26. Youve probably seen their area People also bought and it has other things that people have bought. 27. Heres a pic: 28. Generally these are separate products,but they are similar. 29. They also have a bought togethersection 30. What does this mean to you? 31. If you sell your own products, be sureto offer other products that can add value to the original product youreselling. 32. But how does this translate to affiliate marketing? 33. Have you bought a clickbank productlately? 34. If youll notice, most of them have affiliate links littering their product download page. 35. This of course, is all in hopes of making more money, by promoting similar products. 36. You can do this too. Simply place 3 related offers on the download page ofyour own product. 37. You can also place some on a free product download page when you give people free products. 38. This way you can make free money without doing any more work. 39. If people appreciate your value, andyou treat them well, you can makemore money this way. 40. The last way that customer service canmake you more money is through 41. [c] Viral marketing. 42. Have you ever told someone about aproduct that you really liked? 43. I know I do. And if you have a great product with great customer service,youll simply make more money. 44. Social proof goes a long way, and justone person could change your business. 45. Let me give you some personal examples, so you get a better idea. 46. I sell different products and services. 47. And Ive had multiple sales from various prospects because of the personal support that I give out. 48. Repeat sales are the best kind of sale, because it shows that you have the one thing that matters most in marketing 49. That persons trust. 50. And it can also be applied to affiliatemarketing as well. 51. Many know who I am because theyve been to my blog. They read my advice, and consider me an expert in my field. 52. Then, when I make an honest affiliate recommendation, it means more than someone just shoving affiliate promotions down their throat. 53. Just be honest, and provide helpfulfeedback, and you can easily winpeople over. 54. Alright. Moving on. 55. The second way to make more money is to find your USP. 56. This includes:Answering why me Providing a unique offer Solving a problem 57. Your USP is your unique sellingposition. 58. Basically, its what sets you apart from everyone else. 59. You can find out what your USP is bydoing the things I just mentioned 60. First, answer why me? 61. Why would any one want to buy from you? 62. Do you:Offer a better deal than thecompetition?Have expertise in that area?Have past experience with thesame topic?Provide better customer service ;-) 63. Once you can answer why the prospectshould buy from you, then youre astep ahead of most of your competitors. 64. I would come with at least 3 5 reasons though, so you can really assert your point. 65. Once you have your USP, then make your offer unique to that. 66. Whatever makes you better than the next guy, make your offer better as well. 67. Marlon Sanders once said it this way: 68. If you really want to have a killer sales letter,take your competitors USP and turn it into a free bonus. 69. Make your competition look like its offer is NOTHING compared to yours and youll win. 70. Lastly, have your product or bonus (foran affiliate product) solve a problem. 71. People buy things because they have some kind of problem with something. 72. We buy food (albeit junk food as well) because we get hungry. 73. We buy electronic gadgets to fightboredom and to look cool. 74. Whatever the reason, we have some kind of problem. 75. So if your offer solves a problem that the prospect has, you can be that much more effective 76. And youll just make more money. 77. Got that? 78. Time for the last method. 79. This one is probably the easiest one ot understand, but just makes sense. 80. Thing number 3: Sell more stuff 81. If you are a product vendor, simply sellmore related products to yourcustomers. 82. If you only have one product, youllmost likely never make enough to retire on. 83. But if you sell a handful, you can tons more, and youre much better off for it. 84. And if youre an affiliate, simply promote more affiliate products. 85. Not each and everyone that comes along of course, but more. 86. Here are some easy ways to sell morestuff: 87. [A] One time offers. 88. Have a OTO on a product page, or evenon a page where you give away a free product. 89. [B] Promote to your list. 90. Its actually been proven that the more you email your list, the better theresponse rate to a certain degree ofcourse. 91. So promote more products, and tell your subscribers why they should check out said product, and how it can help them. 92. [C] Create small products to sell. 93. When people here launch a productthey think its gotta be full-blown affiliate product or something. 94. Quite the opposite. Simply sell short reports that solve problems and youmay be surprised. 95. These are just suggestions of course, but I hope you try something toincrease your income! 96. So in review, heres what you need todo: 97. The 3 Ways to Make More MoneyProvide better customer service even if youre an affiliate Find youre USP and give a better offer Sell more stuff, more often 98. And thats basically it. 99. 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