3. first battle of bull run

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  • 1. 1st Battle of Bull Run The Battle of Manassas

2. Background On to Richmond After losing Ft. Sumter, Union forces wanted to take the capital of the CSA. Wanted to take Richmond, Virginia 39,000 Union Soldiers marched to Richmond Brigadier General Irvin McDowell 3. Background Goal To capture the Virginia railroad line at Manassas Junction 4. Background 21,000 Confederate troops Led by Hero of Ft. Sumter Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard 11,000 additional troops Brigadier General Joseph E. Johnston Reinforce Beauregard 5. Picnicking at the Battle Ground People carried picnic baskets and champagne Brought binoculars to view the action more closely Believed the battle would not last long No doubt that the Northern army would easily overpower the Rebels 6. The Battle of Bull Run There is nothing in American military history quite like the story of Bull Run. It was the momentous fight of the amateurs, the battle where everting went wrong, the great day of awakening for the whole nation, North and South together. Itended the rosy time in which men could dream that the war would be short, glorious and bloodless. After Bull Run the nation got down to business. Bruce Catton 7. The Fight Begins July 21, 1861 Manassas Junction, Virginia Near Bull Run Creek 30 miles west of Washington D.C. 8. Fighting Union Forces, led by McDowell cross Bull Run Creek and attack the Rbs. Troops were undisciplined, inadequately trained, and poorly equipped. Officers had little experience leading large armies 9. Fighting Continues At First, Union army successfully pushed back the left side of the Confederate Army Confederates Rally Thomas Stonewall Jackson He held Like a Stone Wall. 10. Reinforcements Confederates receive reinforcements Push the tired Union troops back toward Bull Run Creek Union Retreats Began as an orderly retreat Army runs into hundreds of onlookers Picnickers paniced and got in the way of retreating soldeirs 11. Battle Outcome The Rebels troops defeated the Union forces They won the first major battle in the war The Union hope of winning the war quickly disapeared Proved both armies needed training 12. Outcome Continued Union General Winfield Scott retires General George McClellan appointed to lead the Union Army Takes time to train the army 13. Casualties North 2,896 Casualties 460 Killed 1,124 Wounded 1,312 Missing South 1,982 Casualties 387 Killed 1,582 Wounded 13 Missing 14. 1st Battle of Bull Run