3 free and easy ways to get traffic

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Hi, If you have a new website and are looking to get some instant traffic without all the hassles of SEO then these three will help you.


  • 1. 3 FREE and EASY Ways to GetTraffic to your Site
  • 2. 1. Blog CommentingBlog commenting can be a great way to get free traffic toyour site.Find suitable blogs in your nicheMake intelligent and respectable comments on the blogsThey will allow you to add your URLDo not spam as your comment will most likely be trashed
  • 3. 1. Blog CommentingIf people like your comment they will click back to your siteIf you can search for comment luv blogs as these allow youto post individual post URLsThis can also be a great way to build up relationships withother bloggersWhich in turn, will ultimatelylead to more traffic......
  • 4. 2. Use Forum SignaturesFind a forum suitable for your niche marketSign up and start to get involved in discussionsAfter a short while (usually around 10-15 posts) youshould be able to add a signature that can contain a linkback to your siteAgain, like blog commenting try to write intelligent,useful info so people can use itThis will lead to people clicking on your signature aheading back to your site
  • 5. 2. Use Forum SignaturesYou can form a trust with these people as you may speakto them frequentlyTry to solve peoples problemsTry to help people in the forums
  • 6. 3. Build a FaceBook PageWith 80 Million users worldwide can you afford not to beinvolved in this social media giant?Set up a FaceBook page similar to your siteAdd links, pictures and contentSend the page out to all your friends hoping that theymay forward it on to some of theirs and so on.....Drive traffic from the FaceBook page to your main sitevia links to it
  • 7. 3. Build a FaceBook PageRun competitions on your FaceBook pageAsk for peoples opinions on your FaceBook pageParticipate in other FaceBook pages in your niche dropyour link in now and again to drive traffic to your site
  • 8. So there...... 3 Very Easy TrafficTechniquesFor tons more simple tips and techniques on blogging,SEO, Internet Marketing and making money online headover to the blog.8 Guaranteed Free TrafficMethods!